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I filed for benefits under the Account Assure program offered under the Comenity Bank due to unemployment. They denied me benefits stating that being an educator is considered a seasonal job and, as such, am not covered for unemployment. I lost my position due to Covid and therefore, became unemployed receiving a minimal unemployment benefit that would be considered below poverty level. They just want your money and then make every excuse not to pay out on it. Has anyone ever heard of being a teacher a seasonal job? They have reached their all time low. If this was the case, then it should be specifically listed in their information before one goes and continues making payments across several credit cards and unknown to the benefactor, that payments will not be made out due to unemployment because, apparently to them, an educator position is deemed seasonal work. Shame on them and their business policies that they follow. They need to be exposed and all educators, please take notice in case you are currently making payments for this "Account Assure" which isn't much of an assurance.

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Jan 26, 2021 5:15 pm EST
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I had a similar experience. I'm absolutely livid right now. They are pure scammers. I was terminated from my job. The reason that the company gave was for "performance." I'm of course appealing this for so many legitimate reasons. I live in a right to work state and although they don't need a reason, they have to have some legitimacy to firing me. Account Assure denied "my claim because I was terminated they wrote in the denial letter due to" willful or criminal misconduct." I was floored. To indict that I'm some sort of criminal for being fired is horrific and highly insulting.

The contract reads that the separation has to be involuntary. I think that they are playing semantics so that they can collect and not pay up. I had this account for three years through Comenity bank and never missed a beat in paying them on time and now I find out that this company is simply a scam organization. So it's a damn if you do and a damn if you don't with them.

I'm not one to just eat crap so I'll fight this to the top of the company and beyond if I have to. I can't sit by and allow anyone to take advantage of me.

Oct 09, 2020 10:16 am EDT
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Account Assure should be investigated by Federal officials.
Do Not, Repeat Do Not sign up for this option.

Unemployed for 6 months due to Covid.
Sent 3 times a copy of unemployment insurance payout along with Warn letter from employer
Uploaded these documents via website and also emailed these documents.
They kept coming back with never received documents or another loophole.
Frustrated with this, finally requested a cancellation and to not further charge me for this worthless product

More concerned with charging you every month until a claim arrives not very helpful at all.

Customer service sucks!


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