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Infusion Softwareinfusionsoft software

Stay away!!! They are liars, theives and scammers!

They will promise you that their software has certain capabilities but after signing up you will see they lied. If you then close your account, you will be charged an exorbitant termination fee.

They refused to own up to their mistakes and keep supplying false information on how to accomplish what we want.

In short, they are more than dishonest!!

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    Infusion Softwaresmall business sales & marketing automation service - scam

    We did not receive any of the services that Infusionsoft had promised to us and that we have been billed for. We were mislead and misinformed as to the capabilities and services that Infusionsoft promised us they could provide. After we uploaded our client list into their database we experienced problems getting through to anyone in customer servce or our "Coaches" to even get the initial process started and when we finally did get through after several months and finally scheduled the first of 3 of our hour long "Kickstart Onboarding Calls", that we were billed an add'l $1000 for on top of our monthly subscription fee, we were informed within the first 15 mins of that 1st call that none of the capabilities or services we were originally promised were even possible for them to provide to us. Our coach told us that everything we were looking to do with their service, that their sales rep assured us we could do or get, was not possible or something they could even provide. We then told our coach that we wanted to cancel the service and get a full refund and he said he couldn't help us with that but that he would inform customer service to call us to discuss our concerns. He said he could not give a name or phone number to us for customer service because he didn't have any of that info and could only send an internal request for someone to call us. What service company has no customer service number? It took several days for us to receive a call back but finally got a call from Taylor Barnette, a Customer Care Manager. I told him we wanted to cancel our service and get a full refund as their service was not capable of doing any of what was promised, nor had they provided us with any service of any kind to date. He told me we could cancel but that we would be billed an Early Termination Fee of $717 & they would not issue any refunds even though they have not provided any service to us nor could they do what we needed. We will be contacting our lawyer at this point.

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      InfusionSoftemail marketing / crm

      Kyle Deering from Infusionsoft, a telephone sales terrorist sold us a package to enable our company to utilize their email marketing and crm. We paid for the entire system to be set up for us, but because KYLE DEERING lied and fraudulently convinced us that these services would be completed for what we paid.

      Kyle Deering of Infusionsoft complaints, fraud, complaint, has hurt our Company and he'll hurt yours.

      Proceed at your own risk. Where we come from it's called FRAUD by Kyle Deering and Infusionsoft Fraud and Misrepresentation.

      Kyle Deering: [protected]

      email marketing / crm

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        InfusionSoftSales and Marketing Software

        Just a warning with this company - despite us giving very specific must-have needs in advance of purchasing the product, and getting their reassurance that if they couldn't do it we would be refunded our fees, their product was not able to do what we spelled out it needed to and they have refused a refund of our startup fees AND 6 months of subscription service we never used. Why did we have it for 6 months you ask? Well, for 6 months we tried to do work-arounds with them to get it to perform the pre-purchase requirements they kept insisting it could do, went to custom programmers to see what was possible, and spent hundreds of hours on our own company employee time trying to make it all work. All to no avail. When I requested a refund of the 6 months of subscription fees of $389/month, and even told them I understood the $2, 500 onboarding fee wouldn't be refunded, I was told to pound sand. Even though we NEVER EVEN ENTERED A SALES ORDER IN THE SYSTEM, they told me we "used" the service for 6 months and they were keeping our money. Here is the reply from their customer care rep, you can see they wonderful customer service approach they use for yourself:

        I understand your position on the matter, the portion that I need you to understand is that billing for the monthly subscription is based on availability to the software not usage. During the time you were working with partners and other developers trying to get things figured out, availability to the software was enabled. Much like any other subscription based software or service, availability to the program is what we sell and what you agreed to pay for. Again, I apologize that the exact integration that you were looking for was not able to come to fruition but our sales rep gave you guys a 2 week money back guarantee which is something we very rarely offer. She went above and beyond to give you answers and access to a test account prior to the sale and give you time after the sale to look into things to give you the most time to work out issues and look into these integrations. She offered you more of a window than any other customer gets when coming in. The 5 months following the purchase in which you were looking for developers to make the integration work is unfortunate but it does not change the fact that the agreement you had with us was for availability to our software which we delivered. Developers should have been contacted to answer integration questions when our sales rep allowed you to test things out before purchase with a sandbox account or the 2 week refund window she went around policy to allow in order to accommodate you, not 5 months after the purchase date. That is why that window was given.
        If you have questions regarding other topics or issues I am happy to address them but the decision on this issue has been made.

