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To Whom It May Concern,

While vacationing at Coral Reef Baja in San Jose Del Cabo in February 2019 I attended a sales presentation and decided to purchase 10, 000 points with the intention of merging the points to my mom's Worldmark account so that she would be at Diamond elite Status. Les and Chris were our sales representatives and were informed of the intent of the purchase. My mother paid for the purchase of the 10, 000 points in full before we left Cabo. At the time we were told that the account merger would happen in 6 months (August, 2019.) We were led to believe that the merger was being taken care of at the time of purchase. We were not told that we would need to file additional paperwork or pay any other fees.

The merger still has not happened; no one has resolved this issue despite our numerous phone calls and emails. Chris referred us to manager Cesar Pedrin and we sent him a picture of my mom's ID per his request. We still have not had the merger resolved and were told by a Wyndham/WorldMark rep that there has been no activity on the accounts. An agent in Title Services said they have received "paperwork" only. I sent another email to Mr Perdrin and received an auto-reply that he is out of the office through the end of November. Needless to say, Mom and I are both very frustrated with the custormer service we have received and the delay in merging the accounts as was promised. We have both spoken to multiple people via email and telephone in trying to get the merger resolved as we have been referred to numerous people and departments within the Worldmark company in our attempts to resolve this. Additionally, it has been 10 months since the points were purchased and 3 months past the time that we were told the merger would happen.

We would greatly appreciate it if someone follow through with our merger as quickly as possible.

Cheryl Toenyan account #[protected]
Shirley Oldenborg account #[protected]



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    AnnWM Feb 14, 2020

    Have you had any I have had major complaints of NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCESS...cant even get a hold of a HUMAN BEING TO EXPLAIN our GRIEVENCES...and now we have to sell some credits due to financial hardship...and they give us company names and phone #'s of accourding to Better Business Bureau already have complaints with no follow up..the corporation is corrupt...and I wish I could get out of my contract..stuck in a horrible situation!!! WORLDMARK SUCKS!!! But I tell you the first 5 yrs we were with them..the DID HAVE AVAILABLE, RECEPTIVE CUSTOMER they dont give a damn...

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    AnnWM Feb 14, 2020

    Oh...and I cant tell you how many times I called the WONDERFUL BARCLAY WYNHDAM VISA care company to REDEEM MY GIFT CARD awards..and after 4 times..calling and getting Phillipino customer service reps that dont care and can hardly speak ENGLISH...I gave up..on getting THE REWARDS THAT WYNDHAM>>>FRIGING>...promised...if I had the money I would sue BARCLAY...but...REALLY this is supposed to be REWARD and easlily accessible reward a couple gift cards...REALLY???? you got to be kidding... I would of never commited to this timeshare corporation SCAM if I knew better...OMG...

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