Accredo Health Groupwould like to sue for making me miss a dose

Z Nov 16, 2019 Review updated:

I have spent more than five hours on the phone with Accredo in the last few days in the attempt to get a medication filled, scheduled and delivered on a tight schedule. Every time I called I was told something different by the representatives, including that the prescription my doctor sent in not one, not two or three or four, but FIVE times by both phone and fax did not show up in the system. When my doctor called, Accredo had no record of me in their system until the doctor spent an hour on the phone with them pushing. I finally was able to schedule the shipment at the last minute and was told it would be delivered the next day, then called to check on it and was told it never shipped, and even that there was no record of it in the system. I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes without someone checking in. Some representatives were kind and helpful, others were plain rude and unwilling to go out of their way to check on my medication. I am still waiting to find out if this medication was shipped, and if not I will miss a dose which will lead to feeling really crappy for a week or two. Last time I missed a dose I was unable to work, and if that happens this time I will be unable to afford my health insurance and copay for this medication at all. I would like to sue Accredo if that is possible. So horrible it should be illegal to deal with this company.


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    Cheryl Schwartz-Grenetz Nov 23, 2019

    Same thing happened to my husband. This is the first and last time we're using Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. I don't know if they are liars, morons or both. By the time my husband gets his medication, it will be one week past the time he should have gotten it. I wasted hours of my time, all of our doctor's employees wasted hours of their time, and our doctor is furious!! Accredo is putting the health of patients in danger and should be sued!

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    kristie Lowe Feb 19, 2020

    Accredo is TERRIBLE! I’m use to dealing with insurance denying things but when you get a prior authorization done and approved. You would think getting the prescription would be easy! NOPE. I have been calling and fighting with them for 2 weeks. Even spent 1.5hours on the phone yesterday for them to tell me medication would be delivered the next day. The day it is suppose to be here I get a call saying it has been delayed until the following week. So call accredo and they can give me no answers as to why . How can this be legal?? They are just holding very important medications!

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