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D Jan 23, 2019

Order #1303740-Ella Wall Clock. Placed order in October 2018. Was not delivered by the timeframe estimated so I called to check on the order. Was told it was damaged in transit and returned back to warehouse. Was told had I not called they would have just canceled my order and refunded. I asked for new order to be sent. It was. Received this time and it was damaged. The outside label on the box actually said Damaged!!! I have pictures of this as well. After multiple phonecalls, was told to send picture of the damage for review within 5 days. Never heard back. I have called over 15 times, each time waiting 40+ minutes to speak to a representative (have call logs and screenshots to prove it). Am told a different story everytime. After my pictures were 'reviewed' I was told to throw away the damaged clock and a new one would be sent. Next day I receive a return label via email to return the clock they told me to throw away!!! Have been told for over a month now that a new clock is shipping out and it never is. Have asked to talk to supervisors multiple time I was told there aren't any supervisors on site and they are not ever on site, only available if you request a call back from one of them. Then today I was told "they are all in a meeting" and rep would submit an escalation email for supervisor to call me. I asked when should I expect a call back and was told the estimated wait time is 5 DAYS. TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR!!! Over the multiple times I have called, I have been called impatient by a representative -let me remind you I have been waiting since OCTOBER 2018 for this clock-and one rep actually had the nerve to tell me she recommends I take a chill pill. Everytime I call it is an hour of my time on the phone waiting on hold and I am told a different story every single time. the rep today said she wishes the last rep I talked to would have been upfront with me so I was not led to believe my clock would ship out this week since they are 'weeks' behind in reviewing their orders. WHAT!! Not to mention I have been actually HUNG UP ON TWICE by customer service reps. I am appalled at the level of service this company offers and how it does not seem like I will ever receive this clock that I paid $300 for. it is a gift for my mom who is looking forward to receiving it, which is the only reason I have not said screw it and just sent a refund. Which I don't believe I would ever receive that either at this point. I AM AT MY WITS END!!!

UPDATE-I finally requested a refund because I am OVER IT and they tell me only supervisor can issue a refund...but a supervisor will never call you back!! Yes, you have to wait for a supervisor to call you-apparently there are none of site, EVER. They are holding my item and money hostage. This is THEFT. Taking it to the media and the investment company!!!

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