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Hi Lucy,

I see that Yelp has moved my open letter to Yelp, and the FAKE "reviews" to the filtered page.

You seem to be doing an awful lot of juggling things around for a "filtering" algorithm that is supposed to work "automatically"

You first moved two of the FAKE "reviews" to the filtered page after my first letter to you, and one 5 star legitimate review, now you have moved all the FAKE "reviews" to the filtered page.

Is it that your moral and ethical turpitude causes you to think that by making the FAKE "reviews" more difficult to access you have fulfilled your responsibility to keep peoples reputations from being maligned? Or is it simply your bullheaded "we are never wrong" attitude?

Or are you simply too arrogant to admit that you are wrong?

Perhaps you would gain more respect as a reputable and reliable site for business reviews if you simply stood up and said: "We are sorry, we made a mistake, we apologize to you for the harm that may have been done to your businesses' reputation by our failure to act on irrefutable proof, and will seek to find ways to prevent this from happening in the future to you and other Yelp users".

Or, maybe take a lesson from the Japanese, and do the honorable thing. Seppuku. Oh but wait, that is for warriors, Samurai, Men of Honor. Well, just a thought, Never mind.

Is there some reason you would not want the public to see that Yelp still leaves up absolutely FAKE, libelous "reviews" even after you have been provided with irrefutable proof that these "reviews" are FAKE"?

You have been put on notice and provided with proof, and still you allow the libel to remain on my review page.

You are now legally culpable. You cannot say that you were not notified, and were not provided with proof.

I will ask you again. Yelp, please remove the libelous FAKE"reviews" from my page.

Yours truly,

Jim Lamm
Precision Paint & Tile
433 West 43rd St
New York, NY 10036


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Sep 10, 2012 8:55 pm EDT

I am so sick and tired of this site leaving only bad comments about a company when I know for a fact that the company has done an exceptional job on the projects that they have done and furthermore this company is providing a lot of extra jobs for people that would otherwise be out of work.
Something has to be done about this site being negative about good reputable companies!
They constantly post old negative reviews and continue to do so unless you "sponsor" them what do they want? is it money?
That would be corporate black mail!
I work for a diamond certified company and that is a very good description of the type of business that we are!
please put an end to this sort of site!

May 29, 2011 1:58 am EDT
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I wrote two reviews. The first was about 6 months ago for a homeopath in San Francisco who helped me immensely, and about 4 months ago for a potter from Grass Valley whose ceramic pieces I own. I wrote two 5 star reviews, and they were "filtered". Why? They have a short video that explains why they filter, but it doesn't apply to me. Don't use YELP for opinions, because their own software doesn't work.

Mar 11, 2013 5:51 pm EDT

Yelp does not post reviews according to most current to older as they should. They will post reviews from 3 years ago as the newest and put a new review to the back. This is unfair to the businesses that rely on customer opinion. The staff at Yelp does not return calls, there is no customer service department, no help is available for the receiver of the reviews. We have been put at the mercy of a social network that discriminates by lying to the public who are looking for current reviews, who want to know the current opinion of other customers and want the reassurance that they will be receiving the highest service. Yelp deceives the public.

Mar 12, 2013 10:12 am EDT

Try hitting the button that sorts the reviews by date. Also, how is this discrimination?

Sep 10, 2012 9:17 pm EDT
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really do you explain that comment and what prove do you have...because i have prove that they dont and they robe people more than what they help...!

Dec 06, 2011 8:12 am EST

I posted 6 reviews on Yelp, and all but one were suppressed. I put a lot of effort into those reviews, which reflected actual experience. Most of the reviews were very positive. Only one was a one star. I have decided not to bother with submitting any additional reviews, because Yelp is using my hard-earned effort to enrich themselves. I understand that they are planning an IPO in order to cash in on what amounts to the efforts of many uncompensated reviewers. GIven their so-called filtering system, I can never be confident that the reviews that do pass through reflect an honest assessment of the business. This makes Yelp an unreliable rating tool.

May 29, 2011 2:15 am EDT

They claim to have an algorithm that tests for certain strings of words, or something along those lines, and if found filters them. I think all it looks for is excess punctuation. I looked through tons of filtered reviews and the common factor I saw was multiple exclamation points, all caps, etc.


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