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improper business practice - simply outrageous

We bought Adobe Photoshop 2015 and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015 in October 2015 from Dell. Nobody told u...

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015


My credit card was charged unauthorized for $44.20 for Adobe stock I did not order this I am attaching a photo of the charge
Merchants I'd is [protected].

Please credit my account ASAP credit card ending in 9314

Dated 10/25/18.
I filed a dispute with the credit card company but they advised me to get in touch with the company who charged it and I've been trying to do that this is all I could come up with.


Adobe Systems

Horrible customer service

Ridiculous. I asked them to cancel my account and called them twice to make sure that everything went well...

Credit card has money deducted for no known reason

Within 2 weeks 3 sums were deducted from our credit card account for no apparent reason at all. These were:
29.11.2016 36.00 euros,
29.11.2016 33.90 euros and
23.11.2016 23.90 euros.
The only possible action was downloading adobe flash player. During this download 2 other programs were automatically downloaded: Mcafee anti virus and a securiy program from Intel.
Do you need more info from me?

Andrew Baran

Disappointed with Adobe

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop from Adobe website and it had a virus!! I never had issues with Adobe but thi...

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Online scam

I have signed up for a service called Adobe Stock. Paid for a monthly subscription and used this service for about two weeks.
I did not like it that much and I did regret that I wasted my money on Adobe Stock. Anyways I contacted their customer support and told them that I was not longer interested in their service and asked them to cancel my account. They said that if I want them to cancel my account I had to pay a cancellation fee! What a joke!! I refused, called my bank and blocked these guys from any further charges. Stay away and don't sign up!

  • Mk
    mkbeck Jul 10, 2017

    I signed up for Adobe Stock to access photos I had purchased from another company that was bought out by Adobe Stock. It was $9.99 a month. A year later Adobe raised the rate to $29.99 a month with NO notification!!! I went to cancel and they want to charge me a cancellation fee for the remainder of the 9 months I have left on a year contract (which I NEVER SIGNED!!!) Unbelievable cheap and sneaky way to do business... ADOBE YOU LOST A CUSTOMER...

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Unauthorized Charges

My son needed adobe creative cloud for a school class. He used the software and completed his class. 6 months later, adobe sent and opt-out email to an email account that is no longer used, therefore, it was never seen. They charged for the entire next year on sept 21 2015. I called adobe to correct the error on sept 29. Much to my surprise, they are unwilling to reverse the charge. No possibility. No go. I can't imagine doing business like this. On the adobe ethics page, adobe lists 6 traits: integrity, respect, honesty, quality, responsibility, fairness. Apparently these are just buzz words on a wall. Adobe has failed miserably on 5 of the 6.



COLLABORATE, collusively, in mutually beneficial FRAUD against the public!

‘ADOBE Photoshop ELEMENTS 6' has, 'Non Activated S /Number but, deceptively, maliciously, fraudulently states: -

" Use this media to install or reinstall this software." On the disc.

This software is ‘Bundled' as an, deceptive, inducement to purchase, , from DELL!

Also, ADOBE! Benefits frm the sale knowingly, maliciously, deceiving with a 'Non Activated' Serial number. given

These malicious, SC AM / SWINDLE / COUNTERFEIT premeditated stratagems, upon me, have inflicted-

Work, Stress, Pain, Waste of time and energy, lack and disturbance of sleep, i.e. damage to my Health and well-being. Additionally, hours / days/ months of abuse against my computer, attempting to do the impossible, etc.

Recompense, Compensation expected!

Terrible Service!

Dear Adobe. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with your customer support today to find out how I could access my scanner from the new CS5 Photoshop on a new iMac. All support persons were apparently in India or Pakistan, and their accents were so strong I could not understand them. They complained they could not hear me (although I have had no problem with anyone in the U.S. hearing me on my phone.) They requested that I raise my voice to a shout. Neither the original Adobe tech nor his supervisor could solve the very most basic problem, how to access my scanner from Photoshop. They “drove” the computer remotely, re-downloaded drivers I already had over and over, and still could not solve it.

Adobe told me they would get back to me in FIVE DAYS. They also told me it would not be possible for me to speak with any native-English speaker ever anywhere, that all Adobe support was offshore. In desperation I called the Epson people. They also live in foreign lands, perhaps Malaysia, and do not speak in a way that is easy to understand. But after half an hour it was determined by them that with the new imac and CS5 one can only scan through Image Capture. I then had to solve the Image Capture issues I was having on my own, as no one at Epson was able to solve the problem.

