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Wu Credit AcceptanceWithdrew money without permission

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Earl Dec 16, 2008

    I ordered a free trial offer $4.95 and have been receiving tea ever since.
    On 29=7-2008 my credit card was debited with $22.95
    On [protected] my credit card was debited with $2.00
    On 19-08-2008 my credit card was debited with$59.95
    On 02-09-2008 debited with$59.95
    On 01-11-2008 debited with$59.95
    On 01-12-2008 debited with $59.95

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  • Ma
    marizol Dec 15, 2008

    Why is there a 4.95 charge in my account u need to let us know of this charge before u sell the product how do i stop this charges?????

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  • Wu
    Wu-Yi Scam Exposed Dec 15, 2008

    I recently saw some unauthorised charges on my credit card from Wu-Yi Source (Wu-Yi tea). Upon calling my credit card company which cancelled all these charges and the credit card for me, and are also investigating against how these charges came upon.

    A few days later I receive this USPS delivery confirmation package (which
    I will not open) from this company even though their charges on my credit card were cancelled by my credit card company.

    I have never ordered this Wu-Yi tea which I gather upon researching on the internet is supposed to be a slimming tea since I do not ever drink tea .

    These fraudsters are smarter than a regular identity thief.

    1) As I gather from other people's experiences from this scam is that these
    people are basically stealing credit card numbers and adresses (or even
    entire identities).

    2) Then they are making unauthorised charges, initially small amounts,
    then gradually much larger, even when the person hasn't ever ordered
    their product.

    3) And when people realize this and cancel thir cards, they send the
    product (at their own expense) to deliberately make it seem that they
    genuinely ordered this product. That way if they are investigated upon,
    they will come clear by saying that they charged for sending some tea
    which may seem legitimate.

    I am planning to put this information on all complaint boards now. So I would strongly urge any of you with a similar experience also do the same so that they can investigate against these fraudsters.

    WU-YI tea scamsters, U ARE EXPOSED now.

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  • Ba
    barrie walker Dec 15, 2008

    to cancel order for wu-yi tea source, a diet tea product.

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  • Ro
    Robin M Stevenson Dec 15, 2008

    Although I cancelled this product, I am still receiving a charge on my credit card for $4.95 for web access. Please help!

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  • Su
    Suzanne Dec 15, 2008

    This Company although refunded my order as I requested keeps billing my credit card for a monthly membership fee wich I unsubscribe.

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  • Gu
    GUEGUEL Dec 13, 2008




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  • Ha
    haredawg Dec 13, 2008

    I just called and cancelled after recieving a few shipments over several months. It seemed fairly easy and straight forward and the lady insisted everything was canceled at the end of the phone call, no additional charges, though reading this complaint board has me concerned that perhaps I should look at my credit card bills closely for some sort of fee for canceling. I knew when I ordered it that Wu-Yi didn't have any more magical properties than regular Oolong and even less than Pu-Erh, another fermented green tea, it's just that intially with the free trial and lower price intially presented it didn't seem like a bad deal for oolong and I do drink tea for health reasons, sort of. Coffee was doing bad things to my stomach and I like waking up to a hot beverage.
    There really isn't any magic tea that looses weight for you. Sensible diet and exercise does, mix that with Wu-Yi tea and, well, you'll loose weight through diet and exercise. Dieters tea will make you lose weight, but that's because it's a laxative with other herbs besides tea, it's not a particularly gentle laxative or a good way to lose weight.

    Reading this complaint board makes me question the buisness practices of Wu Yi source though personally I don't have a problem with them; yet, and hope not to have one like a false cancelation or charges for cancelling. I think though that folks shouldn't give up on tea in general as a supplement to diet, oolong in general does have some metabolism increasing and bad lipid burning qualities to it and pu-erh has proven to lower cholesterol in independent studies. I am not selling pu-erh and oprah isn't backing any pu-erh company, I'm just saying, try it at your local tea mart. It's not magical either but it does have some of the properities wu-yi claims.

