7-Elevenslurpee pricing clarification on refill over 32 oz


I purchased a double gulp several days ago and have used it since then to purchase several refills of soda and slurpees. The pricing signage for slurpee refills OVER 32oz is $1.39 plus tax. Most employees understand this verbage which is plainly stated and reasonable. Some employees, however, seem to take that to say, they absolutely must charge more then the signage indicates of 1.39$, because the customer is using a double gulp cup instead of a slurpee cup. I am amoungst 7-11's most loyal customers, I purchase beverages daily and have for 15 years. If that is the employees opinion, that they must disregard their own company Price signage and over charge the customers, and is validated because i am not using a slurpee cup, but a "soda cup", then these employees need to be made aware that they must charge the amount on the price signage and cannot amend signage​, or interpret the signage as they see fit, unless they would like the department of weights and measures or perhaps the BBB to clarify this for them.

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