Aegean Airlinesaegean not complying with star alliance baggage policy

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We booked a flight with Singapore Airlines as the main carrier from Athens
to Auckland - via Frankfurt and Singapore. With Aegean and Air NZ later taking on legs of the journey.

Singapore baggage policy is that bicycles can be included within checked in baggage at no extra charge. This was the reason we chose this flight.

Star Alliance policy is that the main carriers baggage policy applies
throughout. For our first flight on Aegean, we should have been able to
apply the Singapore baggage terms.

Athens Aegean staff ignored this policy and insisted that their policy took
precedence as we were flying with them first. They would not read, or
reference the relevant policies when shown (incredibly arrogant and
ignorant). We were charged 55 euros by Aegean.

Once in Singapore, we saw a Singapore Airlines helpdesk who both helped us and informed us that we were entitled to a full refund as per the terms and conditions.

However, once we emailed Singapore for said refund, they shirked. They said we had to pursue with Aegean, who also shirked. Both Companies are under the Star Alliance umbrella, but do not adhere to the respective policies.

Aegean are charging baggage without a fee applying. Our contract is with Singapore, so they are also at fault for their non-assistance in the matter.

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    Exactly what my comment was. However, their argument is that Aegean wrongly charged us fees and therefore should refund us.


  • J
      Mar 17, 2017

    The carrier who issued you the tickets is the one to process your refund claim. Not the codeshare partner that SQ chose to "subcontract" part of your journey.
    Keep pressing Singapore Airlines.

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