WorldMark by Wyndham Complaints & Reviews

Worldmark By Wyndham / guest pass policy for reservation mistakes and overall rude and combative customer service agents

Jul 08, 2019

Hello, I had a very bad experience with customer service today regarding a mistake I made using guest pass. The owner care agent was rude and inflexible. The attitude is like I was being done a favor regarding my ownership. Not at all treated like owners or with respect. Refused to provide any...

Worldmark By Wyndham / owner care and support

Jun 27, 2019

I was charged a $99 guest fee to change the guest name because her spouse had to arrive a few days late and no one had enough common sense just to fix it. Owner Support is non-existent and they really don't care about their owners at all. Since being bought out by Wyndham, this is a...

Worldmark By Wyndham / was a. I tim of bait and switch. i’m now going bankrupt

Jun 13, 2019

-In 1999 my former husband and I bought WorldMark time share number 00032001124 -We continued to build up the time share until we had 22, 000 points -In 2011 he and I separated. I continued to pay on the timeshare as we had an outstanding loan -In 2012 he and I divorced. In the original...

Worldmark By Wyndham / unethical behavior as evidenced through deception and lies

May 17, 2019

I had been a patron for over a decade. I upgraded May 2018. I have an excellent education, but not in their field of "manipulation of words." But, there is no other way to interpret words, as undersold, or re-allocation. Without reservation there was nothing to misinterpret. Months later...

Worldmark By Wyndham / timeshare sales/marketing

Mar 07, 2019

We have been attempting to reach someone at Wyndham who has the power and ability to help us cancel our contract due to their lies and pressure they put on me and my husband. I'm a veteran and never have felt as pressured by a sales rep as I did with the sales team at the WorldMark...

Worldmark By Wyndham / vacation package

Jan 24, 2019

On June 13, 2018 we received a call from a Wyndham sales person stationed at 6277 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida. The spiel was this: 4 days, 3 nights in a 3 star, or better, hotel in Seaside, Oregon for 2 adults & 2 children, with the condition of sitting through a 2 hour sale...

Worldmark By Wyndham / sales presentation

Jan 02, 2019

The presentation we attended concerning Worldmark's Vacation program was the WORST example of sales presentation I have ever seen. it was so bad, that my wife, daughter, and her boyfriend, left. After expressing we were not interested after 2 hours, they still tried hard sales tactics. At hour 3...

Worldmark By Wyndham / resorts and availability

Jan 01, 2019

Recent trip to San Francisco was disappointing. Upon entering into the hotel and checking in another couple was asking for "DRANO" to unplug their shower so they could bathe. When entering our room my daughter began to cough after a few minutes and it only got worse. After looking around I...

Worldmark By Wyndham / fraud and deceitful practices/ pressured into buying

Dec 04, 2018

If there was an option to leave a zero star review, I sure would with how this company has treated my family. We have been owners with wyndham since 2011, but recently all they want to do when you go to one of their resorts is get you into a "owner update", which is there high pressure...

Worldmark By Wyndham / reservation at wyndham club pass

Oct 02, 2018

I booked a reservation for New York and I had to eventually cancel it. I had called the 800 # at least 3x in Aug and Sept and everytime I would ask what else do I have in my reservations, in my wait list and I always explain that I did not want to be penalized in case I needed to cancel...

Worldmark By Wyndham / customer service - rude

Sep 13, 2018

Hello, I just received a call from a salesperson in Las Vegas Branch. Her name is Jill Bennett Ph (702) 986-7116. She was offering me to refinance and lower my interest rate, after I politely informed her that we are new to the Timeshare and were not interested she stated "I was trying to...

Worldmark By Wyndham / reservation incompetence and poor communication options.

Jul 23, 2018

July 23, 2018 My name is Scott Wahlquist, my cell phone is 1-501-250-3675 While trying to help family making travel arrangements for a funeral for my father, my aging uncle, who IS a member was given a reservation that exhibits extreme incompetence and knowledge of locations. Also...

Worldmark By Wyndham / worldmark palm springs

Jul 11, 2018

Complaint: My husband and I were verbally offered a "free 7 night stay" at Worldmark Palm Springs, California because we were unhappy that a maintenance worker walked into our room without knocking when my husband left to take a few of our belongings to the car a few hours before...

Worldmark By Wyndham / ownership scam and fraudulent practices

May 11, 2018

My list of grievances and complaints is long and I hardly know where to start. This will not be a complete list. I will start with the purchase of the Discovery Program. I purchased it for $3000 and for a two-year test run. The salesmen told me I could try it out and that pricing for the...

Worldmark By Wyndham / complete liars I faxed a cancellation

Feb 15, 2018

Please contact me if you have sought out any legal action against them. I faxed them during the five day cancellation time frame that I found out about while contacting them an hour after of my three hour tour..excuse me, eight hour beat down. They say they never received my fax there'...

Worldmark By Wyndham / deceptive and unethical practices

Jan 18, 2018

I have been with WorldMark for about 10 years, it has always been difficult to book most of their locations outside of California. I was stupid enough to fall for their sales pitch to add additional points, meaning spend more money. I had a vacation planned but am not able to go due to...

Worldmark By Wyndham / customer care office of the president

Jan 17, 2018

I have been dealing with an issue at a Days Inn i reported the issue and was told I needed to talk with the office of the president I called and was placed on what was to be a brief hold. After 45 minutes of waiting I hung up and called back to speak to a supervisor. I got a call fro Shane...

