7-Elevenstore manager (store no 37795)

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Friday, June 28, 2019 at 1:45 pm
The way of talking of store manager was so rude. How the manager can talk with the customer like that. Vaccume was not working and went inside to talk about that, But the way store manager was talking, was tatally disrespectful.
I request you to solve this problem as soon as you can.

I tried to talk with manager again but she was so arrogant. Her name start from P. and store no 37795 in calgary.
Her behaviour was unacceptable.

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    I would like someone to take action about my complaint


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      Jul 25, 2019

    This an Oregon complaint regarding the store on 65th and Nyberg Road, Tualatin Oregon. The store is arranged in such a fashion that people cannot move without bumping into each other. For example, a person retrieving a drink from the cold case completely blocks the flow of traffic. Two lines formed up cramped aisles to the cashier who was held up endlessly for someone with, who knows, a bad credit card? Now another line formed unaware of the first . Someone asked for assistance for the seemingly endless problem with #1 cashier, and #2 cashier did come to the rescue, but complained. Meanwhile deliveries of Coke and other products are coming down THE MAIN AISLE, in front of the cashier, nea renough to cut off toes. This store is the worst configuration inside ...but wait, there's more! Try the parking lot, a veritable death trap with cars backing in and out from the pizza store. My god, please alleviate this potential crisis before someone is killed!

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