The details of the technical fix are not what I am writing about. I finally solved them on my own, after another hour or two searching the web and chatboards. I am writing to ask what kind of company creates brilliant products, sells them for $3, 000 + and then lets its customers twist in the wind, wasting hours of their work days trying to solve the most basic problems of how to use the software? All I needed was one reasonably smart, design-savvy professional with a working headset and clear English who knows how and why people USE Adobe Photoshop, and he could have told me in three minutes, don’t even try to access the scanner from Adobe Photoshop, use Image Capture and here is how you fix your save file to Photoshop problem. Done, back to work, happy customer.

Instead I lost most of my afternoon on hold and searching the web. The goodwill you have built with me throughout my career is gone. I feel betrayed and defeated by the corporate monolith that you have become. How long will it take to solve the next problem???? How many hours of my life will I have to spend on hold or shouting into defective headsets to people who can’t understand me and I can’t understand them simply because we don’t speak the same language, they seem to have no idea how the software is used, and they are thousands of miles away?

How is it you can raise prices into the stratosphere and disrespect your customer base with this kind of terrible customer service? There is no place on your Adobe corporate website to log a complaint about customer service, which is why I am resorting to Facebook. Thank you for listening.

Incredibly BAD customer service

I don't usually complain about my service but, I have yet to have a pleasant experience when dealing with you, Adobe. I placed an order and after getting the confirmation number (two hours later) it still did not show in the order history. I waited for 30 minutes to chat with someone (in which time Shockwave killed my web browser and I had to restart). When I got someone the only thing they could tell me was that it was being "held for manual processing." When i asked why the order didn't tell me that she repeated that and told me to wait 24 hours. So I waited until the next day. I called Adobe and the service rep I talked to put me on hold for about five minutes after giving him the order number. He then comes back and tells me the sales staff doesn't work on weekends and that I simply have to wait until Monday. It also seems they can't touch orders until they ship (which seems pointless). I asked them why their email did not say anything about needing to wait and he snapped at me and said "As I told you before, you just have to wait until Monday." I found this rather uncalled for as I was very patient and polite to him up until now. At that point I said goodbye and hung up the phone so I wouldn't snap back. I also wondered why I was told the sales staff doesn't work on weekends when the website says you can make a phone order. Truly terrible customer service. Dealing with you people makes me think I need to take anger management classes, and I am usually very calm.

  • Valerie Dec 17, 2007

    I ordered Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Upgrade from Adobe directly over the Internet. When I had already made the order, I happened to notice that there was another product that I did not want tacked onto the bill (some sort of training CD for approx. $140.00). I'm not sure how that got on my bill, but I certainly did not intend to order it. I immediately called Adobe and told them that I did not want the training CD, and I requested that the training CD order be taken off my bill.

    The representative of Adobe said that since I had just made the order, it was too early to take the training CD off my bill, and suggested that I call back the next day.

    I called Adobe back the next day, and was told that because the order already posted, it was impossible for them to take the training CD off my bill, even though the CD was not to be delivered until over a week later. Basically, the Adobe representative said that I was stuck with the order, whether I wanted it or not. I had to call my credit card company and dispute the bill. Very unprofessional!

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  • Ad
    adobelover420 Jul 07, 2011

    I support this complaint

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unbelievable customer support

Needed to access an important document, which requires the installation of Adobe Reader. The program installed, but wouldn't run on my computer. After 30 minutes' wait to get ahold of customer support, I was told to retry on a different browser. When this failed, I called again, and after much waiting was told to retry with a different computer, and to look through the trouble shooting links on the web page before calling again, please. After trying to install the reader on 5 different computers, trying every browser available, and reading through all the trouble shooting pages on their site, I called again, only to be put on hold once more. After 25 minutes, I had to hang up and run to a meeting. By the time I got out, it was after hours, and they wanted me to pay $50 just to get a tech guy on the line. When I refused and demanded to speak with anyone else who might know, they hung up on me.

Mark my words. For the rest of my professional life, I will go out of my way to avoid any company that requires me to deal with/financially contribute to Adobe, however indirectly. I used to sympathize with the whole digital rights management deal, but now I will gleefully rip, burn, steal, and distribute any intellectual property that tries to protect itself through Adobe. They are a truly inconsiderate company.

