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I did a contract with them for West Sussex Police HQ in April 08 then tried to get paid for the job. I have sent many emails to the client and to Adecco, but no payment received for over two months. The stress the emails the time spent on trying to get any word or response out of this company, their customer relations, their respect with their client knowing these emails were sent to their client also, their staff are appalling. Still I get no response from any email address from any email found on their website worldwide.

I gave them warning that I would post details of them scamming contractors out of pay on the internet and I would flood google with my experience. After a couple of months a payment was given, but the wrong payment was given. I have sent many emails to Adecco world wide, directed at all their CEO's, to their press office and the customer relations, basically all email addresses I could find on the internet. I gave them a warning that I would post this on and it would damage the internet presence. I told them for the sake of £200 this was not worth it and it would be silly to not respond to me.

After many many emails and time spent, I have had no reply from any of my emails. I have told them I now do not want my payment, but would prefer to make it a mission to expose my experience with them on the internet.

I will refuse to work for them and let them get away with my money without letting everyone know that this is the worst agency I have ever dealt with in my over 12 years of contracting.


  • Mr
    Mrs. Aug 18, 2008

    Adecco is the worst agency in the world to work for. They do not care about staff or the people work hard for them. They say they vaule there workers but that is just bull!!

    I advise no one to ever work for them as a temp, perm or employee.

    I was bullied by a member of management for over 3 years and the area manager did nothing even though a complaint was loged at head office.

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  • No
    not a temp Sep 29, 2008

    Adecco is horrible, incredibly rude and unprofessional. Not impressed at all, and I haven't even started the job. Their Dallas branch is ridiculously incomptent and lacking in people skills.

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  • Sh
    Shaun Oct 10, 2008

    Adecco is horrible. I did an assignment back in June. I'm a business major and was assigned as a janitor. After two days of training I left. Well It's now October and have only been paid for one day. They have since refused to deal with me. They hang up on me, send me to payroll, who sends me to the work site, who sends me to the branch. They refuse to tell me what supervisor tells them I wasn't there the second day. They are very unprofessional and very unorganized.

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  • Ar
    art Feb 21, 2009

    I feel so sorry for these people. I thought that our contracted group was kind of alone with Adecco. They are without a doubt the lowest of the low. They seem to be able to just barely fit in legally. They literally stole the contract for the group I am in. They reclassified the work from technical to light industrial temp. What was next? NO VACATIONS, NO INSURANCE, NO BENEFITS, no raise ever, no motivation AND AS OF 12/26/08 NO PAID HOLIDAYS! Then all of a sudden we are having issues getting OT paid. We have one person who was scheduled to work OT back in sept 2008 in feb 2009 he had his check altered to repay all the mandatory OT he was paid. And surprise to no one Adecco had removed the schedule from the archive folder gee go figure. How awful can you get! They are mean and line their pockets with other peoples sweat. The wage scale I am getting is the same as any other light industrial temp worker even though myself and others at work have masters in extremely specialized field. Its not right at all that they can define jobs to get a lower bid. When they rolled in and did their shtick for openers, this was like getting slapped in the face! They are the main reason I will never send money to AARP as they have a strange relationship. this company is simply evil. They exist to only serve themselves at the expense of innocent people who get sucked in and missled buy their recruiters. New employees to my setting were told these were long term jobs with raises. In the local interview they found out no they arent they are seen as 11mos and out the door. I am in a position of leadership and had to retrain staff many times try a 300% turnover in just 10mos. Thats a real good statistic on how they operate. Avoid them - simply avoid them.

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  • Sc
    scofran Mar 06, 2009

    I have to completely agree with Adecco being a pathetic, horrible company. My husband and I decided to go to them to look for a job for my husband, who had just gotten out of the Air Force, and we were told by the lady almost as soon as we walked in the door that she was busy and didn't have any work for anyone. My husband asked about the company and what kind of jobs they staff and if he could make an appointment to leave her his resume or anything basically so that if a job did come up he might me able to be notified. I asked one question during this and was asked who I was and why I was in the building by her(Chevette Gallagher). She told me I shouldn't be there and should have just stayed out in the car and proceeded to chew me out some more and practically came right out and said that she would not hire my husband simply due to the fact that I came in with him. We tried to explain that we had no idea how the company worked and were just stopping by to see about the company and she let it be perfectly known that she was not going to help us at all and just had to say one more time with her hand out at my face that I should basically just leave. I was incredibly appalled at the extreme lack of professionalism and flat out rudeness. I don't see how they can make any money at all if they act like that and just flat out turn people away without even really speaking to them or seeing their resume. After that, and reading other people's posts I would definetly say that you should never do any business with this company whatsoever.

