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Yelp contacted me to try to pay for their advertising. Close to that time, they got my info over the phone and apparently signed me up for some time. I believe they knew an opposing party or opposing attorney was going to harass me via their site, and they wanted me to pay to remove it. The opposing attorney or party put up a fake review anonymously saying that I didn't understand HIPPA.

Yelp knows that I could not be violating HIPAA because I am not a dr, medical professional, nor do I represent them. They are leaving it up to either get money or harass me. There is zero way this review could've been an actual client, and they know it. If it were a client, then I would know their name. This never happened with a client. Yelp knows this is harassment and threats and defamation from someone with a conflict of interest. There is no way it could be a legitimate review. I have explained, over and over again, but it is like they think it is some type of joke, and the more upset I am, the funnier it is to them. I logged in to stop them from charging me more money, and the site made me agree to some terms I never agreed to before. They signed me up over the phone so that their arbitration clause doesn't apply, but they tried to make it apply to me after the fact. They know what they are doing. It's not a mistake. They are complicit in dishonest conduct, and harassment. They need to be stopped, but no one can seem to stop them. They sought me out so I believe that FL law applies.

Desired outcome: Remove the advertisement and never charge me again. And leave me alone and remove my name and company off of anything related to them. I want no association with their criminal activity.

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