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I recently moved from Virginia to Scottsdale, AZ with North American. I have not received several boxes that I personally packed and taped with instructions on the outside. Also, one of the packers decided that he needed my jewelry more than I needed it. I packed and taped the boxes closed and told the packers that they would go in the vehicle I was driving across country. I lost wedding for my husband and myself plus several expensive items. I was assured by Joe that I wouldn't need any extra insurance since they have NEVER had a problem! I also had two different job numbers 8385495 and move number 6474687. What a mess this company is in. They are liars and they hire crooks to come in and pack one up. Since they took everything out of boxes that I packed and put the stuff in their boxes (I assume so they could charge me extra plus could look through my personal belongings and take what they wanted). Plus they charged me thousands of dollars extra for all the extra boxes. They indicated I would NOT be charged for anything I packed myself. I moved two bedrooms and three bathrooms!

Claimed loss: $10,000 to $15,000 in jewelry, plus the extra charged for the overage.

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