Wu - Yi Source TeaScam, Fraud,

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Wu Yi Source is a RIP OFF - do not go anywhere near them!!
Staying Fat forever is better than these scammers ripping you off.
I went for the trial - which arrived the day after the trail period when I could cancel - they continued to take two unauthorised full payments until I cancelled and even then I was still seeing unidentifiable small amounts coming out - My bank's fraud dept told me to cancel the card as if it was stolen.
I asked Wu-Yi SOurce to send me confirmation that they had destroyed my credit card details and had not handed my cc details on to anyone else. (STILL WAITING)
Another thing - I use stock photography in my job and noticed that their 'team" at the bottom of this page under About Us http://www.wu-yisource.com/ is the same crowd as this stock photo here... http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-8514241-business-team-in-an-office-with-a-businesswoman-leading.html
Look who has added their head!!
Before you even consider a cup of second rate tea will work RUN!!! The only weight you will lose from this tea is from your pockets.
Even if you Google WuYi Tea Scam there is a paid add at the top supposedly by a woman who was scammed by other wu yi suppliers and then found the Wu Yi Source worked and was wonderful - So they are even spending Google Ad money for reputation management using SCAM as the keyword.
Start walking every day, drop the sugar carbs all for FREE!!!
I hope they get caught real soon - where are the laws that govern these scams?


  • Ni
    Nixel Sep 29, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I used the website www.wunderground.com very frequently, but recently they did update and the website really charged. I wasn’t satisfied with the changes, ‘coz the navigation system was bad. Also I could wait for ages while the page would be loaded. I really think that the update was bad idea, so please share your views and comments about this website. It might be very useful for other people as well.

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  • Lo
    lori2 Aug 31, 2013

    Yiwu Yamiaim shipped 350 pieces of defective, non-working crystal covered retractable leashes and matching pooh bag holders.
    They also pulled a bait and switch with the products. Their invoice included a picture of the product we were to receive and was not what was sent.
    We have been doing business with Alibaba suppliers for over 5 years. We have previously purchased the exact retractable leash pictured on their site. It is the best retractable leash on the market, so we did not ask for a sample before placing the order. OUR BAD.
    None of the products had any type of protective packaging so crystals were falling off of everything!
    There was not ONE SINGLE retractable mechanism that worked. NOT ONE.
    When they were contacted regarding this situation they stopped all communication.
    Sadly, we were also in the process of working on a First to Market product with them also.
    So they literally gave up thousands and thousands of dollars that would have been made from the first to market product over $1680.!!
    We filed a complaint with Alibaba which they agreed was legitimate, made us supply TONS of documentation (which we had) but did not make Yiwi Yamiaim honor their written promise to correct the problems or black mark them.
    Plus, Yiwu Yamiaim lied directly to the Alibaba Complaint Department TWICE, in writting which we were able to provide documentaion that proved they were lying and still did nothing against them.
    The Alibaba suppliers know how to play the game with Alibaba when complaints are made against them, so they get away with whatever they want.
    Yiwu Yamiaim refunded almost half of the money only.
    We ended up with:
    No new products to feature at the National pet Trade Industry Show,
    Paid for an additional new product showcase at the show with nothing to show!
    And the loss of thousands of dollars in sales.

    Mark my words our first to market product will appear on their company site also!


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  • Tr
    truthseeker53 Dec 31, 2012

    Wunderground did a great job of ruining the best online weather service and there doesn't seem to be any live people there who care what customers think. Only geeks can make use of what their idiot "engineers" changed it into and they've stopped supporting what did work.

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  • Da
    Darion Dec 19, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I have been a member for years. Without any warning, the site was changed radically a couple of weeks ago, and now doesn't function in a way that is useful to me. I complained and was told I would receive a refund. I asked again today, as I did not get the refund and was told that they tried, but it wouldn't go through, and they provided me with a lame link that doesn't work either, and said I wouldn't get a refund, because what they offered in compensation was adequate. Ripoff.

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  • To
    Toome Mar 21, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I was one of those idiot independent contractors that agreed to work for Fudgie Wudgie over Valentine's Day. I did a road show for them over Christmas that went really well, I was also told I was one of their top producers. I made a great check and even though it arrived a little later than I expected, I still got paid in full. When the opportunity rolled around to work for them again in February, I cautiously accepted. I guess I wasn't cautious enough. I worked one show and my fiance worked another for them. We also hauled their product from one location to another, they provided a rental truck. It's been over 6 months since then and we still have not been paid a dime. I started out dealing with Molly Pepper, I think she has since left the company. Chris Warman provided me with his personal cell number after I had some communication issues with another employee named Chris DiRubbo. I've called Chris Warman every month and more recently every week to find out about getting paid. He has a different sob story each time I speak with him and I am fed up. He has now passed the burden on to Tim Grzegorczyk from the accounting department. I left him a message yesterday morning and have heard nothing back so far.