        Unfortunately for Infusionsoft, I had at least 4 other clients/businesses to refer to them because their software would have worked for these people even though it didn't for us. My company spent almost $5, 000 with them, spent another $6, 000 in employee time setting up the system, viewing online videos and speaking with their "onboarding" team who never supplied one correct answer to us. So, $11k down the drain later, you would have thought my request to refund us $2, 300 in our subscription fees for 14 users that NEVER USED THE SYSTEM and cost Infusionsoft absolutely nothing to give us access to it in the cloud, would have been met with a "certainly, we are so sorry you've had all this trouble and spent all this time on our product that we told you could do everything you so carefully outlined for us..." But no. Buyer beware, I'd head to ANY other software supplier for your CRM and sales leads needs, try ZoHo, we went to that and it's cost us a third of Infusionsoft and, hey, it actually works.

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          InfusionSoftScam artists

          This company will say anything to make the sale - then when you are disappointed and you explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction, they shut you down and send you to collections. I have done business with hundreds of software companies, and this one is the most arrogant by far. Beware. Be wary.

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            InfusionSoftThey Will Delete Your Database

            Do should not trust Infusionsoft with your database! They purposely deleted our database of over 50, 000. We had been with them for years. They over charged us and when we called them to discuss the matter, they were arrogant and told us it was their way or the highway. During the call, Infusionsoft froze our account and would not allow us to access our database of over 50, 000. They told us that until we paid their demands, we would not be allowed to access our database.

            We discussed the matter within our company and decided to terminate the relationship. We called to inform Infusionsoft of our desire to terminate and they would not allow us to retrieve the database. We asked them to send it to us. They refused. After 3 months of calls trying to resolve the matter and get OUR PROPERTY returned to us, they informed us that their policies state that all databases for inactive accounts will be deleted from the system within 30 days and that we could bring a lawsuit if desired. Infusionsoft deleted our database from which we had earned well over $3 million the previous year and which had taken us 3 years and thousands of dollars to build.

            Here is their policy:

            Notice it says, "at Infusionsoft's election... Infusionsoft will make all company data available"

            5.3 Fees; Return of Data. - In the event of termination or expiration of this Agreement, all Fees due and payable to Infusionsoft must be paid in full. At Infusionsoft's election, upon its receipt of all such Fees, or after notice of intent to terminate has been received from the customer by Infusionsoft, Infusionsoft will make all company data available for a period of 30 days and then remove Customer from the production environment.

            Infusionsoft is a scam. They have control of your business' most significant asset, your database. They know this and will use it to extort you. Do not use this company as there are many alternatives including aWeber, Nanacast and even a much cheaper way by hosting your own server and using Interspire to send emails or by using Amazon SES.

            They Will Delete Your Database

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction

              TOTAL SCAM!
              They asked for my payment info, I gave it to them, then they went ahead
              and charged 3X the amount that we agreed upon!
              When I asked for them to return the amount that they over-charged me,
              they came back with a bull-###:


              WTF? This isn't a refund, this is returning money that doesn't belong to you...
              The ethics of this company is clearly apparent... STAY AWAY!

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                • Pi
                  Pissedconsumer1 Sep 03, 2011

                  Does this actually work?

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                • Co
                  Cognesis Marketing Sep 05, 2011

                  I have several clients using Infusionsoft and while there have been billing mistakes, in each case after contacting the sales rep and the finance team and explainign the situation, they have quickly and happily done the right thing by the customer. I have found them to have a strong culture of customer serivce and solid ethics.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                InfusionSoftBad Service, No Refund!

                Infusionsoft had promised that I was to a consultant to help me get the program up and running the next day. As you know it is difficult to get started with their program. However, A week and 1/2 I did not receive a reply until I demanded a refund. Then, and only then, did I get a bunch of call including Clate Mask himself promising that I would get a refund. Well, 2 months later I have nothing and only dumb email responses like this;

                Hello Sam,
                I don’t see where you were billed in Jan. The only bill I see is 12/28/09.
                Please let me know if you were billed in Jan. and I will take care of it.
                Thanks Sam.

                Marc Pilkington
                Account Manager

                Phone: 480.385.7668 | Fax: 480.385.7650
                marc.[protected] |

                Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 2:14 PM
                To: Marc Pilkington
                Subject: Have Not Recieved Refund Yet, Sam Miklosko


                I am still waiting for the refund you promised me last month.

                Please respond,


                So, I suggest that if you are not prepared to spend a lot of money with them you will not get service they so promise!

                So my question to them is,

                Where is my refund?


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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  InfusionSoft — Refused refund

                  INFUSIONSOFT REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY... BEWARE! I bought Infusionsoft on a Weds. cancelled on Friday. I...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  InfusionSoft — Online scam

                  Stay Away! All Their promises are nothing but hot air! I've gotten nothing but the run around from them...