Yamaha Motor Corporationpoor service and lack of not willing to help when service needed

to whom it may concern
I was driving on the M1 North from JHB to PTA with my Yamaha SR250CC and it broke down right in front of Yamaha i parked my bike next to the highway hoping to be provided with service from the Yamaha company i explained to them that my chain came off and was damaged in the process there for i could not continue riding any further for some reason they could not find any details on the system to provide me with a new chain or even a second hand one they made me wait for more than an hour just to tell me they dont even know where or what kind of chain the yamaha sr250cc bike uses but at least i got a bottle of drinking water for my waiting period after i got the bad news of no chain for my bike i pleaded for any kind of assistance just to get back home they would not even borrow me a 22 spanner to try and fix the chain myself they told me its against the company pollacy to borrow any kind of tools so they send me on my way with no service what so ever so i had to walk pushing my bike al the way home to PTA

as a life long Yamaha rider and huge fan i am deeply disapionted of the poor service i received for my commitment to Yamaha and i will express my feelings about the poor service on all social media platforms

kind regards DJ Oelofse

Oct 01, 2019

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