    Is anyone else in a similar situation? I know that Fudgie Wudgie is involved in multiple law suits (according to the story done back in July on Pittsburgh's Channel 4). Is anyone aware of a class action suit for temporary employees? I have called the news station to see if they are interested in a follow up story and to find out whether the folks on that segment have gotten paid since the story aired. I'd love to get in touch with anyone else who has been screwed by Chris Warman and his shady business practices.

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  • Te
    Terode Mar 08, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I was hired by Rob Solomon in Dec 2010 to work for FW at Fry's Electronics in AZ. I worked 2 weekends at one store and was paid commission only. I was hired for hourly+commission. I worked 2 weeks at another store and was not paid at all. I contacted FW several times in the following months-by email and telephone. I was told by Molly Pepper on Jan 28 that I was owed over $1500.00 and would be paid in two weeks. On Feb 22 she said she hoped to be getting a check out to me 'this week'. In a later phone call she stated that they would be 'in meetings this week to figure out how to pay everyone'. After that, my calls were transfered to a voice mail box and never returned. I still have not been paid.

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  • Ra
    Ramuke Mar 07, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I worked a 10 day Road Show for Fudgie Wudgie in Dec.12- 24th 2010. I worked it by myself, knowing it was a commission based job, gave it 110%, and worked the extended CostCo Christmas hours, often amounting to 16 hours per day. I am sickened how dedicated I was & to be taken advantage of and not be paid by Chris Warman, owner. I was not employed by a 3rd party.

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  • To
    Toopaled Mar 01, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I did a show in December 2010. I made it clear that I would only do a 10 day show, not any short shows as we had other offers for short work. Chris Dirobbio (employee) hired me. I had a team in place and off we go. the product shows up just a few hours before starting. Inventory sheets were a total inaccurate mess. We start on Thursd with nothing but problems but sold quite a bit of product. On Sunday " 2 pm I get a call from Dirobbio that OOPS it was actually a short show and we had to pack it all up and leave by 6pm. Also they changed locations (Costco & Sams )of where the show would be done 4 times the week before. Dirobbio lied over and over about location issues (all in writing), he even stated the reason why the show was moved was they had an agreement they couldnt do a Costco show within 20 miles of a Sams..LIE ...come to find out they had a show booked at the other Sams the same weekend. BUT on the Frid of the show I get a phone call from yet another Fudgie Wudgie sales manager asking if I was interested in doing the EXACT SHOW I was working. When I told him where I was and was actually working that show, he had no idea what to say...DiRobbio stated they had so many shows that their systems were behind on scheduling.

    Then comes payday. I call Dirobbio, he stated (in writing) that he was a sles manager and not responsible for payroll (sounds like he is more likely IRresponsible ). i called Chris Warman, the woman responsible for cutting checks and their controller for 45 days..NOT A SINGLE RETURN CALL. BUT I did get a nice threat from Dirobbio stating he took my written assessment of him seriously.

    So many people started posted thru merchant circle and other places about these problems from folks all over the country NOT being paid. Amazingly thats when FW started coming to life, they were able to remove several written posts and even had fake people start blaming it on Contractors not paying their employees.FW doesnt pay their contractors, the contractors find it hard to pay their people who help.FW had fake people stating they knew for a fact these issues erent true, but the posts kept coming more and more everyday

    I filed a formal complaint with the PA attorney Generals office and my states Attorney generals office. Also contacted (with others) the local newspaper in Pittsburgh and TV stations. First let me tell you that if you were hired by FW they are who you have to go after, if it was a contractor working for FW then its the contractor you have to go after, then they go after FW...BUT federal Law states that if an employer deliberately refuses to pay you (contact your local US dept of Labor office) you will receive DOUBLE as a penalty and of course you should also receive court costs and legal fees..

