Zara.comlong puffer coat 0/5475/310/401/04

C Nov 27, 2017

I purchased the above coat and the zipper on the left side would not go up.I called customer serviceTo inform them of the situationAnd I tried to Send back to package the very next day. I asked customer service how to send this package back Whether it was UPS or USPS I spoke to two different representatives And each had a different response. I received an email 2 days later with a USPS return Receipt And I sent the coat back on Tuesday. I was told by representative that as soon as USPS scanned the receiptShe would be able to re-send a cold that was not defective. I called customer care today to find out whether or not a Coat was shipped back to me, And it was not. The Colts is out of stock. This is the worst customer service that I have ever experienced with a retailer. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Now instead of the Colts and that I so wantedI have to settle for a refund Because you are now out of stock. I asked to speak to a supervisorI was put on hold And when the representative returned he said that the supervisor was too busy to talk could not get on the phone. I told the representative that I would be calling corporate If His supervisor did not return my call today. I am beyond disgusted! What a waste of time.

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