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deceptive trade practice

Unfortunately, on April 4, '10 (Easter) my wife's 97 Toyota 4 Runner broke down due to a...


They had terrible service. I was dealing with a rep name dan. He told me several lies.
1. That my I needed to pay $20 for gas. When I picked up my car is was still empty.
2. I needed a battery. I had the same battery in my car when I picked it up. Paid $99 for and additional $100 for labor.
3. I was told since I was getting a batter I would get additional cost off the price of the repairs. When I was paying I mentioned the discount and he said he gave me a web discount but we never talked about it.
4. I was told if anything goes wrong bring the car back.
5. After I picked up my car it failed emission twice. They said it had nothing to do with them.
6. My check engine light came on and he Dan asked me what code and told me to take it some where else to get checked and if its transmission codes bring it back. I reminded him that he told me to bring the car back if it had problems and he said not to bring it that day they were to busy bring it in the morning.
7. I mentioned to him some red fluid was dripping and Dan got smart and said he told me if it starts dripping it was my responsibility to bring the car back. I told him that’s why I was calling and he said then bring it right now.
The server before I dropped my car off was alright. After they had my car at the location they treated me horrible and super rude. I am out of 2500 and now my car is still broken and they are saying it might be something else. I asked them to do a thorough inspection prior to fixing it to make sure what was wrong. They indicated it was the transmission. Now the car is having problem with the check engine light and the oil light are coming on. I am totally dissatisfied with the service. I could have had the transmission done for $1000 less from a foreign shop that was two doors down but I decided to go American thinking I would get better service. But this American company treated me like garbage. I’m out of money and out of a car.

violation of the motor vehicle repair act of colorado

March 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter concerning the less than acceptable treatment and business practices of AAMCO Transmissions located at 1 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911.

In April of last year, at the recommendation of my father, I took my car to AAMCO because of a problem with my Volkswagen Jetta. After they looked at the car, they discovered the clutch had to be replaced. I agreed since there was no other option. At that time, I was told the repairs would not go beyond $800. The day I went to pick up the car, they told me there was some other parts and labor that were involved and the cost of the repair was going to be over $1100. I told them then that I was not going to pay for that and I would only pay the $800 I was quoted. The manager at the time said he would bring the price down and charged me $959.

This past weekend, I had an appointment to get my rear brake pads replaced, but upon driving my car didn’t feel safe. I also noticed that my clutch felt loose all of the sudden, however, my car was still driving normal. I was able to pull my car into my driveway and move it for the tow truck company. I got a call from Felix on Monday afternoon stating that the caliper, rotor, and brake pad had to be replaced and it was going to cost two hours of labor. The total cost of this came to roughly $400. I expected that amount. He then told me that my clutch had to be replaced. I received no reason why, but he told me that the clutch was still under warranty-that they would cover it and my car would be ready the following day (Tuesday, March 9) or the next morning (Wednesday, March 10.)

On Wednesday afternoon, I received a call from Gus, the owner. He told me that my clutch was 4, 000 miles over the warranty. That they were going to pay for the clutch but he was going to have to charge me for 5.5 hours of labor which would be $485. I was outraged! How could the previous day I be told that the clutch was under warranty, but now I am being charged for labor? I told Gus that the only reason I brought my car there is because they fixed it before, AND I told him that the previous day I had been told the clutch was under warranty. He said “Sorry, but when we looked into it we found that you’re over your miles, so we will cover the part but you will have to pay for labor”. I didn’t appreciate the tone that he was using with me and I told him to call my father and tell him the details. At that time he said “We’ve always taken very good care of your father. I’ve done him more favors than one.” I have to admit, I probably wasn’t very pleasant with Gus, but I told him to call my father and hung up the phone.

I received a call from my father, Michael Hubbard Sr., and he told me that Gus had told him the same thing. My father stated he would no longer be doing business there, as he took a car there to have the transmission replaced and has had to take it back more than twice with repairs that cost thousands of dollars.

I then went to AAMCO personally. I asked AGAIN what the problem with my clutch was. The technician told me that the car couldn’t even make it up the ramp. This is the problem that I was having with the car back in April when they supposedly replaced the clutch with a brand new one. How could I be driving a car that had the same clutch for more than 8 years and now this one doesn’t even last one? Also, the previous day Felix told me I could drive my car for a couple days and bring it back for the repair, but now the car is not drive-able! Gus came in the office and told me he was sorry that they gave me the wrong quote but he has to “pay his guys” and he can’t do the work for free and he had given me discounts on the brake parts, labor, and wasn’t charging me the $200 it was going to cost him for the clutch. I expressed my ill feelings about being told one thing, but then another. That they should have done their due diligence BEFORE calling me and should honor the estimate they provided. I told him about the incident last April, he blew it off as if my concern about that incident didn’t matter.