    If 1 person compalins to the state atty general (also file in the state you worked), they simply look at it as a nuisance..BUT if enough people will start filing complaints, it could be considered fraud. And lets remember folks FW uses the internet to hire people over state lines. Contact every news org you can and your and PA state atty generals office and keep on it. Document EVERYTHING. It worked for me, all of a sudden I get a call from Warman with a new set of LIES and I am told payment would go out the next day. I get rude responses from their HR woman saying we paid you. BUT they have no problem playing games and telling lies to cover other lies. If enough of us complain the governemnet will have no choice but to do something. I know 1 woman that contacted her US senator and his office contacted the dept of labor and got her paid...do whatever you have to do (Legally) because that is the only way you will ever get paid.

    Good luck...had I seen these warnings beforehand I would NEVER have worked for them.

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  • Jo
    joker Dec 20, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Lied to about being paid. This company has been in debt for years and all the vendors that they didn't pay was premeditated. Please contact www.forielmarketing.com about forming a class action suit.

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  • Go
    goldenlaser9981 Dec 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    1, Equips with medium power lamp pump laser, flexible cutting any design within working area 1500mm*3000mm
    2, Use the totally enclosed contour design, the environmental protection, the security, artistic, conforms to the CE standard.
    3, With following dynamic focus system
    4, With ball units machine working table
    1) Especially for the thin metal plate specially large area cutting
    2) Environmental protection, CE standard.
    3) Realized different thickness materials automatic focus cutting.
    4) Greatly save the manpower.

    Main technical parameters:
    Laser type: YAG Lamp pump
    Laser power: 500W
    Working area: 1500mm*3000mm
    Working table: net saw-teeth work table
    Repeating location:+-0.1mm
    Moving system: offline CNC system, servo motor, precision ball screw drive
    Standard collocation: Following focus, 550W following bottom exhaust
    Select collocation: 650 lamp pump


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  • To
    tomwhite55 Apr 08, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Thanks for the tips! I was skeptical when searching for an online weight loss website because I didn't think I could lose weight with the help of the internet. However, I was proven wrong by a website called www.fitclick.com. This site offer weight loss programs, community forums, tips, calorie counters, etc. I couldn't be more happier with the results and I continue to use this site every day. Good luck dieters.

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  • Ju
    Julia Cormack Jan 14, 2010

    My fiance started to buy Acai tablets from this company and when we got statement this month 3 payments have come out of his account from 3 companies regarding this product so i can only assume they have given details out or are using different names, it is a total of £160.00 per month since september we would like this looked into thankyou

    yours sincerely

    Julia Cormack

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  • X1
    x11Anna Dec 04, 2009

    I ordeded free trial acai burn and have now had unauthorised deduction for more from my card

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  • La
    Latonya Reed Nov 29, 2009


    If there was some confusion about your subscription, we honestly didn't mean to inconvenience you in

    any way.  Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers .The terms and conditions of our offer are very

    visible on the order page, they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order, located directly

    to the top of where your credit card information was entered. There is also a link at the top of the home

    page that opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window. Customer service is our number one

    priority and we do everything we can to be open with all of our customers. Of course, mistakes can be

    made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site.

    You can talk to customer support seven days a week. Our U.S.-based help lines are also staffed each

    and every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order.

    Simply call us at [protected] and we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation

    process.You can contact us via Email also using this Email ID: [email protected]

    Your satisfaction is our number one concern,


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  • Bv
    bv37 Oct 26, 2009

    HOwever, that website is no longer working and I am still being charges. Canceling my card hasn't event worked! Help

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  • Marie-Lou, you are an idiot. There are consumer protection divisions in every state in the US AND at the Federal level. http://www.dca.ca.gov/ http://myfloridalegal.com/consumer http://ag.state.nv.us/org/bcp/bcp.htm http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm .. etc etc

    Don't take digs at something your clearly ignorant about with my country, and if you don't like the philosophy of personal responsibility we have, there is a simple solution, stay out of our country and mind your own business.

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  • Ka
    katia awad Aug 19, 2009

    Hi i also ordered to trial purelift and they are still charging me every two weeks for 35 pounds and this is froud so am going to change my account so that this will stop.

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  • El
    Elizabeth01 Aug 10, 2009

    I accepted an offer of trial face cream for a payment of $ 4.95 postage only on facebook.Now this company has charged me a amount of $132.42 for unauthorised products. I can not get in touch with the company.
    Have send them an email and they replied by asking me am I sure I gave them all the details ... o please... then only details you get from them is the product code and Order ID., NO MORE so what more do they want... ?
    By the looks of things I am not the only one. But because of this I need to change bank accounts.
    I cannot see why I need to pay for something I have not order or authorise them to take it from my bank account. This surely counts as fraud just in a different way. See so many have complaint about it already but they still continue beeing on the site.??????????

