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On YouTube, somebody made a hate video directed at me. It didn't qualify within community guidelines (bullying/harassment, humiliation using my content, hateful/negative remarks, ) but it took me a month to get it down. The user then re-uploaded the video, and I tried to report it again. I never succeeded. I am tired of incidents like this happening. The video I am trying to report:

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    So, a user on YouTube tried to demote my channel with a video. It took me one to two months to get the video down. The video didn't comply with the community guidelines (humiliating me with my own channel content, offensive remarks in video, and harassment/bullying.) A few weeks later, the user re-uploaded the video! I have tried to report it but it was no good! To add onto his wrongdoings, he makes offensive, profane, comments. I am very irritated and tired of this! Info about the user: his username is Chrome4fan. The video he made:

    Please do something, YouTube staff!

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    I might have accidentally posted this twice. I do not have the intention of spamming, so sorry YouTube.

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    This comment is here because I cannot submit this complaint without it.

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