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First for women
So i was in a vehicle accident two weeks ago. I logged my claim, the day that the accident accrued. All went smooth when I found out that the assessor is actually going out on the same day that the accident accrued. It has been two weeks in what I have not received one phone call. I have phoned the lady whom dealt with my claim about 50 times, just to know what the status are and what is going on. I am now waiting for them to get a conversation from the sales department. I have never heard of such thing. This is ridiculous, it usually takes 5 - 10 day's.

Wat is going on, you are quick to take money but when push comes to chuff why doesn't anything happen???

  • An
    ANGRYCLIENT Jul 05, 2010

    I am now very irritated! NOT A SINGLE SOUL shows interest in my case. This has officially turned into a nightmare. I am disgusted at how a Company of this "caliber” tend to treat their Clients. It is officially 3 weeks since they appointed an Investigator to investigate me, of which I was told that if this guy can help them repudiate this claim - he will get commission for this, and still no feedback! How scaly is this? One of the insurance Principles is Good Faith, well, let me tell you that they operate in the "shadows". No one calls me. I left my number on their online system numerous occasions, yet no response. No one calls me to inform me about the progress of their investigation, yes- in order for them to pay out they do a thorough investigation and God forbid you give an innocent wrong "answer" so DO NOT FALL for their advertisements. I need this matter to be finalised. I was even in touch with the Ombud’s office, but First4Women are very clever, they are delaying the matter so that the 30 day period can lapse.

    Am i ever going to get closure on this matter????????????????????????

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Poor service/no feed back/lies

I had a car accident i put claim throw my insurance company first for women their response was very poor to wards my claim i received a telephone call 2 weeks later.The consultant told my that my car was a right off and that they are going to settle the fiance house and he will keep me up to date.2 minutes later he phones my back telling me give me wrong information he was looking on two screens and their was another client of theirs with the same details same name same car and same accident sounds fisher. He then told me that me husband had phoned in telling them to save the car.I kept him on the line while calling my husband and asked him if he had called them he replied no he didn't then everything after that this went wrong they never returned our calls they wer rude you could never get hold of the correct people to speak to the wanted to repair the car without our consent we are still waiting for them to call us and it has been 2 weeks already they called first for women but it is only a brand they underwriters are telesure they are only scamming women to take out insurance with them but if this is the way they are handling us women i feel very sorry for the women out their

Fraudulent retention

Good day

I made a call to 1st for women on telephone number-[protected] on the 31st March 2011 at 13h20. This was to cancel my insurance policy with policy number [protected], as I had found another insurer whose offer was appealing to me.
The first guy I got through asked the necessary security questions and reason for cancellation, said he needed to put me through to someone to finalise the cancellation.
He put me through and the guy was forcing(not convincing ) me to keep my business with 1st for women. After all the rudeness he eventually said he will not cancel till I provide proof that I’ve taken cover elsewhere. Needless to say I said he can leave it, I’ll cancel my debit order.
Minutes later I received an email confirming a change to my policy with a reduction in premium.

This breaches the :
• Short term insurance act monitored by FSB

This matter should receive urgent attention.

Fraudulently tried to retain me as a customer

Good day

I made a call to 1st for women on telephone number-[protected] on the 31st March 2011 at 13h20. This was to cancel my insurance policy with policy number 5561035, as I had found another insurer whose offer was appealing to me.
The first guy I got through asked the necessary security questions and reason for cancellation, said he needed to put me through to someone to finalise the cancellation.
He put me through and the guy was forcing(not convincing ) me to keep my business with 1st for women. After all the rudeness he eventually said he will not cancel till I provide proof that I’ve taken cover elsewhere. Needless to say I said he can leave it, I’ll cancel my debit order.
Minutes later I received an email confirming a change to my policy with a reduction in premium.

This breaches the :
• Short term insurance act monitored by FSB

This matter should receive urgent attention.

