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Complaints & Reviews

Information request

Dear sir
I have recently recieved a Yamaha r1 motorbike, and im sending you this mail in order to get some information about all the details related to this item (date, authenticity, age ...)
Please find attached its reference
Yours sincerely

Information request

branch service and staff — bad service

Everytime I went to branch to pay my monthly obligation, staff always asking me if today is my duedate and if not she will tell me to go with other branches because their net...

delayed release of orcr

I want to complaint Yamaha Corp. Philippines (Cubao, Aurora Branch). I availed motorcycle Yamaha SZ last Oct 16, 2019 and up until now they didn't provide the ORCR. I cannot...

moral harassment

We would like to report a crime.
The coordinator of the after sales department (Bolivar Alves da Silva Junior) frequently
threat, exposes and humiliates his subordinates
Sharing confidential informations and reporting falses informations to manager of the parts department.
We kown thats is not a Yamaha filosophy, so, we demand imediatly a deep investigation about his attitude.
Best regarts
After sales team

big end bearing for 1981 xs1100

Good day. My 1981 xs1100 big end bearing needs to be replaced. Yamaha South Africa told my mechanic that the parts have been discontinued. Is this true? I am crazy about my...

motor repair 5 month

I am Johnson My motor Yamaha N max 155 PNK9777 I buy 5 month start for April 2019 may motor have arnormal sound so I go Back motor dealer Eng lum motorria at 4960 jalan bagan...

2019 yz450f

38989 Purchased this product originally on 9/18/2019 as a surprise gift for my husbands 50th Birthday. The dealership, Ridenow Powersports in Jacksonville, Florida increased the price...

poor service and lack of not willing to help when service needed

to whom it may concern I was driving on the M1 North from JHB to PTA with my Yamaha SR250CC and it broke down right in front of Yamaha i parked my bike next to the highway hoping...

2018 yamaha star venture throwing motorcycle

38989 My complaint is lack of service and the lack of correction of bats service from the moment I walked in this store I had back service the salesperson itself forced good but the...

recall service on 2012 super tenere

To Whom It May Concerns, KK Choi 12543 Cerromar Place Fairfax, VA 22030 703.862.9520 This is my experience with the Service Department at Coleman PowerSports in Falls Church...

fuse replacement.

I brought my bike in today because the engine wouldn't catch. The battery would turn the starter, but no motor. Three employees of the dealership identified the fuel pump, one on...

work undertaken on my vehicle without my consent

I booked my Yamaha N-Max GPD125 in for a service which when i asked was informed that it should cost me around £225. Later the same day I received a text message informing me that...

yamaha r25

Good day yamaha japan.

I want to complain regarding yamaha R25. Why the gear oil pump always got problem? Because of this effect all of engine part get damaged.. The lube oil cannot reach to the engine part because the gear of oil pump not function and broke. Why the gear suddenly broke. It effect to crankshaft broke, con rod bearing.. Why r25 always get engine problem.. I use lot of money to repair this.. I also already make a recall for the oil pump issued before.. Hopefully reply.

yamaha r25
yamaha r25

finance dept

I am currently on long term disability.I purchased a motorcycle last spring and due to my injury i had to use the disability insurance policy i purchased from the dealer.
AI insurance has not been keeping up in their payments and as a result i am constantly harassed by your financial department.There is a serious disconnect between you and the provider you sold me.Someone please phone me and get this resolved.I am going to be contacting the BBB about this harassment.[protected].I expect to hear from someone immediately

Yamaha Motor Sports — my 190 fsh

I have a 2019 190 fsh and I am very disappointed with it. It has poor performance, it doesn't run as fast as I was led to believe and when I make turns in river I loose at least...

yamaha 4-stroke 300hp outboard marine engine

To Whom It May Concern:

I have a 2014 engine that had been 100% issue free until recently in April 2019 I had it serviced. The shop that performed the work was trustworthy and had performed numerous other maintenance items with never any issues afterward. In this case the engine had been provided the 500 hour oil/filter service and was also looked at more closely for several other routine based checks. The starboard thermostat was removed and the small 1/4" discharge line that is connected to the thermostats on both sides and "tees" into a common line was inadvertantly disconnected. Over the course of less than 3 weeks seawater was entering the cowling and was being pulled into the intake. It was found when i removed the cowling myself to do a routine inspection of the powerhead after a day on the water. I noticed salt residue all over the engine and a significant amount of corrosion. i then located fresh water leaking from the disconnected line while water flushing. I consulted the shop that routinely services my boat and after they performed a careful inspection it was noted with 100% cerainty that the hose had been disconnected during the routine work that had been performed. After the shop owner consulted with a Yamaha master mechanic who he had consulted with in the past it was noted that this had happened numerous times before on similar engines and that the warranty would have covered if still in effect. This is not a warranty based issue, it is a manufacturer defect. It was not advised by TSB or other commication to be a known item that could result in serious damage. My boat and motors were meticulously maintained and if not for the defect would still be in such condition. I was shocked that the master mechanic and my shop representative had consulted with Yamaha local management and were told that there was no recourse. Yamaha should by all rights perform an investigation and gather the information that will prove this is not the fault of a mechanic and that the hose was designed too short. I expect Yamaha to take full responsibility for the damage to this engine by providing a full new powerhead free of charge. Anything less would be a massive failure by Yamaha and its management team to show ownership of responsibility to its valued customers.
I will be happy to supply documentation, pictures, other details and statements from maintenance team that performed service if requested.

Unhappy and waiting for accountability to be acknowledged by its owner...
Michael Kaiser

2019 yamaha vf175

Had a 2019 Xpress 19' built with a 2019 Yamaha 175. Took possession in September/October 2018. Boat has spent more time in the shop than on the water because of the motor. Yamaha has spent over $10, 000 in repairs to keep the motor going, figure by now they would just replace it, but they have not. We have asked to have the warranty extended, figured Yamaha would do this to show good faith to their customer, and we get nothing. No return calls, no emails, no letters. I call and call and receive the same response "Chris has to contact the dealer and speak with them and he will call you back", that has not happened. This has been ongoing for over 2 months now. What will it hurt extending the warranty 3 additional years? Stand behind what you built and show your customers that you understand this motor has had issues and do what you can to swap it out or extended the warranty 3 years.


I bought a 2018 50cc Zuma Scooter in December 2018. The dealer rode scooter to my home on a chilly fall-like day. No overview, no demo, just a bag of paperwork & a key. I was eager to ride the replacement for my 1999 Honda Elite. BURN, scooter's battery was dead within 2 hours of taking possession I reviewed manual and still nothing. I called and got a song & dance that "you must have left key on" & "it's cold outside" and my favorite "just charge the battery" He was adamant I left the key on! Well, I was not happy & I told him about the security surveillance on the property and he was the only person to touch it prior my attempt to start it. He treated me like I was an imbecil and I didn't know what I was doing. After a lot of back & forth, first the holidays, storing in garage for winter with battery removed by myself on a trickle charger, it started in April. I took it for it's maiden voyage one quarter mile from my home to a store. I wasn't in store but for 15 minutes, scooter was dead. I had to push it home. After, promises to make it right and DEPENDABLE, his song and dance about a "200 mile breaking period" for it to be right, I told him I wanted the battery replaced PERIOD. He agreed to my face. However, he wanted to schedule a time to come pick up the scooter. I said just come take battery out and replace it. He said he did know when he could do that and he didn't have tools to remove it & replace in onsite. I said are you kidding me, the tool is called a screwdriver and an 8mm wrench. After more of his double talk and lies, it was agreed I'd remove battery bring it to him for replacement as it surely must be under warranted. I arrived with battery & I get "oh, we don't have that one in stock!" So, he says he'll order one and call me. Well, days go by and no call, no returning of my calls, no response to my email. I finally get him on phone by using an interested customer on buying a motorcycle. He acts all dumbfounded and says he's been trying to contact me about picking up battery. Sure you did I said, funny how you called me like every day about buying it and financing it instead of paying cash. CRICKETS!! So, I arrive, he's picking up lunch. They open at 10 & he's gone by 11 to get lunch. I'm told to wait "he'll be right back" as the staff pretends to call his mobile number. Well, I get tried of waiting and ask service guy to give me my battery. He has no clue as to what I'm talking about and there is no order or battery with my name on it. I get the I'll have him call when he gets back in routine and I said no I'll wait. 25 minutes later, no pick up bags with "lunch" he says he'll grab the "new" battery as it was like some big favor he was doing for me and the was "no charge" for the missing "lug nuts" because new battery doesn't supply them. I just laughed and said really? I knew this was a scam but I left because I was late for an appointment. Unbenounce to the salesmanage, Kyle Defreeze, the person representing your image in this nightmare, I had marked the old battery and sure enough it was the same battery. He completely denies it is the same battery that he charged and lied about. I said, well, you put the "new" battery in a beat up box with someone else's name on it. Even after I told him my phone video marking said original battery, he still lies. I requested to speak with the owner of Seacoast Power Sports and received no response. The scooter has power issues as well. It is sluggish and has no get up and go. Again, another excuse of it needs "200 miles of breaking before that resolves itself." I, if it starts, will have to drive this scooter for 2 or 3 seasons to break 200 miles of use for it to "breakin" the scooter. This experience has been utterly ridiculous. Your representatives receive an F and the scooter receives a C-.. I'd ask you for some relief but I doubt that will happen. What I am sure that will happen after I give the dealer, Seacoast Powersports & Kyle Defreeze, one last chance to replace the battery because AGAIN it sits in my driveway DEAD, I will be writing the Consumer division of the NH Consumer Laws, the Better Business Bureau, unfortunately the court system and I will NEVER promote or buy Yamaha productS. I should have NEVER LEFT HONDA. 20 years, 700 miles and still ran like a top... GO FIGURE...

