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This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. is a big joke and a fraud! has a big, filthy, disgusting habit of using people to write reviews for free and profiting from the reviews.

I can not believe that I am actually writing a negative review on a complaints website called, but I guess I could be the first one!

I was a volunteer, independent, freelance writer for, including other much better social media / complaint websites and do not have any problems with the others, except for this one since they are run and staffed by a bunch of mean, mafia haters!

I was never an employee of theirs, however, since I wrote over
300 reviews, I felt that I was a big part of the family and so yes, I considered myself an executive writer with (which is a title that I always give to myself when I have done some heavy duty writing), however, that did not mean I worked for them, nor got paid from them and never said I did because the answer is a big no!

Sadly, back on wednesday, march 30, 2016, the very mean, angry mafia group of employees that work for have obviously nothing better to do, but gang up on me for no legitimate reason and they just make stuff up as an excuse to close my account!

Trust me, nothing illegal was done, nor committed!

Sadly, once again, the only excuse that they used is the one that I have in the attachments that they emailed me just the other day in which I had mentioned before in a previous paragraph.

This to me is not a legitimate reason to get rid of me and what I do not understand is the fact that why would they let me write at least 300 plus reviews without getting rid of me any sooner?


Please note: if you wish to contact somebody from to discuss their reasons for closing your account and/or to appeal their decision, then good luck because they have no phone support, period!

Please note: they never reconsider anybody, nor change their mind on their closing your account decision!

Typically if you do something wrong, they tell you by email and then you have the chance and opportunity to correct it. In my case, I only received very minor complaints which were not major and I did correct them since they were all fixable with no penalties applied, however, when you are dealing with a bunch of angry, jealous, racist, hateful people, there is virtually nothing that you can do to make peace with them.

Please note: their employees get off at closing accounts!

Please note: they think that they are doing the world a big favor!

Furthermore, all of my reviews are 100% truthful and honest, unlike the many fake reviews that does nothing about!

Please note: not only does have fake reviews, but they also allow paid outside employees from various companies to publish fake reviews and of course, does nothing about it because they profit by charging these companies for advertising! definitely is one big ugly mafia as well as being
Very hypocritical, judgmental and biased and here is a very good example.

One of the reviews that somebody wrote had the f word in it which is supposed to be considered a violation, however, when I reported it, they responded by telling me that it is acceptable in their member's review which is what I call # backwards, however, in my case, when I do not use any profanity and just write truthful, honest reviews, they still decide without good cause to get rid of me like trash!

Please note: this is exactly the second time that I have experienced the same type of abuse coming from for doing absolutely nothing wrong!

Not only did they close my account twice for no good reasons, but they also
Steal back my reviews that I wrote and it happens to be my property that we are talking about.

Please note: I did email them a request to please return my reviews back to me and so far, I have received no response!

Please note: if I do not get my reviews from both accounts returned back to me, then I will take them to small claims court!

For your information: the reason why I did create a 2nd account is because I did not commit a crime and since I have no criminal record, I feel that I have the legal right to continue writing legitimate reviews on their website.

Please note: for your information... One of the ways that makes money is by publishing fake reviews and believe me, there are plenty of them.

Please note: also makes their main money by contacting companies and getting them to advertise on their site.

What is really strange about their way of doing business is the fact that the writers/reviewers are for the most part, the ones who are posting the company profiles which include the company's name, address, phone number, website, etc. And so I do not understand of why they continue to harass the companies for money to supposedly advertise due to the fact that the companies being harassed are already listed and published on and therefore does not have a need for their money, nor to contact them since these companies are already listed for free!

However, is desperate for money and will do whatever they can to stay afloat and alive.

Final thoughts: thankfully, they are not the only reviews website out there and all of the other ones that I volunteer for as their executive writer "treat me with respect and dignity" in which lacks!

Please do not do business with!

A big waste of time, money and energy!

There are much better reviews websites out there! Believe me!

Ps: enclosed, in the attachments, please find two of the latest documents that sent to me in regards to illegally closing my account with a poor excuse for doing so for your reference and further review. Thank you.

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