Tabata Dazana

Loaded me as a client without my consent

I called the call centre to obtain a quote for insurance from First for Woman. After I received the quote I told the operator that I want to see the details of the insurance contract before I commit to anything. He insisted that he needed by banking details in order to be able to process the quote, otherwise we would need to go through the whole process again (more than 30 minutes) to finalise the contract. I said that's fine but I explicityly told him that I WAS NOT AGREEING TO ANYTHING until such time as I have seen the detailed terms of the policy, which he promised would arrive by mail in 2 weeks. I received the documents the day before the policy became active (activated on 1 october, but I received the documents on 30 September) and to MY HORROR I saw that they said the policy would take effect on 1 October. I immediately called the call centre, called joburg, called accounts and passed around a million times before I got hold of someone who told me they couldn't stop the R1500 being deducted from my account on 1 October. There was never a contract, I did not agree to anything, I haven't heard back or received my money back... so I guess I'll have to take legal steps.

  • Mb
    Mbutuma Nov 01, 2010

    I had a big problem with 1st for women insurance for almost 4 months with regard to the oustanding parts of my car (boot tray, name tag and stone guard) and the excess recovery. I have been sent from one consultant to the next and told that I will get a feedback of update about the progress and never got ant response till I decided to call back.

    What makes things worse is the Empire Panel Beaters in Welkom where my car was fixed, they promised to liaise with the insurance to order the parts and delivered to me in Pretoria - they are also playing the run-around game, just imagine I collected my car in August and till now I'm still waiting for the outstanding parts to be delivered .

    The service I'm receiving is very shocking as compared to the huge premium I'm paying every month and this is the type of service I' receiving?

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Incompetent and a bunch of do not return calls, bad attitude

I have been trying to process a claim for an accident I have a week ago, they only sent the gentleman to ### the actual claim last week Thursday! My accident happened on the Saturday! I have been promised call after call the whole of yesterday in vain. I try and phone the lady I have been dealing with today and she is off and they are not sure when she will return. When i ask what is holding up my claim they say there seems to be a two month period where I was not insured, to my knowledge it was not that long between changing insurance companies and according to my policy this is a violation for them NOT to process my claim. I have been with First For Woman since March 2008 and have paid abour R800 to them every single month. Now they need to check voice recordings to see that I am liable to claim!! This is burglary!!!

  • Li
    Liobne Oct 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally am disgusted by the level of unprofessionalism of this penalbeaters. I went to fetch my car today and we informed Douglas that the fender is still a bit ditached and that it will loosen again. He claimed that it's properly fixed and that before i returned my car for refixing my car had another accident. Funny thing is that y didn't my isnurance know about it? the hooter in my car is probably a cheap hooter because the sound it makes is not the same as the original hooter. If i take i to renault they will probably laugh themselves silly. Before i left they had to jum[p start my car.i drove from sandton to brooklyn however after i parked my car i decided to check if the car will start without using the jumpstarter, my word the car refused to start. We boosted the car again and kept it runing for an hour however the minute you turn off the engine it refuses to start. Now it means that I have to buy a new battery since this one is not usable. I phoned Melanie at ffw who said that i must take car back to panelbeaters however who is going to pay for my petrol costs? am still waiting for Louis reimbursement. my sunshield in the car just fell from the roof. is this really fair??

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Want to cancel car insurance

I took out insurance for my families three cars with first for women last year. My financial situation ha...

Interrogation: claims

I have just about had it with first for women. My nephew (30y0) and I met up in an accident all because of someone who hijacked a car. These people drove into us. We were victims as well. They are interrogating us with tons and tons of questions - waiting for you to say something wrong and on that basis they would repudiate the claim. I would understand had the accident been our fault, but the source of this was caused by a 3rd party. They have now appointed an investigator to go to the police, phone my nephew, phone this one and that one; the whole world is now dragged into a matter that should have been dealt with on the principle of good faith. The trouble is that I was warned about first for women and their affiliates incl their underwriter. This is a matter that I am definitely taking up with the FAIS ombudsman. I have done my homework and the whole internet is flooded with complaints about this company and their service. Word of mouth is the best method of advertisement. People do not go for premium - rather go to SANTAM or another giant not this...