Upon taking his statements into consideration, if he is being charged $200 for a clutch kit that is the same as what he put in last April and it is 5.5 hours of labor at $90 per hour, then the cost for repairing my clutch in the first place should have been roughly $600.

In both of these instances, AAMCO is in violation of The Motor Vehicle repair act, C.R.S., [protected] which states that a repair garage may not collect any charge for labor or parts in excess of the estimate plus ten percent or twenty five dollars. In these instances, they should not have charged me more than $880 for the repair in April and no more than $440 for the repairs currently.

I did, however, tell Gus that I would pay and I will honor MY word. He obviously is not going to honor his word or the word given by his employees and I do not want any of the technicians who are working on my car to suffer for that. Personally, I was completely offended by the tone he took with me, the way he managed the situation, and his constant effort to get me to somehow thank him for the favor that he did for me.

I would strongly discourage anybody from patronizing this business. In both instances to be given some hype about labor charges, and the charges being more than quoted and OUTSIDE of Colorado State law is not ethical and is a complete disservice to any consumer, and I feel for the consumers that have patronized this business and didn’t take the time to let other people know, or didn’t KNOW that their rights had been violated.

I don’t expect AAMCO to try to rectify this situation in any way. I’m sure Gus is still waiting for me to thank him for whatever favor he thinks he has done for me. I wouldn’t expect any kind of service after the way I have been treated. I hope this letter serves as an informational tool for those that are looking for quality auto service and this complaint will be filed with the proper authorities to ensure that they don’t handle their business like this in the future. Due to this complaint being filed, I will also have my car inspected at an outside vendor of my choice to ensure the work has been completed in a satisfactory manner.

  • Aj
    ajamiestarr Mar 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What happened to quality work and customer service?! We have had issue in the past with AAMCO in our area as well. I know that you mentioned that you do not expect the corporate office of AAMCO to rectify this issue, but I hope that they do.

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  • Mh
    mhubbard78 Mar 15, 2010

    Unfortunately, I have to report that when I called AAMCO this morning I had a very unpleasant conversation with Mr. GUS SOTO. I was trying to pay for the repairs to my car in the event I could not make it there before they closed OR before they could get in touch with me.

    Mr. Soto told me that he will not take any money from me until they fix the car. That he does not appreciate what I put on GOOGLE about him and that he tried to help ME out and I am WRONG. He told me they will call me when it is done, I can come get my car, but he doesn't want any more PROBLEMS with me.

    I'd like to also take a moment to THANK Mr. FELIX the customer service manager, who has been pleasant and neutral through this whole situation. In GOOD TASTE, he has apologized to me for the situation but I understand he can only do what the owner allows. I also want to thank the technicians, and the reason I am paying is because I don't want anyone to suffer for poor taste by a business owner.

    I don't expect Mr. Soto to be happy about my complaint, but I would expect him to handle it professionally. I would expect him to now understand and realize I am a professional too. Should he want to resolve this matter with me, I will be happy to report and document that with the Better Business Bureau and update all posts that this complaint has been published on. HOWEVER, if Mr. GUS SOTO wants to deal with the situatioin with ugly words, and placing blame-that will be documented as well.

    I don't believe in supporting businesses that do BAD BUSINESS. I don't believe in NOT educating people that might walk into the same situation but not know how to let their voice be heard. It's a shame that this situation has turned out this way. I hope that I can come back and report that the situation was resolved in the best interests of AAMCO and myself.

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  • Gu
    Gus Soto Mar 28, 2010

    As the business owner I must look out for my business and treat everyone fairly. Ms. Monica Hubbard was advised before the work was started of the fact the clutch was out of warranty by almost 4, 000 miles. She was upset upon hearing this but agreed the vehicle needed to be repaired and approved it. I told her I would not charge her for the clutch kit and gave her a 10% discount on the labor.

    Her brake repair was discounted 40% on parts and 10% on the labor. I gave her a rear main engine seal at no charge although the price is $78.00 (our cost) and no charge for the labor.

