Adobe Systems Complaints & Reviews

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015 / improper business practice - simply outrageous

Dec 30, 2018

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015We bought Adobe Photoshop 2015 and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015 in October 2015 from Dell. Nobody told us, nor gave us any literature, which says that these products are for only 3 years. In this last November of 2018, when we clicked on these products, they didn't work, instead gave us a...

Adobe Systems / stock

Nov 08, 2018

Adobe SystemsMy credit card was charged unauthorized for $44.20 for Adobe stock I did not order this I am attaching a photo of the charge Merchants I'd is [protected]. Please credit my account ASAP credit card ending in 9314 Dated 10/25/18. I filed a dispute with the credit card company but they...

Adobe Systems / Horrible customer service

Nov 17, 2017

Ridiculous. I asked them to cancel my account and called them twice to make sure that everything went well and my account was really deleted. But after 4 days I noticed they charged me for membership. I contacted them and talked to probably 5 or 6 people. This stupid conversation took one...

Adobe / Credit card has money deducted for no known reason

Dec 02, 2016

Within 2 weeks 3 sums were deducted from our credit card account for no apparent reason at all. These were: 29.11.2016 36.00 euros, 29.11.2016 33.90 euros and 23.11.2016 23.90 euros. The only possible action was downloading adobe flash player. During this download 2 other programs were...

Adobe / Disappointed with Adobe

Nov 30, 2016

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop from Adobe website and it had a virus!! I never had issues with Adobe but this time they almost killed my PC. I sent them a message and told that there was something wrong with their software. I regret that I paid money for such terrible program. Unfortunately...

Adobe Stock / Online scam

Oct 20, 2016

I have signed up for a service called Adobe Stock. Paid for a monthly subscription and used this service for about two weeks. I did not like it that much and I did regret that I wasted my money on Adobe Stock. Anyways I contacted their customer support and told them that I was not longer...

Adobe Systems / Unauthorized Charges

Sep 29, 2015

My son needed adobe creative cloud for a school class. He used the software and completed his class. 6 months later, adobe sent and opt-out email to an email account that is no longer used, therefore, it was never seen. They charged for the entire next year on sept 21 2015. I called adobe...

ADobe Systems Europe Ltd / Scam


COLLABORATE, collusively, in mutually beneficial FRAUD against the public! ‘ADOBE Photoshop ELEMENTS 6' has, 'Non Activated S /Number but, deceptively, maliciously, fraudulently states: - " Use this media to install or reinstall this software." On the disc. This software...

Adobe Customer Support / Terrible Service!


Dear Adobe. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with your customer support today to find out how I could access my scanner from the new CS5 Photoshop on a new iMac. All support persons were apparently in India or Pakistan, and their accents were so strong I could not understand them. They...

Adobe Systems Incorporated / Incredibly BAD customer service


I don't usually complain about my service but, I have yet to have a pleasant experience when dealing with you, Adobe. I placed an order and after getting the confirmation number (two hours later) it still did not show in the order history. I waited for 30 minutes to chat with someone...

Adobe Reader / unbelievable customer support


Needed to access an important document, which requires the installation of Adobe Reader. The program installed, but wouldn't run on my computer. After 30 minutes' wait to get ahold of customer support, I was told to retry on a different browser. When this failed, I called again...

Adobe/CS5 / registration


If the geniuses that run Adobe ever want to know why there are so many pirated copies of their software circulating they should try going through an honest registration process of their own product. We purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5 installed on a new Mac. We didn't realize that Apple...

Adobe Systems / Pathetic


Adobe is a pathetic company, their products may be great but it seems above them to support the customers who buy their buggy software. I bout ps cs4 for osx, and the crap still isn't working. Plus adobe feels that it is too much for me to ask for help, they refuse to help through the...

Adobe Creative Solutions Master Suite CS4 / software scam


Ordered CS4 Master Suite and expected to get box with 20 to 30 CDs encompassing 11 or 12 Adobe programs. Got instead a password and download key to download about 23GB of data. Obviously a pirated copy with a good probability of malware or trojan virus. And Adobe will not register the...

Adobe: Photoshop Elements / Rebate Fraud


$20 Rebate offered at Frys is non-existent. Purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements on 12/15/09 with understanding on box and shelf label that Adobe will provide $20 rebate for the product. Additionally, Frys issued a "rebate" receipt noting where on Frys web site I needed to retrieve the rebate...

Adobe / Unfair business practices


I just bought two new Canon cameras that I can not use because Adobe has refused to offer the update plug-in for those cameras on its Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.4 programs that are barely two years old. These programs cost hundreds of dollars. To pay for updates for these programs i...

Adobe flash player / Browser High jacking

I have lately been getting bombarded by pop ups that stop my browser and key board from Adobe Flash Player. When you give in and download it your fine tell the next visit to any web page. This is no different than a browser high jack attempt. You can not e-mail the company unless you have...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 / fraud


Like another complain here, the site for buying Adobe Photoshop redirected me to the site. There was an offer to sign up for 3 years to use the product (Adobe Photoshop) for $12.65 for a total of $37.95. It stated that the instructions will be sent to me in an email. I wa...

Adobe CS3 / Charging to help fix a licensing error that locks user out of the programs


I am having a problem with Adobe CS3 Web Premium running on Windows Vista. I bought the software this summer. It worked for a month and then I got the message "Error Licensing for this product has stopped working" when I try to start any Adobe CS 3 application. None of the programs will...

Adobe Systems Inc. / Website Unhelpfulness

This may seem trivial, but it's part of a larger problem. I have a problem installing the newest Flash player. Adobe has no telephone support for this, only online. Not a problem, except I don't want to sign up for an Adobe ID just so I can ask a technical question. I do not want...

Adobe flash player / Did not receive software


Ordered Adobe Flash Player software and was to be downloaded but did not receive. Please cancel the order as I have not received the product. Order #BDE8RQ3Q Confirmation details for a membership which I did not order was ds947u and password was us96dk. Please cancel the purchase and credit my charge card. Thank you. Jay W. Leek

Adobe flash player / Install problems


When ever i try to install "adobe flash player" it says i need to install "active x" and then when i try to do this a little window comes up that says install or don't install. ill press install but nothing happens. and because i can't install these things i can't play...