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2checkout in ohio is a scam! They have there own made TOS and there a horrible company! stealing peoples money for there own company! they dont hold it, they just steal it! I paid 49.99 for there services for my website to accept credit cards for my products! I paid and started using there checkout for credit card sales! I was very unaware that what I was selling was supposly against there TOS and in any case after reading it, my exact item wasnt under there prohibited items! ( they should list each one individualy ) And in any case they shouldnt have stole my money, they should have atleast warned me and stop accepting payments after first review! But no they waited till my sales went to over 700.00 and shut my account down and then said there keeping the money! I shipped all my customers items out also and couldnt just refund them back because 2co said they would have to charge me another 50.00 in transaction fees for the processing of the credit cards . What a joke I shouldnt have to pay 50.00 for money I didnt reecieve! That company is a scam and I live in the same state as them im just in aww over there horrible customer service and TOS ! They even called the first customer I took a credit card transaction from to make sure they were real! In any case I will ruin there name and there services and make them loose more then what they stole from me! Thats a promise!


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Oct 03, 2012 11:38 pm EDT
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hello, i used 2CO for a pharmacy business (ok some people will complain but i had no choice..). i created a plug in to make them allow all kinds of business. easy to use and to integrate. you can message if you are interessed. now i decided to sell it (or get a % on the turnover after application) send me message for more information regards

May 18, 2012 5:45 pm EDT
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They are far the worst company to deal with even for buyers. I bought an item using 2checkout and they rejected my order with my verified credit card and paypal. I have raised tickets with there customer support and no reply. I tried ringing them and the phone just hangs up . They have charged both accounts and never refunded the amounts they supposedly rejected... There operating system of checking customers credit cards and paypal accounts has a bug and causing grief to a lot of people. I have now raised non delivery
complaints with mastercard and Paypal... Avoid this company like the plague, both vendors and customers.

Mar 15, 2011 4:46 pm EDT

I having the vendor account with My customer received service from me. In couple weeks, customer changed his mind and started complaint to 2checkout about it. I sent to 2checkout the proof of provided service. Guess what happened... customer (who used provided to him Google Search Engine Optimization Service) decided that best way to provide the proof of bad service, is to break all Google Inc. Terms and Conditions... In just a week customer's and later my accounts were suspended by Google Inc. Customer calls his creditors and complaints about inappropriate charges. Creditors, of course, put back on customer's account the payment he transferred to my vendor's account at 2checkout. The only 2checkout said: ...Yes..., we agree, that it is customer's fraud, but there is nothing we can do to protect you as vendor. I lost $425.00... Customer denied to explain this, 2checkout denied to provide customer's creditor info... People, be careful with 2checkout, all their promises will turn against you...

Nov 30, 2010 7:59 am EST

Oh my god..i had many transactions with them and they said they are holding my payments for some reasons.I checked my bank statement, they actually cleared some of my payments but most still not clear yet.Worst of all, my clients are demanding me for payment and asked me why did i cancel my payement.It was not me, it was 2checkout and i'm even banned from one website and i'm accused by my clients that i am not making payment.Initially, transactions were fine and money is back into one of the website account.One day, as usual i top up money for the website services and as usual going thru under 2checkout but it was shown as zero.I top up usd $40 and i went to the website customer service live chat.Most of the customer service in this website was horrible, they hang up while i am trying to explain and want to know whats going on.This website is a service website.After trying so hard in the website for help, theres a kind soul who helped me retrieve back my usd $40.I had even sent emails to 2checkout to retrieve my usd $40 but they took so long to get back to me, asking me to fill in the forms(provide them with details or credit card etc).Out of precaution, i did not provide them and luckily managed to used my usd$40 for services in the website.2checkout deducted from my bank account is much higher than what i am supposed to pay for the services.I demand that they give me full explanation and they just sent me emails like

"Thank you for contacting the Fraud Prevention Unit. We apologize for any delay in our response. Your orders have been canceled because we did not receive the documentation that we requested. Before we can accept your payments, we will need to verify your orders. In order for us to be able to accept any future sales, we will require further verification. We will need you to provide us with the authorization code for this transaction. The authorization code is the six character code that is assigned to each transaction. You can obtain this information by calling your bank or credit card company (the number listed on the back of your credit card). Please reply with the authorization code at your earliest convenience. I apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. Thank you for your time and cooperation with this matter. "

Previously they had already deducted from my bank account and right now they wanted me to provide them with full details.Honestly speaking, i felt this company is very fishy.This is the worst nightmare i had ever and all my transaction is USD.Try this company if you want your money go down to drain.

Mar 06, 2010 10:14 pm EST
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I agree, the 2Co or 2Checkout are the worst nightmare an online business can have... their customer support is very bad and they don't care about the merchants... don't work with them... go to any alternative!
and file cases with the BBB... this should be rated as an F business!

Aug 11, 2009 8:59 am EDT



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