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Zone Fitness  -  Cancelled the gym contract and now I am put under debt review when I had already cancelled

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I have never experienced such a company like this in my entire existence, I joined the gym in 2018 and when I joined I was given a month for their special they had to pay r150 and then after a month I was told that the contract will be cancelled and I definitely did cancel by the gym and I was given clarity that the contract will not debit any funds at all, a few months later I received numerous calls from zone fitness stating that I owe them more than r3000 and that they will add interest because I am refusing to pay and what was so worse is that I was going through a phase where by I was unemployed and I was and still am the only bread winner in my family, my grandmother had just passed away and I had to take care of her estates and had to put my life on a stand still, with no income, no support, nothing I was tormented for months on end by consultants calling me and prompting me to pay, I explained a number of times that I cancelled the policy and I am unemployed

I even told myself that how should I pay for something I cancelled, and I was so worried about being under debit, I could not afford even a loaf of bread at all, or even soap to bath, it was the worst year of my life especially have inconsiderate consultants. Some were so rude to the point were I could not even answer the phone anymore, I had my phone stolen so my numbers automatically I had to change them and could not retrieve my old numbers at all

In 2021 I got a job and in around mid year I got a call around about 10:00, I was currently at work and I spoke to a guy who repeatedly kept telling me that I am young and I am in debt and that its a shame, he told me that I making arrangements in paying other people and dont want to pay zone fitness, he even said to me that I have to pay right now the full amount which he mentioned was around about r5000 or so, I repeatedly told this guy that I cancelled the policy and im I liable to pay that amount, I dont understand how and why it came about that amount and why his putting me under pressure to pay, we exchanged words on the call and ended up dropping him, he kept calling me the whole day after insulting me and telling me what I should do and what a shame I am to be in debt at such a young age

Since calls are recorded you are so welcome to please listen to all the calls, I was even willing to pay for a debt I cancelled to save myself out of debit, I find it so unfair, so unfair and I will still stand and say I will not be accounted for a contract I cancelled 5 years ago, I am still expected to pay and I am still getting calls expected to make arrangements on a debit I was put in for cancelling

I cant be harassed like this for 5 years, I would like to take it further, if it means we have to take it to court then its fine but I will not pay

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