Aaron'sno integrity

A Sep 04, 2018

I went in to the Aaron's store looking for quick delivery on 08/31/18. The customer services provided at the time of purchase seemed great! I explained to the manager that I was looking for a quick delivery, which couldn't be provided from rent a center and Aaron's happened to be right across the way.. The manager stated that he was backed up on delivery's but could make delivery happen by 09/04/18. I decided that I could wait for my appliances for a few days.. after leaving the store I was emailed advertisement about the Labor day sale 08/31-09/04 with the first month only being $5. I completed my purchase on 08/31 and was required to pay $300. I contacted the store to check if the delivery would be out today, since I hadn't received a call and it is 09/04, the manager Nester stated that he wouldn't be able to deliver until Friday because of the holiday weekend he was short staff. I asked him why he stated it would be processed today and didn't tell me upfront about the delivery being so late in the week.. I then asked about the promotion of $5 and he stated he didn't offer it because he pushed my payment out to October 15th instead of October 1st.. I let him know that online the contract was being honored at $5 and the first payment wouldn't be until Oct. 15th, he stated that was not possible. So I told him that I would check online and I would call back and cancel, by that point Nester responded with "I'm going to decline your application". I asked him if it was because he provided incorrect information and he stated it will be declined based on a "bad relationship". This blows my mind that I would be declined because of a bad relationship the manager created by lying. I felt that the initial visit was filled with good customer service and I even gave them a great review, until I discovered that it was a visit based on lies. Here I am now still without a refrigerator in my home and at square one again, Thanks Nestor. Please refer to TICKET HSC0260369

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