    If Ms. Hubbard is a true professional as she states then she would appreciate and understand my position as a business owner. We don't believe in taking payment before the repairs are done on a vehicle over the telephone on a credit card. I specially wouldn't do this from someone who bounced a check for $245.59 on May 15th of last year.

    Please consider the source. No matter how we treat her she will never be happy. We treat everyone fairly and have a long list of very satisfied and return customers.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Mar 31, 2010

    Check out!

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  • Ju
    Just_Jhen Jun 07, 2010

    I had the SAME problem with these people!
    My best friend was in Iraq and he let me use his truck. Something happened to the truck, mechanically, that was expected. I talked to Gus and we had the truck towed to his shop. They gave me a discount on towing. Got the truck mostly fixed (it's a long [censor]ed story...) and he told me the charge was like $600. Then I told him that my best friends mom would be calling to pay for the truck, before I pick it up. When she called, Gus charged her $240 OVER what he'd told me! When I went down there and talked to him, he 'apologized' and said that he'd "missed another charge". In the matter of ten minutes?? REALLY??!
    He did a similar thing to my fiance, when he came back from Iraq too!
    This Gus character is lucky my bestie didn't go down there and dot his eye for him! But NONE OF US will EVER recommend this shop to ANYONE!

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rip off

I will have to say that I learned a very very valuable lesson here! This location took me for $2500.00 and...

fraudulent practice

I took my recently purchased car to them to have general service . I had driven the car for 3 days prior on...

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rip-off scam

I want everyone out there to be aware of the scam this shop tries to pull.
I dropped my car off at 8 am and at 9:30 am I received a strange phone call from the shop which consisted of "Has anyone been messing around with your car?" well no except for Jiffy lube and pep-boys for repairs here and there. Why the question with no reason to ask I thought? I also thought is there something weird you have found I should know about? Well this will make more sense toward the end of my story.
I recently had a situation where the check engine light came on and the car had trouble accelerating and shifting out of first or second gear. I was told it was the transmission by another mechanic and he suggested taking the vehicle to AAMCO or to the dealer. I chose AAMCO because they specialize in transmissions. I was informed by AAMCO that they had checked the car diagnostically and the codes were for the transmission however they were not ELECTRICAL codes but rather MECHANICAL codes and the trans would need to be taken out of the car, taken apart and possibly overhauled costing no less than $1500. When I said no thank you I will be in to pick up my car I received a phone call from the store serviceman about a half hour later offering me a "feasible alternative" which he was "confident would have the car problems solved". The story suddenly changed as far as what was causing the trouble with my car. It was no longer a mechanical problem located on the inside of the transmission but rather a problem with the solenoid sensors on the outside of the transmission. But the catch here was the solenoid sensors are located (according to him) in a panel on the outside of the trans which requires the trans to be removed from the car in order to access these solenoid sensors. Seriously?? Suddenly went from mechanical to electrical but this would only cost me at least $800. I politely declined and proceeded to drive 15-20 mph all the way to Lincolnwood Illinois where the car dealership is located.
It turns out the car dealership said I do not need a new transmission nor new solenoid sensors nd the transmission. The car has some wore out wires which run along the underside of the vehicle that had been pinched are spliced and corroded and need replacing. Fixing it at the dealership did not even cost 1/3 of what the AAMCO shop wanted to charge me. The dealership price also included a new O2 sensor and installation along with the price of the diagnostic workup.
I wonder if the AAMCO noticed these wires and that was the reason for the question regarding has anyone been messing around with your car? Even if they did not notice this I believe they are incompetent and do not know how to properly diagnose a vehicles transmission problems or just plain crooks out to take as much money from consumers as they can by pretending to conduct unnecessary repairs on vehicles. It is a shame thet someone would try to take advantage of another person like this. This shop lives up to the stereo-type given to auto mechanics regarding ripping people off. I want to share my experience so hopefully this does not happen to anybody else.

aamco sabotaged my car!

errible, awful, horrible place full of dishonest untrustworthy people to be avoided at all costs. The Aamco...

sabotage vehicle

Absolutely, positively the worst service I have ever had, at any buisiness of any type, in my life!...

the truth about free engine check light on

Hi Everyone, We are really pissed off with AAMCO. Our car (98 Honda Civic) had a Engine Check Light On, so...

destroyed our transmission!

