YMCA of the USAemployment fraud

S Mar 21, 2018 Review updated:

Someone has used my information illegally to employ themselves and process paychecks at ymcas in tn va GA tn FL KY and nc. I have never worked at a ymca. I need the paychecks cancelled. Someone cashed a paycheck from a ymca in georgia. I gave been finding out since November of 2016. I need this issue resolved as quickly as possible. I appreciate your help.

  • Updated by Shackledlion · Mar 21, 2018

    A year of paychecks are not authorized.

  • Updated by Shackledlion · Apr 05, 2018

    I need my information removed as well.

  • Updated by Shackledlion · Apr 06, 2018

    They can contact me at 4234974085.

  • Updated by Shackledlion · Apr 06, 2018

    The email [email protected] is closed.

  • Updated by Shackledlion · Apr 06, 2018

    Their address is 101 n Wacker drive Chicago illinois 60606.


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