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O Oct 03, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased two drones from above named company and have not received them yet. Transaction ID: 4BX44601G6255302T for $135.85 USD and Transaction ID: 36E84598G6421392M for $59.95 USD. I wish to receive my purchase or my money refunded. I am with the understanding that guarantees the payment and delivery of products bought through their service.


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      Oct 07, 2019

    I had the same thing!! Ordered 3 drones from this company off an ad on FACEBOOK!! I figured they would be reputable since Facebook was letting them advertise on their site.. I can’t find a way to track my packages or talk with anyone about this order! This needs to be looked into for Facebooks responsibilities in this!!

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      Oct 08, 2019

    Count me in also. I ordered one drone plus the extra warranty. Never arrived, though they had my correct address and we never have delivery problems in this neighborhood. I have filed a complaint and would really like to know whether any refund ever came your way.

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      Oct 10, 2019

    My order was returned to seller by customs in China as a Security Risk. When I contacted the seller, they tried to say that the issue was with my local delivery, but the package had not even reach my country (Ireland), let alone the local post service. After doing a little research, I find that this company is a dropshiipping company, so they never actually hold any products, they set up multiple shopify sites and advertise products you can get on sites like AliExpress for almost 1/3 the price.

    After contacting them, they tell me its their policy to wait 60 days before they can issue a refund, but having looked at the terms and conditions on their website, it says no such thing. There is no mention of 60 days anywhere on their website. It's been a month now and it hasn't even left China, so time to open a dispute, and I know for a fact, PayPal do not like sellers using PayPal for dropshipping businesses that sell counterfeit products, which I think this company is doing a lot of.

    Unless a refund is sent to my card very very soon, i'm going to town on these guys. They will wish hey never tried to lie to me.

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