Worldmark By Wyndhamunethical behavior

In Jan 2016 in San Diego I signed a contract for $10, 599. The sales person was Michal Hodge. I later upgraded over the phone through Sue Case on March 10th, 2016 and Ashely Hilton on September 29th 2016.

After signing the first contract I was not able to access the website and mailed you with questions about how everything worked. By the time all my questions had been answered and I understood what was happening, I wanted to cancel but you told me it was too late to do so. If we couldn't access the product until the rescission period had passed and did not hear from you about our questions until too late, how could we make an informed choice about whether we wanted to cancel or not?

In the first presentation, Michal told me we'd be able to take our kids to Aulani, Hawaii. This was one of the biggest reasons for buying. After the cancellation period several representatives told me it was extremely difficult to get Hawaii. I could have taken my family 3 times already with the money I have spent on WorldMark. Instead we have not been on any quality family vacations or even done a staycation at a local hotel because we simply cant afford it given the amount of money we have paid and still owe to Worldmark. The two Worldmark vacations we have done in the last 2 years were lacking accomodations to say the least.

I am also extremely unhappy about being incessantly contacted every couple of months about upgrading. The sales reps say I have to call them because things have changed at WorldMark but it's just to get me to upgrade. As result of upgrading, our mortgage has more than doubled with barely a lowering to the high interest rate that we were enticed into signing with. We cannot afford upgrades that do not deliver what they are supposed to but instead end up with our fees at a rate we did not know they would become.

I have paid $6671.27 in down payments (the initial purchase was $2649.80 then the unnecessary upgrade down payment of $4021.47). Maintenance fees grew from $72.55 to $91.41 currently. I was not told they would increase. Loan payments started at $181.33 per month, until I was pressured into believing I would never vacation on those points I had even though I clearly stated that was all I could afford. Payments then went to $258.04 per month, then to $314.48 per month currently and I have no idea how that has changed. Something happened that I wasn't aware of during the upgrade with Sue Case apparently. She never told me my fees would not be going up so much. I only purchased 9000 more credits on top of the 10000 I already had, plus paid $4021.47 down so how could our loan be over $18, 000 still? It seems like she didn't apply my down payment. The credits I bought in the upgrade were also supposed to be heavily discounted and I paid HALF down. If that was the case, how did the loan more than double? During the upgrade, Sue Case also told me I would receive 3 lots of 4000 points to use plus FOUR "extra weeks". They then told me I would receive these points in intervals over time. I have the email chain with Sue Case with her telling me what I was getting. Along with the phone calls being recorded, she called me after the upgrade and told me she was "mistaken" about my bonuses, and she feels bad but I would not be given what I was promised. I was furious.

I was given a Wyndham credit card because Michal said I could get credits for housekeeping and other fees but have only ever received a $50 Amazon gift voucher after using $7584 on it. I eventually had to refinance the debt because of the 26% interest rate. I find this a shocking abuse of trust and one that has caused me to end up paying yet more money than I would have liked to.

Apart from the financial aspects and lack of clear information that I am unhappy with, using your product has also been difficult. Every time I had a location I wanted to go to (Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Colorado), even with flexible dates, I could not find a unit that would suite my family's needs. I don't know how many times, but I have spent HOURS on the phone and on the website trying to find something with NO LUCK. I was told more than once that I could go to Mexico anytime easily; the thing is I never wanted to take my family to Mexico. It is not safe and for that to be my only easy options for booking, had I known this, would NEVER of joined.

I wanted to cancel before but you said I couldn't. In light of this, I have tried to use the product but am not getting the use out of it that Sue and Michal said I could. I feel I have been pushed into upgrades that have again not delivered what they were supposed to. The payments are also far too expensive and more than Sue indicated they would be.

Aside from that, during my initial presentation, which was supposed to only last 90 minutes, My husband had to leave to get out children out of school on time. They keep me there, even though I told them I had to go and basically forced me to sign without my husband present. This was sneaky and conniving to say the least. They were aware we didn't have the money for this type of purchase but told me anything I wanted to hear to make it sound like it would give our family more vacations and more memories and in the end has only caused extra financial stress and LESS vacationing for my family. It has basically taken away from my children's lives and their future. Shameful.

Oct 07, 2019

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