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Zale Jewelers / Zales.com Complaints & Reviews

Zale Jewelers / Zales.com / Online ordering

Archie1961 on May 11, 2017
I had a complaint about the advertising of 2 day delivery, found out YES read the small print, ordered my mom ring for mother's day found out there a a 5-10 day processing, then I was told it's custom made (how) I picked the damn ring on-line and ordered a size like I've done on-line for...

Zale Jewelers / Zales.com / Diamond fell out of ring on two separate purchases

PAdala on Mar 28, 2017
I purchased a wedding set about 5 years ago, after I made this purchase about two weeks later the diamond fell out of my ring. I had to take the ring back to the store and leave it for another 3-4 weeks. My next major purchase was last year I purchased another ring for my 25th anniversary...

Zale Jewelers / Zales.com / 3 stacked rings

FraU glass on Mar 12, 2017
My husband purchased the rings for my 60th.turns out that he was advised that if they didn't fit, come back, we will resize.wasn't told about chrgs before purchase.rings .so he purchased the warranty since he was advised that to resize without the warranty purchase would be very expensive. I...

Zale Jewelers / Zales.com / Managers behavior in the store

Meishi on Feb 23, 2017
My aunt and four of my sisters were shopping in the Stonecrest location, Sunday, February 19th, around midday. My aunt selected several jewelry items she wanted to use with her coupon, while my sisters and myself looked around the store. As, the sales person was ringing up the sale, she...

Zales / Television ad

Joshp1974 on Feb 3, 2017
I just watched an ad on television that showed multiple couples being married. The completely unnecessary emphasis on a same sex couple being married was almost unbelievable. Why your company feels that appeasing the homosexual community is more important than offending majority of our...

Zales Plainfield, In / Rings

Fran710 on Feb 2, 2017
I purchased a 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring, and a 3/4 carat wedding band from Zales in Plainfield, IN on Nov. 25, 2017. At the time of purchase I brought back a previously purchased 3 carat wedding ring set that I decided I didn't like. At the time of the purchase (Sept. 30) I traded...

Zales / Ring sales

NomasZales on Jan 2, 2017
I purchased two diamond rings to be gifts that totaled approximately $2000.00. The sales persons indicated that sizing was included. Yet, when the gift-ee went to have them sized, Zales personnel were adamant about sizing was an extra cost and wanted an additional $500+ to cover sizing...

Zales / Ring sizing

Sarea on Dec 27, 2016
Four weeks I went into zales to have my ring taken from a size 5 to a 7. My husband gave me his mothers wedding ring(she is no longer alive) so it is very sentimental. The lady in the store said sure no problem we can do that. We will have to send it to Texas. The ring will be back within...

Zales / Television commercial

Bob Willey on Dec 21, 2016
I am very disappointed that Zales has gotten on board with the minority by showing two lesbians at a wedding in your recent commercial. The percentage of LGBT population is such a minority, and the media has jumped on pushing that agenda. America has long been known for it's family value...

Zales / Commercial

116 on Dec 16, 2016
On December 16th 2016, at 9:46 pm on NBC st.Louis I watched an add for Zales engagement rings. One segment of the commercial featured a lesbian couple embracing each other in marriage. I understand sales, I understand corporate profit, and I understand that I have that same right to never...

Zales / A ring

Sayitwithcharm on Dec 3, 2016
I purchased a ring from an estate for Christmas from my parents( they gave me money) I had other business with sales looking for a setting and was stopping so I decided to take some in to be cleaned and verify diamonds...well being pave chips she tried about 5 xs to get a reading the...

Zales / Resized rings

Viv10 on Nov 4, 2016
My husband bought rings 3 to be exact at different times from zales in Hobbs, New Mexico the most recent one being this year in May. The first two I've had for many years at least ten with no issues, we recently had them resized all three of them. Needless to say a few months later one of...

Zales / Watch battery replacement drop off in mall

mandaza1029 on Oct 29, 2016
On 10/15/2016 I dropped off a Bulova Men's watch for a simple battery replacement (repair # 4406527) at Zales in the Menlo Park Mall on Rt 1 & Parsonage Road STE 1755, Edison, NJ 732-635-9533. The sales woman (who I later learned was a manager) took the watch and attempted to remove the...

Zales / 3/4 ctw wg pr 10k 019 88013677

Andrew Slaughter on Jul 25, 2016
Purchases 1000$ earrings from zaless In E-town Kentucky 07/14/16 for a person of intrest. She worn them back in store to buy a matching necklace on 7/20/16 for the first time to show woman what she need to match necklace with. Between leaving the store to the parking lot the earring fell...

Zales / Earrings

Dllight61 on Jul 8, 2016
Every time I see my sales bag I get so made I bought these, ear ring and they broke with end 6mts, but I didn't take them in right away becouse I just knew they would fix them becouse it was a bad product ...but no they just have bad quality control. ...and don't stand behind there...

Zales / Sales associate

Elizabeth DuBose on May 17, 2016
I drove 45 minutes to the Zales Location last Wednesday. Went inside seen the ring I went to buy and was highly NOT impressed by it. So, I looked around and see another beautiful ring that I just fell in love with. I decided to buy it but not have it sized with Zales due to all the...

Zales / Product and service

Jerris on May 3, 2016
I cannot even begin to tell you how terrible zales is as a company!!! I have purchased 5 different pieces of jewelry from them and 2 of those items had to be totally replaced, one burned up in house fire, one was just a man's wedding band with no stones, and the other one just happens to...

Zales / Customer service

Reviewer22719 on Feb 19, 2016
I have shopped Zales a few times in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota location, and have known a few people that worked there. The customer service is nearly nonexistent. Joana is a terrible salesperson and rude to not only customers but also to employees. The entire bunch has made it clear that...

Zales / Ring I bought, but was sent the wrong size

Reviewer98623 on Feb 15, 2016
I ordered a ring for my girlfriend at Zales online store and i order a size 5, and after waiting over 3 weeks for the ring i was sent a size 7. I went into a Zales store at the mall and they sized it and said it was a 7 and that they couldn't do anything about it, i asked if they can...

Zales / Wedding rings

Tisha Davila on Oct 12, 2015
Hi, I am in the same situation as well, Zales has had my engagement and wedding rings since April, I call very often and get nothing but the run around, and always full of excuses, I have given them every number I have to reach me and still never get a call, I've told them numerous times I...

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