wr250r 2017 model

I brought it brand new from halpin motors st George qld, it has had a raddle in the motor since brand you has been back 3 times complaining about the engine raddle, the last time leaving the bike there for them to look at back in April 2019. I have spoke to the area rep he agreed to meet us at st George qld and failed to show up. I have then spoke to another rep and he told me to complain to customer care. The bike is still currently at halpin motors. I will not pick the bike up till fixed, if it dose not get fixed I will take further action. The first time I took the bike in halpin motors told me to keep riding the bike till it had blown up. I even had a person with me to witness them saying that please contact me via email or phone
Or [protected]

vehicle purchase issue

I bought yamaha R15 V3 SPL ABS Registration no: KA03 JY 4108
Chasis nO : ME1RG5253K0019253.
Engine no : G3K5E0083282, from the date of purchase
(18-May-2019) the vehicle is not been used, as there is no proper service from your end also we have lot more issues from your sales staff

1. Took quotation from Vinayaka Motor for loan and was not satisfied by the same, later we outsourced for loan from HDFC BANK, loan sanctioned within a day, next day the amount was transferred to vinayaka motors account, after receiving
the amount we was not informed, after continuous follow up the sales person not ready to answer and he is continuously disconnecting the call, from the day 1 the consultant was not informed us the process and not used to call regularly .
2. Delivery process : In this case the delivery process was done with all photo shoots, later they made hours (5hrs) together to hand over the vehicle to me.

3. Feedback from dealer : No feed back call from any of the dealer or Yamaha too. Not even a single SMS from dealer.
Note: I had a worst experience ever in my life really I'm fed up with dealers as well sales team, it's been 20days but still I haven't get my vehicle number and number plate, I just bought my bike and kept a side, I'm not at all driving my bike due to non availability of number plate. Is this how you serve your customers?????

Regarding this even I have written emails to Yamaha India but no response from them also...hope here I'll get solution for this .

  • Dear Srirama lalitha,

    We regret for the inconvenience caused.

    We have shared your details with customer care team. They will contact you soon

    Team Yamaha India

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2014 yamaha viking 700

I have a 2014 Yamaha Viking I bought it brand new from Halls Motor Sport in Mobile Alabama and I am on my second motor for same reasons, Cracked Block and I am not happy !!! I do not mistreat is his vehicle and I have seen where several people have had the same problems this is unexceptable . I have backed Yamaha for a long time and always been a Yamaha fan and had good luck from Yamaha but I am very disappointed and sick to my stomach over this one all the money an work I have put in this Viking for the same thing to happen back to back . I haven't had this motor in very long and the block crack again . If this is not made right I will not longer be a Yamaha fan nor will I own anything else from Yamaha as bad as I hate to say that I will be changing brands . I really wanted to let y'all know what is going on so maybe this can be prevented in the future for other Yamaha customers. I really am disappointed with this I hope you will make this right . Thanks in advance.

product failure 2019 yz250fx / dealership service is poor

Purchased new on 4/26/19. Rode only once on 4/28/19. Noted problems on first ride with clutch and adjustment and not properly operating. Consulted owners manual, and local dealership. Changed oil and went to a 10w -50 semi syn Yamalube per local dealer recommendation. Problem is worse - no clutch disengagement, bike stalls when started, clutch pulled in and put in first gear. Bike is non usable at this point!! Only one ride of less than 50 minutes with intermittent cooling periods (per manual)!!!

Also i noted metal shaving and fragments in oil at change along with a silver sheen on the oil filter- bad news...Bike when started from cold also exhibits a bluish -white smoke- indicative of oil consumption! I can't believe Yamaha put out such a mechanically blemished/poorly designed bike for public consumption. The VIN is JYACG37CXKA009128.