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  • Lo
    Lois Taylor Dec 13, 2008

    I got charged $4.95 for something. Can't figure it out since I did not authorize anything.
    I would like my bank card credited. The phone number on my credit card shows a phone number of [protected].. When I called the number, all I got was a referral to go to the internet site of: www.Insider secrets
    Couldn't really find any way to contact the company.

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  • Ho
    howcouldyoupeople Dec 12, 2008

    I also ordered this WU-Yi trail product in Nov 2008 and recieved it on Dec. 3rd, 2008 and called the very same day without opening the box finding out the day before that I was being charged $4.95 for the guide I did'nt order. I cancelled that but they would'nt refund my money. I also talked to a lady over the phone at WU-YI and she said I could send the product back and there would be no charges made because I did'nt open the box and come to find out today (Dec.12th, 2008) that my checking account was billed $59.00? What kind of a scam are you people running? My account is now in the rears because of this. Please take the steps to make this right and return the $59.00 back to my account. You can keep the $1.95 for S&H.
    I would never reccommand this product to any of my family or friends or the general public for that matter. Like I said this is all a SCAM!!!
    Dana from Ohio

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  • Do
    doozyquack Dec 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the free sample and forgot to send the stuff back when it didn't work. I was then billed for it. I immediately called and left a message to cancel the account. You have to call the sales department to speak to someone. I was then billed again. I called them back and spoke with the same person (Bill). I asked to speak to a manager and he told me that he was the manager. He told me then that his boss would contact me within 48 hours about my refund. I received another delivery and sent it back. I called a week later to see why they had not refunded me. I spoke with Bill again and he called me a liar, got belligerent, rude, demeaning and arrogant. He told me that I would receive an email from him by 5pm regarding my refund. I am still waiting. I had to cancel my credit card because of this. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

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  • Do
    Donna Dec 11, 2008

    I came across this website on AOL for weight loss and colon cleansing. I ordered the free samples, each should cost $4.95 shipping. Not ONLY was I immediately charged the $4.95 twice, But I was also charged $34.95!!! For what!!?? Why??!! My bank account went into overdraft!! The banker says they CANNOT reverse or deny payment. They also cannot block future charges!!! I called the number listed with bank charge, not the 800 number, but this number ... [protected]. They immediately try to make you hang up, by telling you that you are caller number 45, and that your wait time will be 32 minutes, and something about a malfunction. Know that you will wait about that amount of time, they are trying to discourage you and get you to hang up. In fact they keep giving you an e-mail addresses to write to. IF you wait it out, they will reverse the charges, AND make sure you tell them to stop ALL future charges and all future shipments and get the confirmation numbers!! They will not refund the shipping charges for the samples, so go ahead and get that, your going to pay for it anyway. ALSO, cancel your Debit card and have the bank re-issue a new one. You will be inconvenienced for a week or two, but it may save you a LOT od money in the long run!

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  • Lu
    Lucy Dec 11, 2008

    I'm upset to see various charges of $4.95 3 times on my statement for items not ever ordered and I don't even know who or what they are! I just wanted to try some green tea! They said 14 days free trial 60 days money back quaranteed. They took the 60.00 in the 14 days. Not even giving me a chance to even return it. Now someone has charged me 17.80 2 times today for what? I'm requesting my money be returned immediately!

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  • Jo
    Jo-Ann Downs Dec 11, 2008

    I ordered Wu-Yi source tea once and received the product. When I received the 2nd order, I returned it along with a statement saying that I did not want any future orders--which I have not received. However, in review of my credit card, I have noticed that I have a monthly charge of $11..99 on every bill.

    I would appreciate it if you would go back and credit my account for all of the charges and make my account correct as I believe what you are doing is not only illegal, but unethical.


