ADT Security Servicespulse cameras

S Nov 28, 2017

I travel for business and wanted to ensure my family and home are safe and secure and since we have been an ADT customer for 20 years we went with the Pulse system with external cameras. Well, what we learned after the fact is the cameras have a 3 minute delay in the next video due to the ADT servers actuality your family and home are not secure for 3 minutes missing any actions that may have taken place as their servers reset! This is not safe nor secure and who in their right mind would accept this?

I called ADT to cancel and request a refund of the cameras where a representative of ADT's Loyalty department sent a confirmation email that we would be refunded $387...2 weeks later, no refund so I call again and told the loyalty department does not have this authority nor are their representatives to email externally. They acknowledge this is a training issue but will not refund me for my expense of a badly designed camera system. The rep states she will have a supervisor contact me on the next business which they did not call so I had to call them.

I speak to another rep who was helpful but could only extend a 3 month credit that still leaves me not whole. I request to talk with the supervisor where they disconnected the call and I had to call back again!

ADT does NOT Apprise you of the camera server reset when you purchase making your home and family insecure and will not refund!

Do Not Purchase the ADT Pulse cameras unless you want your family left vulnerable!!!

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