I reported my problems quickly to the dealer of purchase and after a week told to bring the bike back to service for a diagnosis. I brought the motorcycle back 5/10/19. Dealership service manager was rude and accusing me of the damage... I only had one ride on a dealer prepped bike!! Give me a break!! I was told i had no warranty, even though the Yamaha website states 1 month, the owners manual states 1 month and my sales person told me I had a 1 month warranty. They said they would look into it and file a warranty claim but were doubtful with no warranty and the clutch is considered a wear item. I will never ever purchase a yamaha 4 stroke motorcycle, nor will I ever have any more business with this dealer (Nash powersports Phoenix, AZ). I have yet to hear back from to the status of the bike???

This is an amazingly poor performance by a major motorcycle manufacturer. I am not sure how this will be resolved, but at this point I have no intention of keeping a motorcycle (even if covered with warranty) with such extensive problems and repairs after one ride. I am requesting Yamaha corporation to look into this. If the motorcycle is not repaired per warranty, then I will have to sell for parts on Craigslist at a loss. I plan to let everyone I know, and craigslist customers the nature of the problems, the type of products that Yamaha is putting out as "new motorcycles" and the bad service exhibited by this particular dealer. I also will start going to social media to let others know of this incident and your response...

I went into purchase a new motorcycle for close to $9000 and now I have a lemon after one ride that is virtually worthless. Yamaha needs to contact me to get this resolved...Ivan Milensky :: email [protected], :: or phone [protected].


I purchased a 2015 ar190 new in 2019 with no hours from a Yamaha dealer. The Bimini top is separated at the sewn areas and holes are starting to appear in the middle of the top. The dealership and Yamaha are telling me that it's not covered. I love my boat and planned on trading up to the ar 240. How can a boat that has only been in service 2 years have these issues and be considered normal wear and tear. If this is the quality of your product and how you stand behind your product. I will never purchase a Yamaha product again. Boat is currently being serviced and will provide pictures if needed.

warranty service on new motors

We recently bought brand new twin Yamaha F250HET motors from Yamaha Abaco in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas - serial numbers 6DXX1007741X and 6DYX1003380 respectively. During the process of installation the customer service given by the dealer/distributor was quite poor, unreliable service on product information, and unethical practices.

We were given a due date for completion to have our vessel operational but this time schedule was 3 months past due delivery. The vessel belongs to our company that operates a private boat charter service out of Treasure Cay, hence delivery on time was important. Our experience with the dealer/distributor was horrendous as we have never experienced such treatment from a Yamaha representative being serial Yamaha outboard motor owners. Just last week we came up to our 100 hour service maintenance for the motors needless to say we did not approach the dealer/distributor in Marsh Harbour as it was unclear by commmunication how much of the service maintenance is under warranty.

The fact is bad business practices happen at this location in Marsh Harbour. We know that the warranty on our brand new motors cover the service maintenance. Ultimately we took our business to the Yamaha dealer Abaco Yacht Services in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas and got a great turn around service having our vessel back the same day. We paid out of pocket the expense to have the service maintenance done here.

Can there be a transfer of our warranty from the Marsh Harbour dealer/distributor to the Abaco Yacht Services in Green Turtle Cay? We have a preference for better business and service.

the engines in a yamaha side by side

I am filing a complaint for a friend they have had their side by side in for 4 new engines before 1000 miles each time. Now they got a new motor and tranny put that in and within 100 miles overheating it still is under warramty but obviously they are pieces of junk noone spends that kind of money on something to be in the shop more than they cam drive it. I believe there should be some compensation for so much inconvience. After this experience I will be making sure not to promote or buy another yamaha product. I am very dissappointed in the company.

bad noise in back wheel

I live in Chennai and bought a Yamaha Alpha scooter in last month end. The bike's handling, looks and feel is great. Overall I am very satisfied with the scooter and wouldn't...

fz 25 bike

Sir, Given my vehicle to for service and informed about the complaint several times but the complaints are still there and I am now totally fed up with the service, what they...

2006 vstar 1100

Hello, I own a 2006 vstar 1100 and it recently had the middle shaft drive go out, the bolt that attaches the u-joint to the shaft drive. I did some reading online and I am not the...

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd — 600 mile service

Good morning I hope you can help I didn't want to write this to Yamaha but I was angry when I called me local dealer to book my MT09 2018 for its first 600mile service and they...

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA — outboard dealer

594662 I repowered my boat from mercury to Yamaha, I got my boat back a month after they said it would be ready and discovered my steering doesn't turn, my shifters are jammed, my wiring...

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltdnew tracer gt model.

I purchased a new tracer GT from Ecosse motorcycles in Aberdeen last week 17 05 18 and am now ready for the 600 mile service.

