Yoplaityoplait light blueberry patch


I was wondering where the blueberries were. Did you forget to add them? My mom and I both had one for dessert and she was lucky enough to get one. So many types of yogurts and this is what you offer? I've had them before and was trying to get my mom on a lower sugar option. She is disappointed and I am thinking I should return the other dozen I bought. Maybe a couple coupons so I can ty this again. Unless this is normal. It does happen to be the second ingredient you would think they would have one berry in it.


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      Oct 18, 2017

    Not all flavored yogurts have bits of fruit in them. Often times they are simply flavored. You could try returning them to the store of purchase if you have your receipt. I have seen the product's label and it doesn't advertise having any pieces in it.

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