    Jo-Ann Downs

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  • Cl
    clare Dec 11, 2008

    i recieved a box of wu-yi source authentic chinese tea a year ago and their still takin payments from my visa card i would like this to stop now

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  • Pa
    paula woods Dec 10, 2008

    When i recieved my visa bill i had unauthorized charges on my credit card, this must be resolved or further action will be taken. I contacted the company via telephone and was just redirected to the website, i have been unable to get in contact with anyone via email also.

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  • Ge
    Gennedy Dec 10, 2008

    I was told I could not receive a refund because the tea was already shipped. I informed them I did not want the product, so why was I going to get charged for something I did not want. I told them I would never do busy with them and before I could finish my sentence I was hung up on. Each time after that I kept calling was on hold for over 10 minutes and just as the call was switched over I was hung up on again and again. I would strongly recommend that nobody do busy with this company.

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  • Sh
    SHRAVAN ARORA Dec 10, 2008

    I had ordered a free trial size sample of BROMALITE, a product they wanted to promote. I agreed to pay the shipping charge only as advertised.
    Later I find from my credit card statement that I have been charged an additional $34.95 without my authorization.
    I have reported to my bank issuing my credit card.
    No body picks up the phone [protected] (given to me by my bank) and the message says "we have been experiencing technical difficulty TODAY & it is taking longer than usual time. you may send us email at [email protected] and that address is not available. The same message is being repeated EVERY TIME & EVERYDAY.

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  • Mr
    M Ryan Dec 09, 2008

    I too have recieved unauthorised charges, I have even unsubscribed and sent tea back and then today, my husband tells me we have recieved another charge. A $4.95 charge to sample the tea for free has bec0me over $250 worth of charges. And note the email I responded to said I could try the tea for $1.75. I am extremely angry about this company and their dishonesty. I have even had a conversation with a consultant that I have printed and stored. What I want to know is how I can stop this and get a refund! I was told I could and have only recieved more charges.

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  • Ch
    chriszyarden Dec 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In September 2008 I spoke with the Wu-Yi representative by phone to cancel further mailing of tea. I was reassured that the mailing would stop. However, the tea shipments continue.

    Chris Wilson
    c/o 2127 McGee Ave.
    Berkeley, CA 94703

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  • Wy
    wytch Dec 09, 2008

    I ordered the wu-yi weight loss tea. I called and asked them to cancell me, i found $56 too high, they said they would, but still had to charge me unless i sent the tea back as well!!! Then when I got my credit card bill I saw a charges for $9.95, it said it was a weight loss success guide, i cancelled it, told her I never received it. she said I still had to pay the $9.95 as per the agreement. I saw another charge for $4.95 and have tried for a week to cancell. they had a bogus web site, and the phone numbers are either disconnected, or tell you to go to the web site. which is when I went there I found the complaint dept!!! I called wu-yi and the woman told me to go to wu-yi site and go to the online chat. so I did, and she finally cancelled for me!!! I never received anything for the $4.95 either!!! all I got was a box of tea which I drank and payed 56 dollars for!!! I have been scammed! I paid $14.90 and got absolutely nothing for it!! oh well, my loss. I am positive there are others out there getting ripped off, so I am complaining.

    Sharon Paul
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vicky Dec 09, 2008

    FYI-I was able to go to and do a live chat and get re-imbersed for atleast 2 of the $4.95 charges. I hope this helps.

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  • Vi
    Vicky Dec 09, 2008

    I have cancelled my account after I was charged $59.95 I was told that I had to send the product back and in a few weeks I would receive that credit. Now I am seeing $4.95 charges in my bank account some on the same day. All other complaints I have seen are valid as I have been unable to reach anyone at the company as well Better Business Bureau here I come.

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  • Br
    Briggitte Smith Dec 09, 2008

    I agree with you. They have just done the same to me I just had the free trial in Nov 18th and before the 30days were up they have been in my account again. How do we put an end to this.