Poor service or lack of it

I have ended my insurance with first for women (12 october 2009) because of insanly high premium's and yet they deducted money from my account.

And when I tried to query the unlawfull transaction no one picks up the phone, ive been on hold for several minutes and no one answer the phone.

Can anyone help me?


Poor service

I took my car for repairs at north city panel beaters in august. the damage which was supposed to be fixed wasthe left door fender and door. the panelbeaters fixed my car however within a week the paint work came off and the feder was loose and my hooter was not working. i phoned ffw and they sent the assessor to assess my vehicle at the panelbeatrs. they agreed to fix my car and hired a courtesy car for me. when i went to pick up my car, i realised that the hooter is still not working. the panelbeaters agreed to fix the hooter and they promised to return the vehicle at my workplace. a few days later Douglas from the panelbeaters phoned me and told me that it was not their problem and they didn't damage the hooter. i phoned the insurance assessor who assessed the vehicle and he phoned north city panel beaters and told them to order the parts and fix the hooter. On wednesday the 14th Octber 2009, i received a call from Douglas and he saidthat my car was damaged by hail at their premises on Monday the 12th October and he asked me to phone my insurance. i phoned and lodged a claim and explained that i will not pay excess since my car was damaged while at their premises. ffw sent an sms sating that Asanda will phone me with regards to my claim and they extended the courtsy car hire.

i sent a complaint on hello peter and Robyn Farrell confirmed that they assessor will assess my vehicle at the panelbeaters on the 19th October and that they will assist with my excess. Now yesterday i got a call from budget insuranc ein Menly and they told me to return their vehicle since the insurance hasn't sent extended the car hire. today i phoned the call centre 3 times and everytime i have to expalin the whole story to someone who promises to sort out the mess. I have spoken to Sylvia and another lady and they rpomised to phone me back, when i ask to speak to a manager, i get told that they are in a meeting.

Mark at budget pretoria phoned ffw to ask about the extension of the car hire and 2 people told him that they will not extend the hire. Now tell me, what am i supposed to do because if i don't chase after ffw no body bothers to phone me back and now budget want their car back.

Is there anyone here who is willing to do their job and sort out this mess or is it my duty to run around after the insurance.

This is really unncacceptable. I'm very frustrated and disgusted by the service that i have received. i have spent a lot of money phoning th claims department and driving to the shaddy panel beaters.

Someone sort this whole mess up.

Disgusted Mrs Raletele
Policy number [protected]
Telephone number: [protected]

Poor poor service

Over three months after the vehicle accident, the repairs I discovered today are below standard. First for woman (ffw) nominated royal panel beaters (rpb) as an accredited auto body repair shop, but the shoddy workmanship can not be accepted. The assessors at ffw approved the workmanship, leaving me wondering what qualified their judgment. I refused to take the vehicle today and seek a competent assessment from someone who knows what they are doing. Rpb declare that the workmanship on the vehicle at present is the best they can do!!!

The continued lie, from ffw assessors and rpb, is only the tip of the iceberg in relation to the incompetence my wife and I have had to tolerate. Rpb declared that mazda was unable to supply parts ordered, yet the orders were placed late (some ordered in oct 2009). Sad that the clients are forced to do their own investigation, ffw should do away with their assessors who dealt with my claim and spend the saving on reputable auto body repair shops and focused client service. Ffw and rpb in my experience are full of promise but clearly incompetent.

It is clear that the matter was dealt with from a cost saving perspective, the client the loser always. This is a qualified statement from my dealings with ffw. I am prepared to prove the said, the biggest mistake to insure with ffw. Even in a household claim I was a loser by at least 70% of the true value of goods I lost. This matter is still un-resolved.

