Zooskunauthorized use credit card


I was checking my credit card details and saw an unauthorized payment for over $60.00.
I called ZOOSK and was refused any of the information they had regarding this charge other than the fact that it was made in Denmark.
I called my credit card company and disputed the charges.


  • Ma
    Mark2u2 Jun 06, 2013

    No doubt. Fake users usually have one picture ( head shot ) sometimes go by the name of ( a Zoosk Member ). The sell zoosk currency for you to send to non existent users. ( Felony Fraud ). They charge a monthly fee ( misrepresenting users ) also Felony Fraud. Fraudulently generated replies. I have asked for a refund a was denied. Next I file fraud claim with my Credit Card Co. This needs to be forwarded to the U. S. Attorney General for further processing. TO: the disclaimer below; these are not unique. Very clear as spelled out in this claim. I recommend this site should be SHUT DOWN!

    Regards; Mark Jines

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  • So
    S Owen Jun 30, 2016

    Please stop taking my money and shut down program. Please discontinue my use in thisvprogram. In failing to shut down this site i will have no other option than to further my right to opt into legal action and class this as an act of fraud on your behalf kind regards S Owen

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  • Another 4 transactions using my stolen debit card was made today on the Zooks website. This situation is intolerable. Clean up your mess.

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