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I was recently at the Mapleview Mall in Burlington shopping at Zara. I have never had a issue at a different location, but I was absolutely disturbed at how the employees treat customers. I had purchased a top with my wife and needed to make an exchange for a different size. I stood at the counter for about 3 minutes right infront of 2 employee, chatting about un-related work things and completely ignoring our presence. (No one else was in that section and the store was not busy) Finally once they decided to service me, they simply looked around and said "No, we don't have that top" I had told them that I was here the day before and a gentlemen had told me there were other sizes in the back. They simple replied "No." I stood there in disbelief how passive and plain RUDE they were being towards me and my wife. I then noticed the gentlemen that had helped me the previous day was working, and I decided to go ask him if he could find me the right size. Right away he replied "Yes, let me check the back" We then stood there waiting for him to return, my wife glanced over at the girls partly in disgust because of the fact they had lied about having stock in the back, but mainly looked over because of how loudly they were talking. She immediately replied "Is there a problem?" in a sarcastic tone with her arms up. We simply said "No, we are actually being helped right now. Thank you." The gentlemen came out with the medium size shirt we had asked for.. in a matter of moments. It appeared that he tried to cover up the girls mistake of not helping us by saying the shirt is a different style and that is why they couldn't help us. But in reality, these employee's chose to stand around and chat and refuse to help a paying customer. Why are they there? to be rude and get paid by the hour? It was ridiculous. I then spoke to my daughter about the whole situation and even she mentioned how at the particular location the employees are CONSTANTLY standing around socializing and ignoring customer and are never helpful in ANY SENSE. How can Zara make money and have a successful business if the employee's aren't willing to work.

Me and my family were very disappointed at the service at the Mapleview Mall Zara, and I have heard of countless others that agree.

I would recommend a re-evaluation of the employee's at the location, because they have now lost a hand full of customers.

Thank you.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - online ordering
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - customer service and merchant violations
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Jul 04, 2016 4:54 pm EDT
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Waited for an exchange- took an hour and 17 minutes. Terrible service. Long time to stand at a counter while staff stumble around and stare at eAch other.
Then some of the exchanges we exchanged online as the items were not available in store... And waited again.. No confirmation.. No receipt. 2 weeks go by so I called the store manager said you have to call - I was told to wait until my credit card bill came in. the items we exchanged for we're not even ordered...what a waste of my time- by the time this error was corrected the shirts I wanted were no longer available.

I went back to the store with one of the shirts I bought that clearly has spots on it when raised to the light... The manager said Just wash it... So I asked what if it doesn't come out...manager said not her problem?

My last experience - I bought a shirt that had lipstick on it and asked to return it...with tags on etc..never worn. If the manager says oh we will dry clean it... Don't do it.. They will dry clean it but if the stain doesn't come out you are stuck with a shirt that has lipstick on it.
Not happy- will never shop at Zara again. Not the treatment I would expect. Poor service- rude manager at Mapleview mall.
Zara has lost another customer-

Feb 24, 2014 2:48 pm EST

The customer service at Zara seems to be declining terribly. I was at the Zara store in Mapleview Burlington where the so called store manager, who goes by the name of Kristine/Christina had exhibited very rude and demeaning behavior. She was unwilling to listen to what i had to say and absolutely provided no comfort in terms of my situation. Going in for a return for a sale item that i had picked up from store floor (LITERALLY) i hadn't noticed the presence of some sort of stain on the jacket. The jacket was kept folded in its bag until i tried it on only to realize it was two sizes too small. I went in for a return and when the salesperson took the jacket out she noticed the stain and called Kristina. Kristina then blamed the entire situation on me and refused to provide me of any compensation or any help. She blatantly refused in a rude and condescending manner.
Being in customer service, you need to be careful of the way you deal with your customers and this kind of attitude discourages the person from returning. It certainly did that for me atleast!

Apr 09, 2013 10:06 pm EDT

A similiar situation happened to me today at a tourist location called the eaton centre, is zara corporate office not aware of the horrible customer service they have at this location starting with Nadia, the so called manager who's priority as I was told" to see her store is fully running and making $$$$$$$ head office to file complain...instead of winning customer they have lost another one today...HORRIBLE SERVICE! BEWARE Zara head office, hire the right people to have satisfied customer who enjoy shopping and Excel in Customer Service

Dec 23, 2012 4:50 pm EST

Wow.I can't believe how I was treated at zara in mapleview mom was trying to help me with wearing my dress and the employee yelled at her asking her to stay outside.come on its not an airport and we are not terrorists.I will never go back to that store.


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