I find that the standard seat on the GT is so hard and uncomfortable its not worthy to be on anything named a "GT". After 50 miles I cant wait to get off the bike due to discomfort. Its the most uncomfortable seat on any motorcycle have ever ridden.

On my previous 2015 Tracer I traded in the the GT.

I could do 175 miles get off the bike and have no ackes or pains WHATS CHANGED?

I am extremely disappointed to find the premium GT is no better than my old tracer for comfort and not even its equal.

The route was Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Mosstodloch, Aberdeen.

Please feel free to contact me [protected] andrew.[protected]

KInd regards

Andrew Farquhar

My New Bike Yamaha Fascino — complaining about my fascino yamaha company scooter which I got full faulty and company is not ready to replace it

621939 One month back I purchased a fascino scooter but within two days I started facing a self start problem then immediately I went to the yamaha showroom and told about the problem...

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA — defect in oil line coming off causing motor failure

My complaint is I have a 1200gpr 155 hp. Due to piss poor engineering, and failure to communicate the issue to all who own this wave runner, I am stuck with a motor less wave...

Yamaha Keyboards — p 115b keyboard

I bought a Christmas present for my wife (the above keyboard) and the price included a $25 gift card. I have tried to get in touch with Yamaha on line and by phone... not...

Motorcentral/Yamaha Tunggong Mangga — freebies yamaha gift certificate worth 2,000 pesos

January 13, 2018/[protected], I sold out mio soul i yamaha with engine no. E3R4E-0487216 and chassis no. PA0SEA110H0063042 on cash worth 79, 900 last January 13, 2018 at Tungong...

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd — technical issues with my motorcycle and engine problems

My motorcycles cost £19, 000 which is a Yamaha r1m bought from Wigan Yamaha. My motorcycle has had issues from day one. My list of issues. 1) ABS light was flashing 2) the...

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltdyamaha nmax kickstand not fit for purpose.

I've recently purchased a Yamaha Nmax 0 miles from the dealership the bike runs excellent the brakes are very good it is superior to the PCX no doubt, qlong story short the KICKSTAND has given way TWICE when the bike has been left on its own and the left front side of my bike has scratches, the windshield is scratched the bike has less than 1k miles and because of Yamahas inability to fit a proper kickstand the damage has probably knocked off £300 in parts/labour to a brand new 17 plate bike

This is not a one off issue either as discussed here in this video below

I am furious as it has happened TWICE now and would like a response from Yamaha this has never happened with any of my previous bikes.

I have attempted to attach a video using the feature below to show the damage on my bike however it does not let me

Yamaha Motor Finance aka Total Credit Inc. — free and low cost financing of yamaha motorsports products

The Yamaha USA Corp. in 2016, entered into an agreement with Total Card Inc. to offer more advantageous free and low cost financing presumably to stimulate sales and save money on...

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltdyamaha waverunner

I have a complain to make to Yamaha.

I own a 2 Yamaha Jet Skis and I always have a problem from their authorized service center in Marina, Egypt for their sloppy and primitive work.
About 2 weeks ago one of my Jet skis which worked for only 133 hours didn’t start so I took it to the authorized service center (El-Shimy Marine) and they said that the start gear needs to be changed and that it will coast 5750. I agreed but I insisted that my driver will be with them while they fix the jet.
They opened the engine to move it out because the start gear is at the bottom and to do so they had to suck all the oil out of the engine, which they did. After fixing the start gear they refilled the engine with 2 liters of oil and my driver noted to technician that oil is less than it should be.
After fixing the Jet Ski the technician gave it to my driver to bring it home, on his way to marina 4 it stopped 2 times so he went back to the technician and told him what happened. The Technician opened the engine and said that oil is more than it should be and sucked almost 0.75 liters of oil out of the engine. The technician took the jet for test drive before handing it over to driver since the driver had an argument on the level of oil was not enough in the engine. After 20 minutes of test driving the technician called the service center for help. They towed the Jet Ski to the service center and there they discovered that block was cracked and that the jet needs a new engine.
The worst thing ever is that they refused to claim any responsibility and when I called Eng. Elshimy and told him that the Jet Ski broke while it was with them and they have to claim responsibility, his answer was it broke because it was its destiny.
Until know the Jet is in his position and he refuses to take any responsibility.

Yamaha you have the worse service center and dealers in Egypt. I don’t know who should I seek for help.

Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd — yamaha fz1 rotor

605300 To whom it may concern. I have a Yamaha fz1s reg YN06LFE. A bad noise came from the engine and under investigation i discovered the magnets have failed in the rotor. I am...