  • Rh
    Rhonda Coleman May 31, 2009

    Showing on my bank account on5/28/09 was 66.74 and then today 5/30/09 was 66.74 doubled billed was taken out twice. What do I do about getting a refund for the doubled billed. Thanks Rhonda

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  • Mc
    mcchael sarachek Jun 22, 2009


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  • Co
    CommonsenseIMHO1 Mar 09, 2011

    >"Needed to access an important document, which requires the installation of Adobe Reader"

    Come on, are you kidding me, Adobe Acrobat has been around for a while! It's a standard format for documents in the business environment.

    >"After trying to install the reader on 5 different computers, trying every browser available"

    You don't need a browser to launch an application to view a document. You tried installing the Reader on 5 different computers, who was stupid enough to let you near their computer?

    >"Mark my words. For the rest of my professional life, I will go out of my way to avoid any company that requires me to deal with/financially contribute to Adobe, however indirectly."

    Maybe you should get some additional training or have someone who knows what they are doing to do maintenance on your computer! There are multiple Acrobat readers in addition to Adobe's.

    >"When I refused and demanded to speak with anyone else who might know, they hung up on me. "

    How were you entitled to free technical support, you obviously do not own any of their products. Do you typically give away your time and services. If you truly are a professional, then you should invest in the tools which includes software and technical support. I would have hung up on you too.

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  • Ro
    ROBBED BLIND7363 Jan 20, 2017

    OVERCHARGED WHAT WAS INTENDED!!! I ONLY COMMITTED TO BEING CHARGED ONE FEE FOR $11.95. WHEN THE SUMMARY SCREEN CAME UP, IT CHARGED ME $73.63!!! THE HORROR. I DID NOT HAVE THAT TO GIVE, AND IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE COMPANY ONLY TO FIND THAT IT WAS OUTSOURCED TO SOME 3RD PARTY CALL CENTER WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They were not understanding about any of it and only wanted to offer me a 10% discount. After several rounds of trying to clear this up I ended up going no where and they essentially said their was nothing they could do?! I asked for information to file a complaint. They could not provide one or couldn't provide an answer to any of my questions for that matter. I am so upset I don't know what to do. I only wanted to be able to open up PDF files. $73.63 to open up files is a hefty price to pay just for that!!! I will never ever EVER think credible of the company ever again.

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If the geniuses that run Adobe ever want to know why there are so many pirated copies of their software circulating they should try going through an honest registration process of their own product.

We purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5 installed on a new Mac. We didn't realize that Apple doesn't register the software so when we went to register it is was beyond the original 30-day installation. Shouldn't be an issue but it wouldn't accept the product key. Hours of phone "service" and numerous e-mails later "Did you purchase this from Adobe?"...we went back to the Apple store with the actual computer, discs, and packaging. The Apple guys struggled with Adobe for over two hours.

You actually have to get a bit nasty to get anywhere because they just want to keep getting you off the phone with the promise of an e-mail response.

According to the the techs as the Apple Store this is not unusual. I know Adobe and Apple are arguing at a corporate level about Flash but is Adobe taking it out on the customers?

I expect a lot more from a "premium" USA-based software company.

The computer is now home and we're supposed to get a registration number e-mailed "within 48 hours". No one's holding their breath. We would be up and running with a pirated copy.

Are you listening Adobe? This is kind of basic stuff.


Adobe is a pathetic company, their products may be great but it seems above them to support the customers who buy their buggy software. I bout ps cs4 for osx, and the crap still isn't working. Plus adobe feels that it is too much for me to ask for help, they refuse to help through the phone, email, and online. Ofcourse this is for many reasons, the phone is in India where they have no idea what Im talking about, (im using a mac friends) email ofcourse is unofficial for adobe, they just don't use it, and online is ALWAYS busy, ALWAYS. Do not buy adobe software unless you have too, even if its the best, it doesn't help if it wont work.

software scam

Ordered CS4 Master Suite and expected to get box with 20 to 30 CDs encompassing 11 or 12 Adobe programs. Got instead a password and download key to download about 23GB of data. Obviously a pirated copy with a good probability of malware or trojan virus. And Adobe will not register the product so it is a pirated copy. Came from Riga so I think that is in Latvia or Romania. Charged me $154.75 and there is no way to contact them for a refund. They won't answer repeated attempts [protected]

  • Ur
    urmumisaslut Feb 23, 2010

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  • Ur
    urmumisaslut Feb 23, 2010

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Rebate Fraud

$20 Rebate offered at Frys is non-existent.

Purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements on 12/15/09 with understanding on box and shelf label that Adobe will provide $20 rebate for the product. Additionally, Frys issued a "rebate" receipt noting where on Frys web site I needed to retrieve the rebate coupon/form necessary to receive the rebate.