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  • Hb
    Hbahi Mar 09, 2009

    I worked for Adecco of Amboise city in France, and right before signing the contract, one of the agents confirmed with me that there will be discrepancies in my payrolle statements and asked me to be patient if ever that happens because every month they get employees screeming at the agency's staff for stealing money, I was like !! maybe that wouldn't happen to me !!! the first pay I noticed money and working hours hours missing, I called, they appologized and said it was just a data entry problem, the second month more money and working hours were missing, again I called and I get the same anwer I had the first time, mistakes were piling up and fortunatly I documented all my working hours and expenses and they had to pay me for all of them and I decided not to work those blood suckers anymore, they take advantage of people in need of work they pay you few cents and bill the company where you working a lots of money, I worked as an accounts payable before and processed invoices from adecco I noticed how much money these suckers get beside what they pay to their emplyees.

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  • Ch
    Chris1023 Oct 01, 2009

    I was contacted by them today and they told me if i was still looking for work they would contact me. Is this a place to work for or a place that finds you a job? I'm confused. Anyone?

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  • Ta
    TAE TAE Dec 06, 2009


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  • Bl
    blueage Dec 17, 2009

    once you are hired at the company, does the company pay you directly or do you get your pay from Adecco?

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  • Nu
    numpty1 Jan 22, 2010

    They have so many complaints, they are looking to recruit a full time "Executive Complaints Administrator"

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  • Lu
    lukenxn1234 Feb 11, 2011

    I signed u with adecco, in NZ, late 2010. After being on the unemployment benefit and finding it couldnt get me by and getting no replys from the resumes i was putting out, i decided that they couldnt be as bad as people say they are. I was wrong, the first job i was put on by them was supposed to be 3 days in total, i stayed there for one and never went back, the job involved lugging around wooden pallets without gloves for 10 hours a day. Then the second job i was in i stayed for 6 weeks until i dislocated my knee at work, ive finished up there but now they are disputing my accident pay claim, stating that i had a long standing injury when this was the first time it ever happened, im still warring with them over this as they owe me 400$, so far they still havent budged and have constantly bluffed stating they have written authorization that my claim is null invoid etc etc, But ive called them on their bluffs and none of the so far 5 have had any truth behind them... Now im 18 and new to the workforce and in my school we were taught always to be honest to boss and follow the regulations of your company but hey after working with adecco im seriously reconsidering following my moral compass... These guys are [censor], DO NOT WORK FOR THEM, DO NOT TALK TO THEM, DONT EVEN GO NEAR THEM!! youll save yourself a hell of alot of time and stress

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  • Be
    BeckyD Apr 24, 2011

    I filled out an application for a banquet server position via Adecco online. A week later, I got a call and was basically hired over the phone, however, it was company policy that I take an assessment test which would be emailed to me. An interview was scheduled for two days later and I was to bring two forms of ID - used to that. By the time the interview time came around, I'd not received the assessment test. I went onto the interview and felt like I was in a brand new office with people who really didn't know what they were doing. I was privy to intstructions on how to interview me from the guy I'd spoken to on the phone to a lady in training. He knew I could hear them and when they joined me at the table where I was sat, none of what I'd over heard was done. She had a one page questionaire and during the process of her trying to ask me the questions, he kept interrupting. A sign of inter-office disresptect. We finally got through the ten or less questions and interview over. I was told I could work for them and tax forms would be emailed to me, then I was to bring in two forms of ID. I told him I had the ID's on me as requested. He said they couldn't be accepted until the tax forms were filled out. I'd never heard of this and left the office feeling like the place was a sham. [Red flags were flying] I called my husband and told him how it went down and he told me to give it a shot anyway. Well, the assessment test was in my email when I returned home. I waited four days before I filled it out. I hate them and they are often annoying as they tend to ask the same questions over and over, just reworded. This was one wasn't like that. However, they day before, while I was at my current job, the guy I'd talked to had emailed me a reminder that the test had to be done before that coming Monday. I had the test done and turned in on the Sunday before. It's been an entire week and nothing else from them. After reading other complaints this morning, I'm inclined to not acknowledge them if the paperwork does eventually show up. I agree with everyone else. They are unprofessional and I don't have time for that. During the interview, I told them I don't work for people who are horribly inconsistent or lie to me or about me. Maybe that's why I have not recieved the paperwork. Ha! There was a lady who was there before me and she was being sent to another building for training - however, she'd had to do a drug test which seemed to have been done in the office (questionable) and she was further told that if there were payroll issues to contact the main office not them or the company she'd be working with as neither would be able to help her. (red flag)

