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Zazzle review: Zazzle affiliate program - seemingly diverting sales away from affiliates

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Zazzle, in the absence of even an 'acknowledgment' of the affiliate redirect issue, I feel I have no alternative due to facing massive losses to take the next step.

Details here:


Dear Zazzle,

I'm addressing a crucial issue that has had a profound impact on Zazzle affiliates, particularly those involved in the Promoter 2 Program. This matter revolves around an apparent redirect situation that significantly alters the referral process, affecting our ability to direct traffic to our intended product pages.

Specifically, the current redirect leads potential customers from social media platforms to a landing page showcasing 65 other sellers' products, rather than our intended store page. This page lacks our product details and the option to directly purchase, diminishing our chances of making a sale. This drastic change effectively reduces our probability of securing a referral to just 1 in 66.

This redirection contradicts the core principles of the Zazzle Affiliate Promoter 2 program, where affiliates receive referral fees exclusively for sales of our own products. This alteration, undisclosed and seemingly unaddressed, has significantly impacted affiliate income. As a proven successful affiliate ( Pro Platinum Seller with around $35,000 earnings in referral fees alone) and seller on your platform, I've witnessed a substantial decline in referrals and sales since this change was implemented.

The terms of the affiliate program explicitly state that the Promoter Program rewards affiliates for driving sales to their own stores and products, emphasizing a 35% referral rate for such sales. This pivotal detail, emphasizing 'our store,' is being undermined by the current redirect practice.

Numerous complaints have been raised via your forum and email, yet this issue has not received any acknowledgment or resolution. Therefore, I am formally requesting the immediate removal of the redirect. Affiliates must have the ability to direct customers to the specific product pages they originally intended. Furthermore, I request fair compensation for the lost commissions resulting from this redirection.

I also bring attention to a recent statement by a Zazzle Team Member (details below) regarding concerns raised within the community. The potential risk of removal for expressing concerns or highlighting issues of significance is troubling and could lead to censorship. Transparency and open communication are critical to resolving these issues without escalation.

This complaint is not only mine but represents the concerns of many other affiliates affected by this redirection issue. I sincerely hope for prompt acknowledgment and resolution, emphasizing transparency and fair treatment within the Zazzle community.


Leah G

Zazzle Affiliate

Evidence Below


The Terms:

5) If I use a Promoter Link to drive sales, am I eligible to earn referrals on other people’s products?

The Promoter Program is designed to reward you for driving sales to your own store(s) and product(s), and to help you grow your brand and your customer base. Since we are offering the very high 35% Promoter (self) referral rate on your own products for sales driven via your Promoter Link, sales of other people’s products will not be eligible for referrals.


Censorship concerns

"If we find that people are detracting from this mission by continually sharing negative takes, or highlighting every negative issue, then we may remove them from the community. We're not really interested in dealing with that sort of stuff anymore."

Desired outcome: Remove the redirect placed on affiliate referffals

Update by Leah G
Nov 24, 2023 1:36 pm EST

In addition to the complaint noted above I'd like to address additional concerns:


Misleading Filters

Issues have arisen concerning the functionality of Zazzle's filters. The "lowest prices" filter fails to accurately display the genuinely lowest-priced products, while the "most popular" feature seems influenced by editor's picks rather than reflecting authentic customer preferences. These misleading filters hinder customers from discovering specific products and disadvantage creators whose work doesn't receive editor's picks recognition.

(More Details:


Currency Conversion Discrepancies

Creators have observed discrepancies between Zazzle's currency exchange rate and the prevailing market rate. Zazzle are refusing to let creators know what their currency conversion fees are demonstrating a lack of transparency.

(Further Insight:


Editors' Picks

An increasing emphasis on editors' picks is causing concern within the creator community. While promoting high-quality products is pivotal, it seems that these picks are now prioritized over essential factors like sales, marketing efforts, tags, and product descriptions. This shift potentially limits the visibility of creators' high-quality work.



These changes suggest a disconcerting trend that not only appears unfair to creators but also jeopardizes the platform's integrity. It's imperative for Zazzle to reassess these modifications and collaborate more closely with creators to foster a fairer and more sustainable environment.


Additionally, I propose:

Transparency: Zazzle should ensure transparent communication regarding platform alterations.


I earnestly hope Zazzle considers these concerns earnestly and initiates measures to rectify them. Our collective dedication to nurturing an equitable and thriving community remains fundamental to the platform's success.

Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.

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