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On October 01, 2019 I received a Final Cancellation Notice for an Hartford Automobile Insurance Policy that would in effect permanently cancel my automobile insurance within 12 days of receipt. I had not received a any prior notice of past due billing and I have had automatic pay for years. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years and in fact had just made changes to my policy a month prior and was not told I had a past-due account at that time. I also did not receive any past due billing notices sent to my home address which we have lived at for over 40 years.

If my wife and I had not been home to open this notice of Final Cancellation anyone driving my car would have been liable for any claim.

After checking with AARP Customer Service I found they had on file outdated contact information and an email address I have never used and a home telephone number that has been disconnected for over 1 year even though I have always made contact using my personal cell number which they did not have on file.

The systems, processes and interactions by Hartford agents to update their customers contact and policy information is not being reviewed and maintained throughout the full chain of event leading to Final Policy Cancellation Notices being sent out.

Oct 08, 2019

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