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Gotcha yelp! proof that you published a fake review about my business - look at bottom of complaint.
The same fake review that was posted about me on yelp had been previously been posted about others on other sites. see screen shot.
1 reviewjim l.
Union city, nj
12/30/2011 dec 29, 2011 | 12:22pm pst
Hi jim,

Thank you for contacting yelp.

We've looked at the reviews by sean t, lindsey l and monika k, and since they appear to reflect the personal experience and opinions of the respective reviewers, we are leaving them intact. unfortunately, we are not in a position to verify that these reviewers have a conflict of interest with your business.

In cases where our team does not have enough grounds to take action on a review, we look to the business owner to contact the reviewer directly, and I see you have already taken this step. it is our sincerest hope that you will be able to resolve any issues or misunderstandings with these reviewers amicably.

Yelp support

_ _

Hi lucy,

So, your solution is for me to contact the individuals who put up the fake "reviews", individuals that I have never met, have never done any work for, individuals who have libeled me, and posted a vicious slanderous fake posts, and work it out amicably with them? what is it that I am supposed to resolve with them again?

1.) "their"staff", who is always hard to reach, often blames each other".

2.) "precision paint and tile is unreliable, does incomplete work, has un-experienced and"clueless staff"

We have no"staff"lucy, precision paint & tile is a sole proprietorship. I am the staff. I am the person who answers the phone, I am the person who responds to the email. no one else.

3.)" from our experience, and from similar accounts of our neighbors, I strongly recommend against using precision paint and tile."

A"review"is supposed to a recounting of the reviewers personal experience, isn't it? you are allowing hearsay from fictitious"neighbors"as part of a review?

4.) the" reviewer"sean t is from"montpelier, la"'.

Montpeiler louisiana is a bit out of my service area, by about 1, 000 miles.

5.)"I hired precision paint and tile to repaint my 3 bedroom condo in manhattan... first of all he wasn't insured and I had a hard time "sneaking" him into the building."

Yes, of course, any reputable client would"sneak"a contractor into their building and hide the work from both the condo board and the buildings management company, and, he owns a"3 bedroom condo in manhattan"and needs to"get his security deposit back"?

Uh, I don't think so. condos don't have"security deposits", rentals do.

I carry $2, 000, 000 general liability, and workman's comp, and have had a continuous policy for over 11 years. you have time to write your response, but not the time to call me or email me to verify this information? in the three minutes it took you to write your email, you could simply have called, asked a few questions and verifed information.

My insurance agent: please call them.

Robert c mangi agency
152 mineola boulevard
Mineola, ny 11501

This alone is more than sufficient reason to remove these"reviews". it proves beyond any doubt that this"review"is fake. you cannot say that you cannot verify this. call my agent, then remove the"review"please. then please write a public apology for allowing an honest business to be libeled viciously on your site.

From you:

:"we are leaving them intact. unfortunately we are not in a position to verify that these reviewers have a conflict of interest with your business"

I see, if you are going to err, err on the side of the fake"reviewer"who trashes and libels an honest business person's reputation. do you really think this just to honest businesses?

These same"reviews"were on yahoo local, citysearch, and other sites. I contacted them and the"reviews"were all taken down in less than 5 minutes,.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to yahoo! local, and citysearch for their outstanding customer service, and taking immediate action to right a clear injustice and mitigate the harm already done.

I would like to thank yelp for.. umm.. umm.. alrighty then.

To my clients over the years, thank you for your continuing support and repeat business.

Jim lamm
Precision paint & tile


Update to yelp.

Please open this link and read the"review"does this look familiar? my"review" by lindsay l?


Interesting what you can find with just a little effort, isn't it?

Now will you remove them?

And, I think an apology is in order, don't you?

Here's four more. busy little rascal isn't he.


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