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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology complaints 26

Dec 22, 2013

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Bad ordering experience

I ordered whole-home HD DVR from the website I paid about $900 for my order and for the services. They promised to deliver and install everything within 3 days. I waited a week and called their customer services. I spoke with a lady, who asked my address and told me that tomorrow everything would be installed. But they didn't arrive. Please leave comments about this seller, because people should be aware when they buy from such dishonest seller.

Jul 12, 2013

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - lousy cable service & horrible technicians!!

Different company name, same lousy customer service! My wife and I were sorry we chose their cable service, the cable technicians were rude, didn't install our cable properly, and when we called to complain, they gave us the run-around, and the technicians had an attitude when they had to come back and do the work correctly! Don't hire these incompetent *erks! Plus, this company still enforces job discrimination..

Those *astards (incompetent cable techs) left garbage on my lawn, and made a mess installing their cable equipment, and disn't clean up after themselves!

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Unacceptable cable service

I have used WOW as my cable service provider for about 8 years, and I have had my video bundled with my telephone service and digital subscriber line for the past few years. My picture on all televisions breaks up, freezes, tiles, etc., resulting in an unacceptable picture along with audio. I have had two techs here in the past couple weeks and all they can tell me is that the company is aware of the problem and is working to solve it. I know I should just change to AT&T, Comcast or some other cable option, but it's such a hassle. How can a company knowingly provide unacceptable service at a hefty monthly charge?


WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - 200 dollars taken from my bank account without authorization

My 1st mistake was ordering Wide Open West. After seeing how terrible the cable and service was I had to immediately cancel. Well, they ended up billing me 250 dollars for 2 days of service. I called...

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Apr 15, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Terrible company

On April 11th, my roommate called me at work around 11 AM and said our neighbor noticed that we were receiving the WOW channel line up on our box. That's strange since we are Insight Communication customers. During the call he informed me that our cable was now off, and that a WOW installer was out back. He asks the installer what is going on and the installer proceeds to get very SNOTTY and informs him that our Insight installer STOLE the WOW drop from the utility line.

We have had Insight since April 2006. We live in a multiple unit building. We have had multiple technicians from each company come out for various installs and repairs, not ONCE had that ever been brought up. Of course I was suspicious, I called Insight to report our outage at 11:30 AM, and quickly rushed home.

Now I will admit, by this time I was very heated, and I exchanged a few words with the contractor. I was mostly angry at the excuse he was giving us, and for cutting off our service from the competitor of the company he works for. I ask for his supervisors number and proceed to call him. He tells me he will soon be out.

During this time I witness the installer DROPPING the brand new cable modem right on our concrete driveway. Hope the neighbor figures out what that rattle is. The contractor's supervisor shows up and tells me the same story. When I ask why they didn't call Insight, rather than just cut us off. He said it was OUR responsibility. And basically ACCUSED us of knowing the drop was 'stolen'. How can we call Insight when our phone, cable, and internet were all knocked out by their installer? His answer to this is to give me his cell, with the smart alec remark, 'Well I wouldn't want to put you out of cell minutes.' Well I wouldn't be, bub, if your installer just did his job.

When I ask for the supervisor's manager's number, he tells me 'he is the only one'. Oh really, I'm talking to the CEO of WOW. I'm impressed!

Well now the race is on. Because I threatened to have them removed from the property. I also had to call out our landlord to diffuse the situation. They still have not apologized for cutting off our cable with no warning. They also have no response why we got WOW channels before the shut off. The rush through the job and are out of there by 1 PM.

Insight could not reconnect our service until 5 PM. When the tech shows up, I see him looking at the bang up job WOW did and shaking his head. I asked him to show me what they did. Apparently WOW is not local, but they hire local independent contractors. These people like to cut costs, so they will switch the Insight line at the utility pole, to their connection. Just so they can save a few bucks and not have to run a new line from the pole to the building.

He says WOW installers are doing this all over the city. The proof of this is the WOW channel line-up appearing shortly before the installer can walk over and cut off the connection to your apartment. Beware if WOW installers are near your apartment. This is hard to do anything about, and its hard to get the police involved since it is a rental property.

WOW hires shady and lazy independent contractors and there is lack of accountability on their part. This lack of action leads to very unprofessional contractors who think they can do whatever they want. I will never be a WOW customer, and I am encouraging friends and family to never consider their service or to drop it. The deceptive tactics of their contractors, is a face on the company itself.