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  • Im
    imran khan0094 Jun 07, 2011

    My name is imran khan .I have been working in godrej water purifer division in delhi.
    My march and april salary has not come.Delhi adeco office has not been giving proper answer.
    Mr.Parkash has not been responding well.So please do something to solve my problem.

    Thanking you
    Your's imran khan (7811)
    Ph.No 9289375720

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  • Ye
    yesuforyou Sep 09, 2011

    Dear sir/madam,
    This is Yesudasan.S from chennai.. i was worked in LINEAGE POWER INDIA PVT.LTD, CHENNAI, as a TECHNICIAN,

    my Employee no. for that company : LIN 1752, i have completed my PF procedure on may 2011, but still i haven't receive my PF amount and final settlement, so i request you to kindly do the needfully as soon as possible...

    employee no. - 257585
    PF No. - KN/BN/34272/282678

    Thanks& regards
    [email protected]

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  • St
    stevenvalenta Oct 21, 2011

    I tried to apply for addeco temps. (poydras street) in new orleans, i got stuck on a part of the application, when i called to get assistance to continue filling out the application, i got nothing but attitude. Screw ADDECO AND EXPRESS TEMPS. they are both (GARBAGE TEMP AGENCIES).

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  • Ni
    nikkiDa May 13, 2013

    I had applied for a position through Adecco, went through all of the necessary steps, and was sent an email on May 3rd informing me I had been hired for the position at GE beginning May 13th. On Friday May 10th after 5pm I received a voice mail from your employee Michael Martin telling me I was no longer eligible for the position. While one is not suited to every position they apply for, , had I been turned down at an earlier point that would have been fine. However Telling me I am in fact hired for the position on May 3rd and then waiting a week until the Friday night before I am to start the position and take back the offer is unacceptable. Believing I had the position (since this is what I had been told by your employee) I had turned down another offer of employment at a higher rate of pay because I had already committed to Addeco. Now I'm in a position where I have no full time job, and you have cost me an income. As if this weren't bad enough. Your employee Michael Martin actually called me to argue with me, for a second time. The first was earlier in the week when he called me insisting he was missing information from me and that I should "Answer my emails then" Which I in fact had, it was his error, and not mine, but passing the blame seems to be his thing. I find it rather difficult to believe that your companies policy is to waste everyone's time and money going through the hiring process, harassing previous employers by calling them multiple times and for the same reference, Drug screen, etc.. Send them an email solidifying their employment with a start time, managers name, dress code, etc Only to take back that offer at the last minute. If it is, someone should look into that since you're wasting a great deal of time and money. Having one of your employees actually call me and ARGUE with me is insane and I can't believe you would have people like that representing your company. Although if you've read any of his emails (which if you have not I'd be happy to forward them to you) It seems like this is pretty common since he doesn't have a great grasp on the English language and poorly represents your company if you're trying to come off as professional. Consider me extremely dissatisfied, and happy to share my experience with others,

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  • Uk
    UK0708 Jul 15, 2014

    I have just recently finished a contract with Adecco in the UK. They are the worst agency I have ever had any dealings with! They delay start dates, mine was moved 3 times prior to me starting. I then missed the pay run and was without any income for 8 weeks. They never apologise and apparently the employee prior to myself had the same situation.

    They do not respond to emails. They do not respond to calls. To be honest it makes you wonder how they can operate as such a large organisation when they are so rude and unprofessional.

    Not to be trusted. Do not go near them unless you enjoy stress and loss of money!!!

