Yes Communitiesillegal towing during thanksgiving

G May 04, 2019

11-21-12-1-18... Why am I just now complaining about this?? Because I have spoken to many, I believe 5-7 residents who had their vehicles towed during thanksgiving holiday when family comes in & the manager told us there would be no towing!! My situation is different. My van was parked along the grass b/c the battery was dead. I called & told the manager & she said it'll be ok... I'll watch out for ya & tell the guys. My son came to jump it... It is g-o-n-e!!! St you have to know I have a lot of medical problems. One is ms, lupus, stroke, heart attack & I am not capable to ever get out. I know my son came to jump it — it was not there. Called office... A mike answered the phone (never heard of him), he said he spoke to the manager & she said she is not working, it's thanksgiving, give her the tow company number — anytime towing. I called them @-# times a day for days & days... Not once did any employee give me any cost, estimate, quote or any price — I requested on each call I want to speak to the owner please. "ok> i"ll give him your msg"om 11-31 I finally talked to him... Such an arrogant person. I explained to him all of this... He cud care less... He wanted to know when I was gonna pay I can not pay> I am on disability & get $946 month & you want $600+?? You are crazy. If you come to get it before monday, I won't charge you anymore"storage fees"after the 29th" — still$568... I expect a full refund. When a manager knows & is aware that the battery is dead & tells a resident it is ok, she's "got it"... She's got it!!
But, to speak with other residents who had their cars towed during that same time which was "a safe time to park along side of road" — I have no choice but to write for them as well & be their voices so they can be refunded as well.

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