When I downloaded the form from Frys' web site, it noted that the rebate expired on 10/31.

When I reached Adobe, they said that they do not control the rebates in question, they are handled through a third party outfit in Texas. The address on the rebate form is a PO Box that (according to the USPS) is no longer open. No other information is provided.

This is a case of Frys and Adobe ripping us off with the rebate scam.

These should be outlawed.

  • Ke
    keralacutty Nov 11, 2015

    Whatever you do DON'T purchase anything from Adobe with the promise of a rebate. I could write ten pages of the rebate debacle that Adobe put me through, but I won’t put you to sleep. I will tell a few facts that even if you send in all information requested AND within the time period that Adobe requires, Adobe will invent and/or falsify requirements so as to not send you a rebate. For myself, it went on for six months (yes, really) and the finally straw was when Adobe “customer support” tried to tell me that is not a participating retailer for the rebate program. This is 100% false. I have made five phone calls, four chat sessions, and send in two letters and I am still waiting.
    Please do a search on Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) for Adobe rebate scam or something to that effect and you will be amazed on the results. It’s not just PSE 9.0 it’s all their products. There should be a class action against Adobe.

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Unfair business practices

I just bought two new Canon cameras that I can not use because Adobe has refused to offer the update plug-in for those cameras on its Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.4 programs that are barely two years old. These programs cost hundreds of dollars. To pay for updates for these programs is several hundred dollars. Many of us could understand the necessity of paying for updates if the programs were say four years old or more--but not two!

UNFAIR PRACTICES! CONSUMERS BEWARE! Many consumers including myself purchased the cameras and then found out afterwards about the update issue.

Browser High jacking

I have lately been getting bombarded by pop ups that stop my browser and key board from Adobe Flash Player...


Like another complain here, the site for buying Adobe Photoshop redirected me to the site. There was an offer to sign up for 3 years to use the product (Adobe Photoshop) for $12.65 for a total of $37.95. It stated that the instructions will be sent to me in an email. I was able to download the Adobe Photoshop however the email with instructions never arrived. I paid with PayPal and I will dispute it and hopefully get my money back. I hope we can put an end to these unscrupulous online predators.

Charging to help fix a licensing error that locks user out of the programs

I am having a problem with Adobe CS3 Web Premium running on Windows Vista. I bought the software this summer. It worked for a month and then I got the message "Error Licensing for this product has stopped working" when I try to start any Adobe CS 3 application. None of the programs will open now. I worked through as many of the solutions on their support website as I could, but no go. I just got called for support.
The support line says they have to charge me because they have just released a newer version. I talked to a supervisor and they said the same thing. I don't think you can charge so much for software and then not take care of a licensing problem. The supervisor said it could be a conflict with a virus protection program, so not their problem. I pointed out that everyone has to have virus protection and I've never had a conflict with other products like that, where you can't even open the program, getting a licensing error message. The problem was on the Adobe homepage for a while, so it's clear many people were had the same issue.
If the program was old enough to be replaced, shouldn't all the bugs have been worked out? It’s not a beta product – and didn’t cost a “beta” price.
Now there doesn't seem to be anyway to get to someone that can make a supervisory decision not to charge a customer for something like this.

Website Unhelpfulness

This may seem trivial, but it's part of a larger problem. I have a problem installing the newest Flash player. Adobe has no telephone support for this, only online. Not a problem, except I don't want to sign up for an Adobe ID just so I can ask a technical question. I do not want to continually have to provide personal information to companies that I am only patronizing in passing. I couldn't find my answer in the forums and I could only email someone if I signed up for a login account. Yes this player is a free product, yes I'm a casual user, and maybe I should just suck it up and sign up for an account that I'll probably never use again and will forget exists in a week and will continue to get junk mail from forever... However, I don't have to and shouldn't be made to. Adobe needs a less paying-customer-and-graphic-design-friendly customer support website and a more casual-user-and-possible-future-customer friendly page. If I get the runaround for something this simple, what happens if I became one of their beloved Platinum Support Plan users? Thanks for nothing Adobe.

  • Valerie Aug 21, 2008

    Adobe rejected my rebate claim as follows:

    "Department: 090256 - Adobe PE 6 & PE 4 Bundle $30

    Submission ID: 97283007

    Unfortunately, we were unable to honor your request for the following reason: You submitted proof-of-purchase tab 2. Proof-of-purchase tab 1 is required for this promotion."

    I know that I submitted Proof-of-purchase tab 1. Tab 2 is still attached to the box.

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