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You have a serious problem with your 7-Eleven Rewards Customer Service Department. I phone in a complaint on or about July 18, 2018 regarding a purchase I made at the 7-Eleven store located at 5820 E. Los Angeles Blvd., Simi Valley, CA 93063 the day before.

Two week went by without a response, so I called back. The Customer Service Representative was very apologetic and sympathetic to my problem and assured me the issue would be escalated and I'd receive a response in 3 to 5 business days.

Now over a week later and still no reply, I called back only to receive the exact same apology and assurance that my case would be handling expeditiously and I'd receive an email shortly. The issue is no longer with the store but with the way your department treats loyal customers.

  • Updated by Gary Stevens05 · Aug 19, 2018

    On August 10, 2018 I followed up with a letter to the CEO of 7-Eleven outlining the problems I was experiencing with the Customer Service department of the Rewards Program and the level of frustration and the length I was willing to go to expose the indifference loyal customers faced.

    I was contacted by the Manager of that department and I am completely satisfied with the apology I received, and the assurance that the problems are being addressed and corrected.

    I will continue to shop at 7-Eleven, but will be more vigilant with the rewards program and all other transactions with the cashiers. I will again contact the Customer Service department with any and all problems just as before, however, if I feel I’m being placated in any way, I will go directly to that manager with my grievance and you will see my complaint posted right here at!


  •   Feb 20, 2019

    7-11 has never called me back when I have called Customer Service. Someone at that store reported that they had attempted to call me back. I was never left any voicemails, not did their number ever appear on my phone.
    I don't understand why they don't want to address issues, or clear up various policies. But it stinks !!

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