ymca atlantic ave Brooklyn, NYmy daughter was wrongfully terminated due to an employee wrongful accusation

C Jun 29, 2018 Review updated:

My daughter started working at the YMCA on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 6/25/2018. She was so excited to work at the program because she adores and loves children. I have never heard my child curse or use foul language, never my family members. I was born in the West Indies and with that, my daughter talks very fast and talks my dialect. The lady at the front desk heard her speaking to another worker, and then accused her of cursing. My daughter told her that she never cursed. The lady reported my daughter to her boss, and without investigating further, they told her to leave and will get back to her. This is very discriminatory and will tarnish her reputation because this is affiliated with the Board of ED. They called her Thursday and told her that she was terminated. This shattered her world. Guilty due to someone assuming you said something when you didn't. She will never disrespect children or adults- I trained her right


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    What The Heck 85 Jun 29, 2018

    Can your daughter not speak for herself? If not, she probably isn't mature enough to be in the workforce anyway. Also, children do a lot of things when their parents aren't there that they would never do in front of them. Don't assume she's an innocent little angel in this situation.

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    Sovonie Jul 26, 2018

    That happens in Georgia too. No investigation and not even told they would contact the person later.

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    Advocate for Diversity Sep 30, 2019

    Cat's Paw case all the way.

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