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I would like to lodge a formal complaint against a very rude staff member in Zara pitt Street. I went into Zara this evening at 7pm to pick up a new top for work as I've just started a new job. I went downstairs and spotted a cute grey short sleeve top with a white collar. I searched through all the tops that were there and unfortunately they all had some makeup on the collars. I was in a rush so I decided to buy it anyway without trying it on. I went upstairs to pay and was served by a young looking girl. I asked could she write on my receipt that there was makeup stains on the top as I hadn't tried it on and I may need to return it if it didn't fit/suit. She passed me over to a tall lady with short black hair. I don't think she was Australian. I explained the situation again to her and she just looked me up and down and didn't say anything. Then she said am well 'youre wearing makeup' again staring at me. She asked why didn't I pick up another one.. I said they were all covered in makeup.. she looked at me like I was lying. I got to the point where I was just going to return the top when she reluctantly wrote it on my receipt. She didn't say thanks or anything else and I just walked away feeling humiliated and frankly quite uncomfortable. I worked in retail for 4 years and would never speak to a customer like that. The service I received was rude and apalling.

Sep 11, 2019

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