As much as I would like to agree with you, cable companies have the right to reclaim their property without informing you first. Cable prices go up because individual channels go up on their price. They are then make the decision to either go up on price or drop the channel and there is always will not be happy regardless of the decision. However what I can tell you is that they do not value long term employees, they let go the experienced techs, The equipment in the hubs and in the field is outdated and does not support the quality of service they are trying to sell you. at least in the southern regions. They go out of their way to block unemployment insurance. They do not adhere to the Core values that they preach. Absolutely the worst company to get involved with, just not for the reasons you are stating.

About a year ago, I was having degraded signal issues and it was so bad that there was about two dozen technicians coming in my new home to fix the issue; at that time WOW created a “valued customer discount” and attached it to my bill. I didn’t know that they created this category to justify increasing my bill without me adding any new services.
For the last three months my bill has in the $125-123 range; and I have not ordered any new services. This month my bill is $148.88. I called the ISP (WOW) and they stated they gave me a valued customer discount a while back; and every two months they'd deduct $15.00 until it was gone thereby justifying going up on my bill. How is this legal? I have not ordered any new services! This valued customer discount is bogus and gives them justification to go up on my monthly bill. This is FRAUD!
I never requested this valued customer discount; to resolve this fairly leave my bill as it is; in the $125-123 range. I didn't order any new service, never asked to be this "bogus" valued customer! Wow created the "value customer discount" category to justify going up on my bill and that's fraud.

They raise rates every year an average of 10% per year. They then loose customers when the rates are raised, so they raise rates again, so they loose more customers. Get the idea here? These people must have had their training from Democrats in Congress.
Maybe Wide Open West should try reducing rates to acquire more customers?
The other serious option customers have is " CUT THE CABLE " and sign up for " SATELLITE TV. "

i was informed that i had an outstanding bill i told her that i was at work and i couldnt pay until the following day which was my payday she said the tech would be there the next day to cut off service i told her i was at work and wouldnt be home however i made arrangements for someone to be there she said to tell him the situation because it was out of their hands and he would call when he got there well he did nothing but disconnect the service so i paid the amount that was requested thinking me service would be reinstated because they said it would call customer service four times and i got four different answers the final outcome was i had a bill of $329. after it was paid they said i owed 71. how come it was never mention in the beginning now i have to pay that and a reconnection fee and loss two days of service no one was understanding it takes five minutes to cut off service and two days to replace ive always had wow and ive had problems before which was resolved quickly at this point i think im fed up and i will definitely not recommend your service to anyone everyone there give an different respond to my question unfortunately im sorry to depart from your services when asked for corporate it was told it was nothing they can do but this who you have working for you

In the past few months it is impossible to get through for service. You call their service line and many times it is busy and if you can get through they tell you it will take 45 minutes to talk to someone. I had to as my computer service was down. I scheduled an appt they did not show, I called and waited again and scheduled another one and they did not show again.I got lucky and the service came back on. Now my video has problems. They say they are upgrading and getting a new billing system but to treat customers like this is inexcusable.
Frustrated and shopping for alternate in Naperville il

This is an anonymous cable contractor for wow. As much nonsense that this truly sounds like, this complaint is ridiculous. It is our job, as any cable technician will standby, that if we approach an install, and another company decides that it would be easier to steal the other companies drop to the pole, instead of running their own line to the pole, we are entitled to reclaim our line. Each cable company is responsible for their own primary line to provide service for the residing customer. So if you had an insight technician perform their job correctly, you would not have this problem. You can not blame the (wow) installer for doing his job. Because that is exactly what i would have done. And to approach the shady and lazy contractors comment, sorry... WOW contractors as well as In-house employees are far from lazy... We are highly qualified and can probably run circles around Insight. But you can send those lovely comments to your dedicated, drop stealing, lazy a.. Insight Company Technicians, that apparently does not know how to properly install cable.

Apr 10, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Wide Open West contact info

I have had difficulty with my phone service. The problem is that I could
not find any contact information for the upper management. I am writing to
let everyone know how to find it. You have to look in the menu for finding
employment with them. Careers at WOW! At the bottom of the homepage, to the
left is a list of areas, click on Management Team. Here you will find all
of the higher management, including the CEO, with contact links.

WOW has the worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. We have had unauthorized charges which they refuse to rescind. They do not take phone calls unless you are willing to wait at least an hour on the phone. I tried to email but their error message says "invalid email address" and would not accept any messages. I finally switched to another company but WOW keeps billing me. One of the charges was $940 for nonreturned equipment but they refuse to pick it up or tell me where to return it. Extra charges are invented. My account is still unresolved after 6 weeks.

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