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  • Mi
    Mike K. Dec 09, 2008

    I have been scammed on the WU-YI tea source, and after "finally" getting it all squared away with my bank, they have scammed another $59.95 from my account putting me in an overdraft bank account! They give you a "deal" on the trial tea, but before the 30 day supply even happens, they without consent, start taking money out of your account.I went through all kinds of channels to finally get my money back, but now this INSIDER SECRET TIPS thing has attached itself to my account, and I do not even know who they are, or what they sell. I have now had to cancell my bank account to keep them from ripping me off further. I am going to get these ###s if it's the last thing I do, I am on unemployment right now, and have nothing but time to screw these guys. SO DO NOT FALL FOR THIS [email protected]!!!

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  • Ly
    Lydia Rosas Dec 09, 2008

    I ordered a trial set of WuYi Tea. Then they continuing sending me more tea, I call and suppossed they stop the charges, but isn't true, they charge $49.95 monthly.

    Also, I received two additional charges on my credit card one for 4.95 and one for 9.95. both of these charges are monthly. they are supposedly for access to weight loss secrets. I never authorized those charges, and am having great difficulty getting through to get them removed from my credit card.

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  • Pi
    Pierre Ungerer Dec 09, 2008

    I have cancaled, the tea after seeing the cost been put through my acount, this was to be a charge of $20 for shipping 3 weeks went by and I recieved nothing I contacted the company through the web site and got charge for that aswell, my bank card was then charged $9 for the contact, when I contacted them again they charged me a futher $8 dollers and $110 for me to cancel the order. I want this stopped and have adviced my bank to stop all funds from them this is where I learned that this is not a easy exit from this so called 14 day free trial.

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  • Ch
    christine Dec 08, 2008

    i have ordered this tea and did not realise that 4 months worth of supply worth $59.59 per month plus free postage and handling, would end up costing me about $600.
    i have recently checked my accounts and just discovered this and when i called the company in America - the person i spoke to from the call centre (Kay) was not willing to help me nor give me her managers name or refer me to her manager. i feel like i got no where and as for the tea...what a load of rubbish this was.

    one word of advice...never choose the option to pay via visa card or give your money to Americans!

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  • Li
    Linda Eyre Dec 08, 2008

    I have been charged $4.95 each month since June, with the statement simply stating "get access" on my account by this company without my authorization.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Ma Dec 08, 2008

    Ordered free trial on Nov.21, 2008 and received on Nov.26, 2008. As soon as I received and tried one then realised this is nothing special but a cramp. So, check my credit account right away and called back to cancel anything from further. But, unfortunately, not only they've already charged me for US$4.95, but also some others as "web access [protected] IA" already charged 2xUS$4.95 which I totally no idea what that is. So, I just make sure to call every phone number there to make sure cancel every item listed there, otherwise, the charges of whatever you don't know will always come. One more time, it proves that ALL INTERNET AD SALES ARE TRAP!!!

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  • Sa
    SADIE L. ECK/RICHARD D. ECK Dec 08, 2008



    [email protected]
    7620 West Gem Lane
    Tucson, AZ 85735

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  • Ma
    Mary Ann Larkin Dec 08, 2008

    November 12th, 2008 indicates a $4.95 charge against my credit card account ending in 0016.

    I cancelled my order for tea immediately upon returning the second shipment long before this date.

    Please credit my account immediately for the $4.95. Thank you.

    Mary Ann Larkin
    7078 State Route 10
    Sharon Springs, NY 13459

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  • Je
    jean Girdler Dec 07, 2008

    Have been charged $4.95 wrongly. I did not agree to accept the tea product. I sent it back, was reimbursed but then this charge popped up twice. Why? I don't get it. Please remove my name and the charge... Jean Girdler

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  • St
    Stanley Richard Knight Dec 07, 2008

    I have been charged 66. 61 that i did not authorize and it looks like imay have to cancel my card.