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  • Ja
    Jack Williams Aug 06, 2009

    We as consumers have to wake up! These losers at Just Think Media are all 20 year old scammers.

    Mark Adamson is associated to Jesse Willms, well known for scamming you of your money. They work out of an office Sherwood Park, AB and the company name is Just Think Media. /edited/ is another one of the maggots. They are all 20 year old scammers. Just google them and find out.

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  • Te
    teachrscot Aug 03, 2009

    I have just received my sample pixie pack. The return address was taped over by the mailing label, so that I could not read it. There was nothing included in the packaging that would allow me to contact the company if I choose to discontinue receiving the product. The above comments are about a year old and it does not appear things have changed.

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  • Ta
    Taylor Family Aug 01, 2009

    I recently noticed a complaint about WuYi tea. It came to my attention last year that there are many websites (like WuYi) boasting special, "new", powerfully slimming "teas." Let me tell you, read the ingredients! If it says "Camellia Sinensis, " (and no other ingredients) then it's basically just plain old tea! I actually called the number on a website that was selling something called WuYi Tea, promising rapid weight loss, etc. I asked the guy to tell me the ingredients (they were not listed on the site). He told me "Camellia Sinensis, nothing more."

    Green tea, white tea, black tea, are all from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis). The difference is when they are harvested, where they are grown, how they are dried/processed. They all contain caffeine, which is found in many diet products, as it increases metabolism to some degree. They all contain antioxidants. If you choose to use tea (Camellia Sinensis) as an addition to your diet regimen, that's fine, but don't waste $30 on a box of plain old tea! Black, green and white teas can all be found in supermarkets and health food stores. A $4 box of Lipton will do the same thing.

    Also bear in mind, that guzzling tea all day is pointless if you're still eating junk and being lazy. The key to successful weight loss is proper nutrition, sufficient water intake, plenty of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle changes have to be permanent. If you get lazy and start eating junk again, you WILL gain your weight back regardless how you lost it.

    Use caution when buying diet supplements, ESPECIALLY ONLINE! Examine the sites carefully, look for contact info. Call the contact numbers to ensure they're legit. Read all ingredients, "proprietary blend, " "other ingredients, " and "herbs" are not sufficient explanations! If you don't know what it is, don't take it until you find out. If you have to write down the ingredients and research or consult a health professional prior to purchase, then do so. Don't jeopardize your health!

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  • Sa
    Samuel Jul 27, 2009

    Sent for the free trial + postage and got charged more postage than indicated plus another $37 plus another $73. I cancelled the card, but they hit it just before. They sent the "free" samples, but no order was ever asked for.

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  • Ma
    margaret murray Jul 14, 2009

    please cancel my order i have only had the trial offer but you have charged me two lots of money for £37 each both times i have not had any goods i am going to seek addvice from mrs margaret murray 80 daventry road rochdale lancashire ol11 2hz order number is 7220276

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  • Dc
    dch53 Jun 25, 2009

    Call your credit card provider. They will dispute transactions no older than 120 days, cancel your card, and provide you with a new one.

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  • Ka
    Katoz Jun 22, 2009

    I have been charged numerous times for products which I did not receive. I contacted the organisation and was advised I had been refunded, but this is not true. I have recently been contacted by my bank stating the company has tried to debit further money without notifying me. I still have not received about $50 in refunds which this company owes me. I can see that I am not the first, what is being done about this? The company should be held accountable and refund all the money owed to consumers. The website and relating web sites should be blocked/shut down.

    Acaiburn.com & wu-yisource.com

    c/o BTB Mailflight Ltd
    2B Viking Industrial Estate
    Hudson Road
    MK41 0QB

    contact # UK Acai Customers: [protected]
    AU Acai Customers: [protected]
    UK Wu-Yi Customers: [protected]
    AU Wu-Yi Customers: [protected]

    Email: Acai: [email protected]
    WuYi: [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jun 21, 2009

    Scam tea.

