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AAMCO Transmissions Inc.

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AAMCO Complaints & Reviews

AAMCO / transmission

Rich Townsend on Sep 18, 2017
My wife took my 2012 gmc acadia to a shop in Suffolk, Va to get transmission repaired. when we got it back we were still having the problem but not as bad. we took it back and they put it on the computer for diagnosis and it said it was ok. took it back again they drove it and said it wa...

AAMCO / transmission warranty not honored

Shawn Geist on Jun 27, 2017
6/26/2017 - took my car back to Aamco since they rebuilt my transmission 2 months ago. Almost $3, 000.00. Started slipping 6/25/17 and had to two it home after being stuck on the side of the road at 10:00pm. $51.00 to tow. Aamco looks at my car and tells me that it was not their fault and...

AAMCO / unauthorized credit card charges

Eddie.L on May 2, 2017
3595 Market street Riverside, Ca 92501 (951)682-6655 Thomas freers he told us we did not qualify for the financial agreement loan, then we just got a confirmation that the financial department is taking from her bank 700 then 400 then another 400 all in two days will just seems ridiculou...

AAMCO / air condition check

1Christian on Mar 24, 2017
I went to Aamco location for air conditioning check. I was told that I needed to replace my fan relay sensor. I purchased the part and had it put on my car and the problem was not resolved by the repair. The total price I paid for the repair was over $600.00. That was a waste of my money...

AAMCO / transfer case transmission

sersan on Jun 3, 2016
Never back to this shop complete rep is not repair nothing my 2008 X5 BMW he damaged my exhaust and damaged two wheels cost $500 each not professional I whiting 5 mounts to pay only one the warranty is not work send my car back never fix parking in the shop for two mounts he tell my the...

AAMCO / to check the codes for the check engine light which came on

howardbkh on Apr 10, 2016
Last Oct., 2015, my transmission smoked and burned out of my car. I however was traveling at the time by Fredrick, Maryland. I found a near by AAMCO dealer just off interstate 70. So I left the car for roughly 7 or 8 days, they fixed the car, I was happy to be on the road again all was well. I...

AAMCO / customer service and transmission repair

Reviewer22639 on Jan 19, 2016
I had a used transmission put in my car. They had it for over a month, promised me it would be done 3 times, never was. I had to call to see what the progress was on my vehicle and they asked me which car was mine EVERY time. I took it in for a transmission and when I picked it up there...

Aamco transmission 117th Ave Vancouver Washington / transmission

Reviewer13780 on Sep 11, 2015
They have had my car for 3 1/2 months. Have had 2 guaranteed transmissions sent to them to install from S.W. Transmissions . They can not get it to run still. They have lied several times. Have falsely charged sw. Charges for transmission fluid, time, and labor . When in reality they...

AAMCO Transmission / poor service/improper work

J. Mor on May 1, 2015
Update 5-1-15: Now they do not want to fix my car and have requested I come pick it up since I left a 2 star review. Well, there ya go, now I am down to 1 star. I also still have $2600 I am out to Aamco and I have a car that is still not fixed. 4-30-15: I will give their single tech some...

AAMCO / disrespectufl, untruthful, belligerant

Ins0mnia on Dec 30, 2014
I wasn't only duped, I was accosted and assaulted. This was probably the worst experience I've had in recent memory. Honestly, I still can't believe what happened. 2 years ago I had the transmission in my F150 rebuilt at this shop. At the time, I was debating whether to do...

Aamco, Tempe Arizona / unethical business practices

Janet joselane on Feb 5, 2014
My 21 year old daughter, a Arizona college student that also works full time, found herself stranded when her Honda Civic started to jerk and she pulled over to try and figure out what the problem was. She called a mechanic to describe the behavior the car was displaying. The mechanic...

AAMCO / totally ripped off

Jason Sweatman on Nov 4, 2013
I gave them my '1993 Christler New Yorker that was not shifting into some of the gears in which I was charged and paid in full the amount ask which was approximately $1, 300.00 with a ninety day warranty that the car would shift properly. and I have had the car broke down before I...

AAMCO / car

Rochelle I Pratt on Sep 30, 2013
My car was running, after two hours, larry told me to move my car and I will need a tow truck, because aamco wasnt able to get my car running anymore, and billed my debt care $284.09 also, offered me to take an aamco loan out of $2300.00 and then aamco would fix my car. All customers stay...

AAMCO / poor customer service

cdde61 on Sep 20, 2013
My wife & I just spent over $6000 for transmission repairs @ your Bear, DE shop. She picked up the vehicle on 9/19. While driving back to work she stopped at a store & the vehicle would not turn off. She immediately called the shop & was told some one would call her back. She never...

Aamco Ft. Myers, FL / ripped my seat & a/c runs worse!

movin85 on Aug 5, 2013
I had my a/c compressor & a clutch installed on engine. Cost me $1800.00 9 months ago & the a/c will now not cool when stopped. I took my car back to Aamco again a week ago, still under warranty, about the a/c not cooling when at stoplights. When ur going in the car & moving, works great...

Aamco Transmission, Salem Oregon / completely lied to me

Richwestrlund on Nov 26, 2012
One of the under managers named Marty promised me that the $ 891 repair he "said" my chevy truck required, would absolutely fix the problem of not shifting into 1st gear and into the drive gear. After my truck was returned to me and $891 was paid, the problem REMAINED. He then stated...

AAMCO / incompetence

jill0101 on Oct 15, 2012
Thursday, August 2nd, 2012: Contacted Mark at Aamco at 12:30 p.m. with our approval for rebuilt transmission. Friday, August 10th: We picked up the car from Aamco and balance due paid in full. The check engine light came on during the drive home with the transmission slipping between 2nd...

AAMCO Zephyrhills Florida / deceptive business practices

Khakimon on Oct 4, 2012
On Monday 10/01/2012 we took our 2008 Scion Xb to Aamco for a clutch replacement. Our service person, Mike asked for our birhtdate and last four digits of our social security number. He informed us that this info is needed to authorize the initial breakdown and inspect of the vehicle. We...

AAMCO / poor service

Lacey Wa. on Jul 19, 2012
I was lied to 5 times on one repair. I brought my Dodge van in for a tranny repair for the 5th time. It goes out about every 20k. I told Damien the last time I dropped it off I had to wait 2 weeks to get it back. He said no way 2 days tops. First lie. So I called to see if it was ready he...

AAMCO / uneducated mechanics trying to double charge for the same problem

Mrs Siva on Jun 13, 2012
My air conditioner made this clunking sound when we turned it on. And didn't work so I brought in my 2002 chevy tahoe to their location and 1st rob the mgr called me after having our car for 3 hours for an estimate and says the tahoe was in perfect working condition after they ran it...

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