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  • Ji
    JILL Dec 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • In
    Insider Dec 05, 2008

    Please cancel this thing with Web Access [protected]
    I can not find another place to cancel this
    Why not just a place to cancel instead of having to try everywhere to cancel
    and this is the only place I could find to do this.
    Do not show this in the open.
    Cancel please - [email protected]

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  • Jo
    John Stephenson Dec 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I saw the advertisement for this tea online and decided to try it out. It didnt do what it said it would do, Imagine that. I went online to cancel which wasn't the problem.I canceled any further shipments, and canceled my so calledmembership as well. I dont use the account that I had charged my first shipment very offen. When I started to review my account I noticed that I had been charged twice for the same thing. Further when I discovered this I tried to remedy the problem on the phone, only to receive the run around. Go to web sites that don't exist. Well I got scammed. How do I cancel this without closing the account ans going through a alot of major hassel

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  • Ro
    Rob Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in Aust.
    There is a company offering me a free trial, and all I have to do is pay a small shipping charge.
    There is no way in h... that I am giving my credit card number, for that wee shipping charge.
    I wrote asking if I could use PayPal for that trial shipping charge. Got no reply to that request.
    Wouldn't it be great if there was a ground swell of pressure to force sellers to use an alternative to credit cards ?
    (I don't mind using my credit card for some sellers.)
    Ideally an account(s) that we can keep topped up, and the seller can deduct from that, PROVIDED there are funds present in the account.
    Maybe PayPal could provide a facility like that, or some new company(s) could be established to provide this service


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  • Ad
    AdvocateForSmarterConsumers Dec 04, 2008

    Buying samples/free trials off the internet or television is the worst thing you could ever do. Companies like Wu-Yi Tea, Fit Factory, Acai Berry, Natural Cures, Online Health, etc, etc will all give you the same story "free-trial with a 14-day cancellation period" Problem is, most of the time you won't receive your "free" trial until AFTER the 14-day period has expired, which means you're automatically renewed for their monthly fee. Also these companies will sign you up for 1, 2 sometimes 3 more sites/products without telling you. Unfortunately, this information IS available on the merchant's website, usually buried in the fine print somewhere. Because of this, it is 100% legal for them to charge your account every single month under a variety of different merchant names. Charges that come associated with free trials are, web access, membership fees (usually with Wu-Yi Tea) and a variety of others. If you've paid for this with your credit card, you can dispute the transactions with your bank. The only thing is, you HAVE TO CANCEL with ALL the companies in order to be successful with your dispute. If you don't have phone numbers for the companies, your bank should be able to provide you with some. Otherwise, send emails, find a mailing address and send a registered letter, anything and everything you can think of. And keep copies of everything you do/send. Also, if these companies are still sending you any merchandise (the original company you ordered the sample from), you HAVE to send it back through registered mail so you can have a tracking number and postal receipt - otherwise, the company will simply claim they never received it, and you won't have any proof that it was sent. The worst part of these scams is what they're doing is completely legal (charging without your knowledge, charging under different company names, adding on additional services, etc, etc) so protect yourself. Bottom line: don't EVER order a "free" sample unless you're willing to put a lot of effort into canceling it. If something actually works, it'll be available in stores soon enough.
    p.s. this is a public complaint board, not the company that charged you. you have to contact them directly.

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  • Re
    Rebecca - AUSTRALIA Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree !!! SCAM SCAM SCAM - I'm in Australia so this so called Miracle tea costs me DOUBLE what it cost you... and they are still charging me "Hidden Fee's" I continue to cancel it all over again - but sure enough every month not 1 but 2 charges. This month (December) its already cost me $35.84 and it will cost me more again and again and again, then the bank fee's as I am oversea's of $10.00 a pop. The tea didnt even work and I am so healthy and go to the gym 4 times a week and run my dogs every day !!! You would expect something from a miracle tea to happen.


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