My husband's transmission went out on his 2004 Subaru WRX. We had it towed to AAMCO where they told him...

rip off

After two vehicle inspections, new brakes, a tune up on my truck, and an oil change, I was informed that there was an issue with my transmission. My truck was sounding like it was getting stuck in gear. I was told one day before taking my truck in to AAMCO that I had a non serviceable transmission. I called Aamco and told the guy the problem and he said that it sounded like the differential and not to drive. He sent a tow truck out at no charge. I backed my truck out of the driveway for the tow man to drive it on the truck. Once the car got there, it was confirmed that it was the differential and the cost would be $3056.29. It took me almost 6 wks to pay the total cost. I picked my car up and found that it was riding exactly the same, with the exception of the ABS sensor light now on in my truck. I called back and was then informed that there were 2 problems with my car and the one I had complained about hadn't been fixed. They stated that the rear end was locked and they had to fix that first and if I wanted to fix the problem that I had complained about, I could bring it back in. I asked for a detailed list of everything that was done on my car and the name of the tow company so that the tow truck driver could verify how my truck got on the tow truck, proving that my car was drivable. I am still waiting for that response.

  • Ma
    Mathew Apr 02, 2009

    A year ago they put in a new transmission for 2500 dollars. A year later the transmission had problems and was not shifting. Basically it did not get out of 2 gear. I took the car in on a friday. Next Wednesday, I had not heard anything so I called them. They never called to update me, and when I called, they acted like they didn't know what vehicle it was. They charged me 80 dollars initially to look at it and told me that it was an internal transmission problem. To find this out I had to call them thursday, and friday, mind you, I had to call them, sometimes they called back, but I had to initiate it. They said that to diagnose the internal problem it would cost 1000 dollars, that does not include fixing whatever they found. I expected them to offer something since, their transmission that they put in was junk and broke after a year. horrible customer service. It took a week to tell me that it would be 1000 dollars to diagnose the problem. They would not stand by their work at all. That is a ripoff.

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  • Al
    Albert May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took My 2003 Tahoe to Aamco after getting estimates from several companies. They were the only company willing to finance the job. The Original quote with converter and transmission was around 3, 400 plus the financing brought the total to almost $4, 000. $1, 000 down and 250 a month for 15 mths. Now I didn't do the math at the store office when i signed, but that's more like $4, 700. Ok I say, as long as it works I NEED my vehicle.

    After 10 days the call finally came..ready to go. I picked it up and it ran great for 1 1/2 days. On the way home from work it made a horrible sound in the front, then started making a very low chirping sound all the time. I took it back, they told me the converted had engaged the 4 wheel drive inadvertantly. It was broke, they replaced it again and again called me to pick it up. As I pulled out of the Aamco parking lot My truck made another horrible noise and the chirping was still going on. They took it back again to check it out. New diagnoses...the Rear end was busted. Another $1, 500 and they would have me good to go. Well, now it's been almost a month and I still don't have it back yet.. I keep getting the runaround on the phone. We are still working on it. They guy who was working on it got sick went to the hospital had metal in his eye. Still waiting to hear from customer service.

    I can see but the research online that this problem is not over even when I do get my truck back..Is there any help out there??? What can I do... I know they BROKE my rear end with their faulty converter...HELP... over $6, 000 for REPAIRS??? And I get the Run around??

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  • Bc
    bcdc Jul 29, 2010

    July 26, 2010 took my vehicle to AAMCO at 950 Frelinghuysen Ave. in Newak, NJ. Informed AAMCO employee Justin of problen with transmission. Justin say's "It's definately the valve body." I say alright how much to fix it? Justin said $500 and it will be done at 2:00 p.m. today. Told Justin to go ahead and fix the problem. At 2 p.m. I called to see if the vehicle was ready, Justin told me that it would be done in another 20 minutes. 30 minutes later, Justin calls and tells me that when they went into the Trans that there were some springs broken and that more repair was needed. If they really fixed it when I brought it in at 10 a.m. that morning, why didn't someone call when they saw it? They are scam artists. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS AAMCO!!! My vehicle is worse than it was before I took it to AAMCO at 950 Frelinghuysen ave. in Newark, NJ. Justin had the nerve to tell me that if I had another vehicle that needed some work to bring it in. This place really bites!

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  • Rw
    RW Jordan Aug 06, 2010

    I agree Aamco SUCKS, I had diagnostics done on my 2002 Hyundai and was told I needed a high speed sensor replaced, lets do I said, I was told it would take 3 hours to install this sensor so I left car at Aamco Transmission sevice center located in Monrovia Ca, when I returned to pick up the car my check engine light was still on plus I have no reverse gear now and all my friends know my car had all gears working when I left home this morning. Willie Jordan in Pasadena California.

