M Jul 18, 2019

I tried to order 2 device alarms for my children. After I looked at the item, I was looking to see how I choose a color and it actually submitted. I was trying to review the order. Then it showed I was charged 2 times. I emailed them immediately to cancel my order. I emailed PayPal to cancel payment. I realized I had been scammed when I tried to email the seller and the email address was not deliverable. I also tried to open the website to contact them and it kept taking me to a survey for a free vacation. I wanted to cancel my 2 orders that I did not approve. I believe there was a glitch and it submitted. PayPal cancelled my first order and I was refunded but my second order has not been canceled or refunded. It's for qty 18! I was charged $118.65 for 18 alarms all in pink. I do not want them and I received them yesterday. It feels virtually impossible to get in touch with anyone regarding my issue. I have emailed many times and never getting any help.
I want to return the items and I want my money back please.

  • Updated by Maggie Florentine · Jul 18, 2019

    I wanted to add that I contacted PayPal by phone and there is nothing they can do. They said the first refund was a PayPal agent error!

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