Zyngawords with friends

M Mar 12, 2019

Words with Friends is becoming worse and worse. Zynga is constantly thinking of ways to screw the players. Everything before they introduced the coins was fine. Then, they became greedier and greedier. They programmed the game so that players would get bad groupings of letters. That way, they hope players purchase coins to so they can switch tiles without losing a turn.
Then, there are events to win coins, which with time they make them harder to win, and, win fewer coins. One event started with winning 100 coins after 7 days, down to 10 coins in 7 days. Another one gave you 10 coins every day down to 1 coin, then changed to 2 coins. I guess too many people complained. And there is one where you challenge these imaginary characters, where they have Easy challenges to Very Hard. Now, they made even the "easy" ones hard to beat. And if u lose, they offer you to continue the game if you pay 20 coins.
They constantly think of ways to screw the players!
Bunch of greedy cheats!

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