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  • Ch
    Chase Oct 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took my car in for an oil change and asked them to give it a once-over. I was told that the brakes were completely messed up and had to be replaced -- the pads (which the manager said was down to bare metal), the rotors, and the calipers. I was told that I was in danger if I continued to drive it. The estimate for the bill was $600 and change.

    I took it to one of my co-workers, the same guy who had fixed my car after Stockton Ford s____ed the pooch (that's another story). He took apart the brakes and found that the brakes were a little less than half worn. Bare metal, like ***! And, there was nothing wrong with the calipers or rotors.

    I went to Aamco's website and submitted a complaint. They wrote back and told me they would investigate. That was a couple months ago, and I haven't heard a word from them since. So, here I am, warning the public. The thing is, it used to be a great shop when the oldmanager was there. I had recommended them to other people even -- too bad the new management got greedy. I don't suffer fools gladly.

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  • Yo
    yolanda31 Jun 27, 2011

    I took my 2000 Dodge Durango to the Aamco in Douglasville GA on Fairburn road. I was told the man that I was having transmission problems. He told me that I need to have my transmission rebuilt. The cost to have my transmission rebulit would be 1600.00 So on tuesday june 21th I tdropped my truck off to be reapired. Then on Thursday June 23th I recieved a call from the man at Aamco saying that the cost had gone up to 2, 289.70 to rebuild my transmission. because once they open my transmission it needed more work odne it then expected. I told him that I couldn't not afford that and that wasn't the price quote that he had given me on Tuesday. He claimed that it was the cost of the parts and that he would all around to see if he could find something cheaper. He later called me and said that he couldn't find cheaper parts and that was the cost of the repair. He said that if i had the title of my truck I could do a title loan, Aamco work with a title loan company. I declined and said that I would be coming to get my truck that afternoon. He said that I couldn't come get my truck until I pay 500.00 for labor and they had to put my transmission back in the truck and I would be able to get it until monday.( I was never told about t 500.00 fee until then.) On friday june 24th I called again and told them that I was coming to get my truck and he said that they weren't going to replace my transmission until I pay the 500.00. So at this point they are holding my truck for RANSOM !!! I just want my truck back so I can take it somewhere to be fixed...I WILL NEVER USE ANY AAMCO COMPANY EVER AGAIN

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not guaranteeing the warranty

AAMCO failed to backup my warranty. My vehicle is sitting at one AAMCO in North Carolina until the Fort...

rip off transmission

Well i took my truck there to get a new Transmission. Well after $2100.00 dollars later my transmission i...

poor transmission service

Transmission failed while still on warranty. Took the car to Rubens AAMCO in Moca, PR. They have had the car for 37 days! During this time, after a full month, the car was returned to me with the transmission "fixed". I drove the car to the store, and the transmission failed again the same day. I had to have the car towed back to them. The manager of the repair station, which is an AAMCO branch center, rarely returns my phone calls when I inquire as to what is happening with the car. He constantly comes up with lame excuses as to why it is taking so long. This is a ridiculously long time to repair a car. Oh, and the center keeps changing phone numbers. The number shown above is the latest one.


Earlier one thursday morning i went to two auto body shops to find out what was wrong with my 2003 kia...

horrible service and poor ethics

Took 3 days to tell me they did not have a part and charged me $200 in labor that included re-installing the...

bad clutch job and broke sensors

5/21/09 Took my 96 Nissan Pathfinder to Aamco in Arvada, CO for a new clutch because the bearings were making...

$4,000 job gone wrong

In February 2009 I took my car to Aamco to replace my transmission. The gears were slipping that caused the...

beware he is a snake.

This man here will lie to and tell you that you have a transmission problem and charge you top dollrs like if you was getting serviced at the dealer. Half the time he does not replace anything on your invoice. He will give you such a low price for any service. But thats just to get you in the door. Once you authorize him to do any thing he has you hanging by a string. Again beware especially if your car does not move. He awlayz staes its a tranmission problem without doing a complete extrenal diagnostic. How do I know this. Lets just say a lil birdly that used to work there told me... Beware beware beware he is a snake... And especially if u have a newer car. For price he chrges you, you might as well go to the dealer and you'll get a better waranty.. Trust me... Beware... Beware... Beware... And becareful he will fool you « hide

total scam dont ever go to aamco

Hi my name is D, I am having a problem with an AAMCO auto repair shop, located in queens, ny. I own a 1999...