As for mazda, I thought they were compelled to supply parts to a vehicle manufacture for at least 10 years. My mazda 160 is etude is a 2004 model, explain. Rpb made the spoiler from fiberglass and fitted second hand parts because mazda could not supply the parts. Ffw on a telephone conversation confirmed this. I thought the insurance was to notify clients if they approved second parts as a minimum requirement, I found out weeks after the assessor approved the said and rpb fitted.

Please mazda if the above is true then take your vehicle back as there are apparently no spares for this model. Ffw have a letter from the dealer stating mazda cannot supply the parts to this vehicle. Please refer to recordings at ffw and if you need a copy of the letter I can supply along with other information I attained during my investigation

Ffw can keep the now two toned colored vehicle with second hand spares and shoddy repair workmanship. I invite anyone to inspect the vehicle and tell me if I am just a difficult customer or if there is merit in what I state. “prove me wrong” and I will pay for the repairs myself.

A vehicle I was supposed to collect today, I had to tell rpb what was wrong. Rpb had to be shown that the bumper / spoiler was not aligned and promised to fix it. The ffw assessors approved this!!! Shouldn’t this have been done rite the first time. Besides the spoiler is not an accredited part, they need to fit the correct spoiler. Not to mention the side of the car that was half fixed and the broken front window still not repaired.
Ffw lack in service delivery, are saving on costs through accrediting some make shift auto body repair shop, saving costs in approving half the work that actually needs to be done, only released the vehicle to the shifty repair shop after two and a half weeks in total disregard for the clients inconvenience, assigned unprofessional / incompetent assessors / liars same (bring the tapes), have no clue what their accredited auto body repairers are doing and unable to give a true status report.

Over three months to meet such disappointment is unacceptable. I loved my car but don’t want it anymore after seeing the abortion gone wrong due to the two parties concerned. There is not much to say about mazada if the above from ffw, rpb reports and the letter from the dealer is true.
Brendon cannel

Insurance claim poor service

We had a burglary on the 26 october 2008, was a sunday afternoon around 4pm. We did the usual things called...

Poor service

On the 30th of august 2008, criminals broke into my house and stole my plasma and speakers. I immediately notify my insurance about the incidence. They asked me for proof of goods, I told sithee naidoo that my plasma was a gift from my ex-boyfriend and I dont have the slip for it and the speakers I bought them about 4 years ago. Sithee told me she is not going to pay for the plasma but would replace the speakers, I was not happy with the situation and told her that why is she not paying for the plasma because I didnt submit slips for both goods. She told me that she will refer the matter to her manager. Her manager told me that there was a black lady who tried to fraud the company as well in couple of days back. I asked her if she meants that because I am black I am frauding the company? She couldnt answer me... I told her that I am not happy with her answer and would like my attorney to handle the matter. Sithee went ahead and replaced my speakers. I asked sithee for the letter stating that the company is not replacing my plasma, till today I still havent received the letter from the company. I have sent sithee naidoo several emails but with no responce, last time I spoke to her she adviced that admin department will send me the letter not her.

  • Se
    selloane pokane Nov 15, 2011

    i agree with all the complainants 1st for women sucks big time i hate it its digusting my name is selloane pokane

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  • Se
    selloane pokane Nov 15, 2011

    I have submitted a claim on the 4th November 2011 and nothing has been done on my Renault Megane. This has led me to just go and fetch my car at the garage and cancel the insuance with you because you are a disgrace and have shown no coperation when it comes to assisting your clients whereas monthly installments are upto-date. The so-called service you are offering is disgusting.

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  • Na
    Naartjie Aug 20, 2018

    i have emailed 2 weeks ago to cancel my policy and have subsequently followed up. no feedback has been received from this company to confirm my cancellation. have had prior issues back in 2012 with this particular insurance company who does not respond to any requests.

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