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  • Mi
    MI1975 Sep 05, 2014

    Adecco is a terrible company to work for and their direct employees are rude bullies with poor attitudes and lie just to kick it!!! I was threatened with my job when their employee didn't do her job properly and now I am fighting unemployment as Adecco is stating that I was a voluntary quit when in fact their precious little nasty employee called me to tell me not worry about reporting, as there were only three days left to the assignment. And, of course, they are also claiming three or more no calls, no shows along with the voluntary quit...hhmmmm..where can you work after one no call, no show Adecco????? Scam artists is what you have to be to work within this company!!! We need a class action lawsuit against them!!! As long as nothing is done, they will continue to bully everybody that works for them!!!

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  • Kw
    kweil Jan 12, 2015

    Adecco is another lousy company after RecruitFirst in my list right now. I had the same problem with my pay delaying for months, not just with adecco but also with RecruitFirst. I am totally disappointed that such big companies like them would operates worse off than other small agency. Always try to delay or find some excuses whenever I called them, and I can't imagine them even wanted to cheat me off that peanut amount of pay. I hope people can the comments posted here and refrain from finding work with these agency else you would have ended up like one of us and start posting comments on the companies.

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  • Bu
    Business Bait and Switch May 03, 2015

    Adecco Business Development Orange County, CA office advertising a contract rate. However, demands you accept below contract rate OR the Business Development won't submit you for the job. Therefore, Business Development is making more commission between the pay and bill rate. This is a Federal Crime of "BAIT AND SWITCH." The client would pay the higher rate. I was threatened with my job for not accepting the pay rate the client would actually pay. His name is Chris.

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  • La
    LaurenK Oct 16, 2015

    I was put on assignment in Ontario Canada as an automotive production worker. When I was hired, assigned, and asked for my ability, I said i could only work Monday to Friday and no weekends because of personal reasons. It was agreed upon in the interview, and at least once a month the girls in the office schedule me for weekends knowing already that I wasn't hired to do that. Now I get calls saying they changed my terms of employment and unless I consent that I will be laid off until I change my mind. This temp agency is AWFUL unless you bow down to all the representatives. I'd rather take a lower paying job if I were able to. The way representatives treat their employees is atrocious. It's like they're asking for a wrongful termination suit which I have no hesitation to do if it ever comes to that.

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  • Ad
    adecco_sucks May 23, 2019

    @LaurenK Adecco is always asking for lawsuits from the way they handle their employee relations and are constantly breaking employment laws! But they aren't afraid because they're big. Right now they're late on my salary payment after I handed in my resignation. Simply an atrocious company that I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

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  • Ds
    DSN69 Jun 16, 2016

    The manager at the office sent me on a job and I didn't like it. She said no problem and there was another business opening up next week and to call her back then. I called her back the following like she said and then she said, I'm not comfortable giving you that job because you didn't like the last job and I don't believe your reasoning's for not staying with that company. I'm assuming this was her way of saying she refuses to help me find ANY job?!?!

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  • 19
    1974Mike Sep 06, 2018

    I was charged $82.31 on 11/11/17
    Also $3.42 on 11/11/17
    I didn't authorize charges and request FULL refund.

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  • An
    Anil Kumar pilla Sep 11, 2018

    Sir i am not receiving my payments on soecified date

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  • Sa
    Sarvamangala HN Oct 21, 2018

    Resetting password

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  • Pr
    Precious Walker Mar 02, 2019

    I have been calling Adecco since 8 this morning trying to see if my background had come back yet. I've called 3 to 4 times and I left a voicemail with my call back information. No one has returned my call or answering the phone. This is so unprofessional!

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  • Iz
    IzzatWong Mar 29, 2019

    I am from Malaysia. Legally every year on 1st Quarter yearly, employers required to submit tax return form. I have been email Adecco team in Malaysia for the form. But until now there is no response either in email replies or call. Such a pathetic company and worst working attitude I had encounter.

    Note : The tax return form is legally names as EA form.

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  • Ad
    adecco_sucks May 23, 2019

    I have formally resigned from Adecco and have given them a generous notice before leaving. Yet, they are late on my salary payment! Right now I am in the process of getting my salary by sending the company email. If they do not respond or give my salary asap I will not hesitate to seek legal recourse.
    Adecco is the worst company ever from the way they treat employees and their management consists of very unprofessional and petty individuals.

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  • Da
    David11273737373 Jun 26, 2019

    The driver of this van is erratic and dangerous! His manner of driving would suggest he is drunk..he needs taking off the roads before kills someone.. van is all over the road, sudden braking for no reason..the list is endless. I have attached photos to show the registration. Observed on 20th June 2019 from 23.27 till 23 42.

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