    Wu-Yi Source Tea is one of the offers promoted by this CPA network:

    Advaliant /Mediatrust
    1.877.9TRUST5 (1.877.987.8785)

    To talk to us about advertising on Advaliant, call: [protected]
    To talk to us about becoming an Advaliant affiliate publisher, call: [protected]

    Corporate Headquarters
    404 Park Avenue South 2nd Floor
    New York NY 10016
    Phone: 1.877.987.8785

    Regional Office Locations

    579 Richmond St W. Suite 100
    Toronto ON M5V 1Y6

    Santa Barbara
    24 E. Cota Street, Suite 102
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    The company behind Wu-Yi Source Tea scam is Just Think Media:

    11 Athabascan Avenue
    Sherwood Park
    T8A 6HT
    Phone [protected]
    [email protected]

    PO Box 10233
    Des Moines IA 50381


    You can report the above companies to the FTC and IC3 here:




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  • Jo
    jodie Jun 10, 2009

    I have just seen my bank statement, and have been charged a huge amount of money for tea that I did not order! I had a free trial pack, and now am paying for a product that I do not want, and conveniently have not recieved! How do we put a stop to this? And how can we make people aware? It is robbery!
    Anyone with an answer? please!

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  • Sh
    sharlene Jun 07, 2009

    how do we stop them charging my account, what happens if I just cancel my credit card!! help

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  • Wa
    Walce Jun 06, 2009

    I've got in my account a un authorised transaction of 59, 95 USD and 9, 95 USD and i don't know why
    That company can not do that, i want my money back

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  • Pa
    Pam Kilburn Jun 06, 2009

    I sent for sample product.

    Without my consent a shipment was forwarded and charged to my credit card.

    These details were given to cover postage of the free sample. or so I thought.

    Not only charge.

    Requests to have these stopped have net with non compliance.

    Returns have not been credtited either.

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  • Lu
    Luice Jun 05, 2009


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  • Ra
    Ray Jun 03, 2009

    I took up this free trial for tea from the US and it ended up costing me $100 Australian per box of 60 tea bags. As I found out later I can buy the equivalent for $4 on ebay. I'm out of pocket $400. I cancelled but they keep charging. Its referred to my credit provider now. Item comes up as CW-MEMBERSHIP XXXXXXXX CYP Merchandise .
    Total 3 charges per month totaling about $20. Getting in touch with them they deny they are still charging.
    This scam is well documented over the past 12months and still operating. There is obviously a real problem with the legal system and consumer rights in the US to have this happening. This type of scam can be squashed within weeks in Australia with our Fair Trading policies. Thes scams are making the US look bad. I accept I was scammed and have learnt from it, but still I would like these people pay for there scams doing jail time and having all there assets taken regardless of if they are hidding behind there loophole companys. Thats it ...off my soap box...Ray

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  • Te
    tess May 19, 2009

    I made a purchase online for this Wuyi tea and thought l would try it for a trial price of what l thought was $4.50 l was then charged $36.34 and then a further $85.16 AUD for keeping the trial pack of Tea. I was also charged a web access fee of $10.14 - l have since noticed unauthorised withdrawals from my visa account. I contacted the company and they said that l had authorised it when l applied for the trial pack. They then told me in order to get a refund l was to send the product back. I have now returned the product, at my own cost, and they are telling me that l will be getting 50% back because it cannot be resold !! Thats Bull !! I never even opened the packaging it was all totally sealed. Don't get caught in this scam !!

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  • Je
    Jessica May 18, 2009

    This company is a complete rip off- I allowed my sister to order this product using my bank card. She called and spoke to a rep. over the phone and was only supposed to be getting the trial order. I was sitting right there when she asked him if anything else would be taken out of the account and he told her no. She recieved her trial box like 2 wks. after ordering it, a few dats later $60 was taken out of my account, she did not even have the product for 14 days before they went back into my account. We just figured that was the full price for the trial box and she stated she would pay me back. A couple of weeks after that they took another $60 out of my account. I called them and canceled the order, she got another box of this product that we did not want, I figured o.k I guess we already paid for it anyway. The following mth. they took another $60 out- I was beyond frustrated. I spoke to a live rep. via live chat and she informed me that they had taken a total of $220 out of my account for this and if I wanted to be reimbursed just send the product back to the Des Moines? address in which I did, she stated that they give refunds every 2 wks. After 2 wks. I looked in my account and there was no sign of a reverse debit transaction on my account from Wu-Yi tea. I called and got a live rep. that was extremely rude. She told me they had reimbursed me $60 on April the 4th- and that would be all they refunded me b/c I was on a 60 day trial and I did not get the product back to them within that amount of time and they were being generous by refunding me for one box. I explained to her that I never got the $60 that they claimed to have put back in my account and how were they only going to refund me for one box when they had recieved all of their merchandise back. She continued to state the same things. I then asked her if I could speak to somebody higher than her and she stated there was nobody I could speak to. Told her about the conversation I had with the live chat rep. and she stated they work for the same company but are not affiliated so if they told me something different I needed to email wu-yi tea source with the transcript in which I did and have not gotten a response or the $60 they claim to have put back into my account. I seriously considering taking them to court for this b/c this is money that I can not loose when I don't have any of their products. Can't say if the product actually work b/c I never used it, nor did my sister. However if you are not sure if this product is going to work for you do not purchase it with your original bank card buy a load and use card.


