Acro Ampmcashier rude

R Aug 07, 2018

The cashier was rude her names blanka she was yelling at some guy and i asked her to calm down shes freaking my kids out and i payed for a bag of chips i think she was to busy yelling at people she didnt charge me for the chips as i left the store the cashier came out and stopped the gas pump i payed 10. For gas so i tried to give them the money he didnt want it so i gave them the chips so i go inside the store and tell them about the gass then the stop the pump a second time at 4.06 so i go back in and the cashier was yelling at me then she fallowed me out the store calling me a hoe wanting to fight me telling me to do something freaking my kids out nobody treats paying customers like this if they did nothing wrong im going to call the cops and take it up with the news and yes my lawyer will be in contact with ur company the address that this happened at is 6702 w thomas rd phoenix az and the cashiers name blanka

Acro Ampm
Acro Ampm

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