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UHC is doing everything in their power to insure I don't get the treatment recommended by their own in-network doctors. Their repeated delay tactics is more than likely going to prevent the cure of my tongue cancer.

I live in Birmingham, AL which has one of the premier cancer treatment hospital in the US, University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB). Unfortunately, my coverage does not include UAB. Even when 2 UHC In-plan doctors say I need to go to UAB, out of network coverage has been denied. (Aug 27 and 29, 2019) Not only was it denied but it took almost 2 weeks for it to be denied.

I switched to in-plan doctors and facility to avoid further delays. Now, UHC will not approve the treatment their own doctors recommend. (Aug 9, 2019) Again delaying treatment so far an extra week and counting. I guess the hope is that I die before they have to spend any more money. I feel like I am in the sequel to "The Rainmaker"

I will be switch insurance.

Oct 11, 2019

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