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  • Ta
    Tammy May 17, 2009

    I purchased Wu Yi tea at trial price. I didnt realise was US dolalrs which nearly doubled the price. I noticed money kept coming out of my credit card when I contactd the company they told me it was for tips sent to emal on how to lose weight which I did not authorise. i askd them to cancel and money continued to be taken. I sent back the trial tea and was suppsed to be refunded and amount of $100US dollars. I have spoken to live chat and still have not received a refund.This is dated back to 28/10/08. I am very upset I paid $100 for tea even after posting the tea back to the US so now I have no money no tea.
    Tammy Burke

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  • Be
    Bella May 17, 2009

    I ordered the tea - which I duly received - by the box load! Couldn't keep up with it; so I cancelled - which was accepted in, I believe, Nov 2008. Then the $19.95 kept showing up on my credit card statement - both parents in hospital I didn't check on a regular basis until today! Wow - they have continued to charge $19.95 each month for a sister program called Living Lean - an internet based 'diet help' program which apparently I agreed to when I ordered the bloody tea!!

    I had no idea that (in the small print) I had agreed to such nonsense! I also have NOT received any emails with the self help guru junk for months; I presumed, wrongly, that it was due to the fact that I had cancelled my order last year!

    Be aware of this website! The tea may work, I don't know, I tried it with no result; however I'm left with boxes of the junk - anyone want to buy it?!!! Be wary of subscribing to 'free' trials of anything on the net - I think it should be more highly regulated and monitored!!"!

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  • Sl
    slvrwngs May 13, 2009

    My advice to everyone taken in by this scheme is to change your charge card number so these scam companies can't put more charges to your account. That's what I just did. I've been "round and round" with three companies today (which was surprising as I'd only purchased acai samples from two) and cancelled accounts I did NOT know I'd signed up for... and am getting refunds. The only ones they won't refund are the ones they charged right after I requested the "SAMPLE"...and that was the first billing for which I never received the product. From what I've read in this blog, that is typical of those companies... they charge your card that first month but don't send a product. That way they think you can't protest when they send the product and bill you the second month. They think. Two companies even told me the USPS verified that the first product had been delivered to my address. I never got it... only the one that was in my mailbox this morning. I contacted my credit card company and they're sending paperwork for me to protest the original charges. I'm also filing a report with my local police department and with the better business bureau.

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  • Ta
    taralea May 12, 2009

    Send an Email to [email protected] and canceled got a reply as soon as they got a recite from shipping tea back my 2nd box they refund my money lol still wating that was 1 year ago may it cost me the cost of the tea to send it back so now im out like 2times the amount so theres there email and heres there number1-[protected] pass it on phone i do weekly i want my money back and they took my oldest too she got such bad head aches from the tea she tryed to cancel ended up paying for 4 boxes befor she got out post back let me know if this helped you

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  • Ta
    taralea May 11, 2009

    i to was cought in this scam i emailed [email protected] i got out after 3 monthes so did my kid but i tryed asap and when 2nd box came they said mail it back then we give you your money back so i did and it cost me as much as keeping the tea email prof i sent it back they emailed a thank you and said i get all my money back i got zip they owe me 29.95x3 the outher site was never working the vanessa you wate for ide still be wating on no one ever showes up to talk to you or ever set up the classes that are sapotly there this tea gave my 22 year old very bad head aches and high blood presser she had to see a doctor becouse of this tea.this came with a letter saying after 60 day they carge you but after 30 they send out 2nd box and has a number to personal call the guy lol here it is [protected] it says call ant time so call often and if its still working the moRE THE BETTER HARASS THEM ps if you get money i like to know i still havent got mine back its beenmay of last year

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  • Na
    Navlen Sethi May 11, 2009

    I have ordered for the Wu-Yi tea online & for the same they took money from my account and i thought the transaction is over. But i was shocked to see that they have been taking money from my account every month. Please some one help me.

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