Worldmark By Wyndham / fraudulent timeshare

Nov 20, 2017

Complaint Department Worldmark by Wyndham As a 100% Disabled Veteran I am sickened by Worldmark by Wyndham DECEPTIVE Practices and will not stand for it anymore. I want Worldmark by Wyndham to cancel my Timeshare and return the money that I have spent on my Loan, Fees and Timeshare...

Worldmark By Wyndham / travel services

Nov 03, 2017

Worldmark by Wyndham commits sales fraud. We signed a contract with them and paid over $3000 for a weeks vacation at one of their resorts. They were trying to sign us up for a timeshare, and we couldn't at that time. They told us they had an alternate plan that allows us to try it for...

Worldmark by Wyndham Las Vegas, Las Vegas Blvd / unethical credit check

Oct 01, 2017

We attended a timeshare presentation, we smwere staying at the wirkdmark resort in Las Vegas NV on Las Vegas Blvd. My mother is an owner and we were interested in purchasing one after we buy our 1st house, so we attended presentation for information. Our sales man was named Jaylen, a young...

Worldmark By Wyndham / unethical behavior by employee

Jul 21, 2017

I have a complaint on an employee, her name is Kyndie she is a inspector at the resort I work at, I would like to stay anonymous because there is a lot of favoritism, at the resort. I have a family to support. She is very inappropriate, she has made passes at me and others multiple time...

Worldmark By Wyndham / on hold for hours - worldmark reservations 800-457-0103

Jul 07, 2017

This complaint was written as I waited ... make sure you get to the end. Its absolutely ridiculous that calls can't be answered in less time. I've been on hold now for 40 minutes. Ditto the last time that I called. I have no idea if I'm the first or the last out of a couple thousand in the...

Worldmark By Wyndham / travel share resort at hilton at tukwila in sea-tac wa

Jul 04, 2017

The Hilton resort was understaffed and inadequate to meet the customers expectations for checking in and for breakfast. Worldmark should review this resort to seek some solutions that will improve their customer service. I am hesitant to use Travel Share points if this is a norm. My wife...

Worldmark By Wyndham / contract cancellation

Jun 01, 2017

I cancelled my contract but it wasn't honored. I sent a letter by express mail to Las Vegas to cancel because we were told information that was different from the contract, but it was the wrong address even though it stated cancellation. Found a P o Box address to Florida for another...

Worldmark By Wyndham / customer service

Jul 28, 2016

This organization has very sad customer relations. I find it impossible to talk to anyone here about my account. I am a Worldmark owner and each time I call I am put on a hold line where no one ever answers the phone. Today I called a Worldmark local number 425/498-2500 and asked for a...

Worldmark By Wyndham / high pressure sales pitch to attend presentation before you can get your keys

May 27, 2016

I have been an owner at Worldmark since 1992. For many years it was great, but since they sold out to Wyndham, it's become a sleazy operation just like what you hear about in Cabo. Anytime you want to stay at their Anaheim (Disneyland) location or St. George Utah (where we are currently...

Worldmark By Wyndham / absolute scam!!!

Mar 08, 2016

DON'T GO TO THIS PRESENTATION!! Every single thing they said was bullcrap! We went to Vegas for our anniversary and planned on seeing a couple shows. When we checked in at Excalibur, they had a deal to see 2 shows for $ $150 total. But before we could go up to our room, one of...

Worldmark Vacations / they reps cancelled our booked rooms

Feb 19, 2016

We have booked 10 days’ vacation through Worldmark Vacations. We have collected points and we used them to pay for the vacation. We have fully paid for these points, but the company has collected money from our account again and cancelled the vacation. We didn’t know about it, because these... / their displays were bad and quality wasn't so high

May 28, 2015

We signed the contract with the company The owner agreed to provide 10 display windows to us. We got only three and the quality wasn’t so good and the owner told us, so we decided to cancel the contract. We paid them money only for three displays, but these guy...

Worldmark, Indio, CA / turning customers away

Apr 24, 2015

This place is terrible. This place turns people out at 10 o clock at night. They do not care if you have another place to stay. Just because there was a reservation error on their part. The manager on site is named Kelly who did not work with us at all. My aunt who is two hours away had to...

Worldmark By Whydham / everything

Sep 22, 2014

I have never in my 7 years of working for numerous companies seen a company mistreat employees and guest the way this one has. Their housekeepers are expected to wear slacks and a recycled zip up shirt and work, not only work bust their ### on the rooms they clean because they are being...

Worldmark By Wyndham Timeshares / fraud - took $2000 without authorization

Jan 08, 2014

I pay my regular maintenance dues through electronic check. Instead of $200 for my maintenance dues the agent entered $2000. The check was subsequently cashed, and I was left without a house payment. I fraud investigation is still open in the matter. It was proved that Worldmark did take...

Worldmark Wyndham Vacation Ownership / not what they say they are selling you

Nov 15, 2013

Whilst on vacation in Las Vegas we were approached and invited to attend a seminar. As our tour of the Grand Canyon was cancelled due to the Government shutdown we thought why not. We were told a wonderful story of what we were purchasing and though this is great and signed a contract for...

Worldmark Wynham / bed bugs

Aug 13, 2013

We have a Time Share with World mark Wynham which we used in estes park Colorado. Upon arrival things seem to be ok---BUT when we went to bed, my spouse got bit by a Bed Bug. We saved the photo of it anbd compared the photos to the internet Photos of bed bugs. We went to the office and...

Worldmark By Wyndham / discriminated and fired

Jun 19, 2013

Hi my name is Josué García and I was a former worker for the company I was fired and discriminated by Robert the.supervisor from maintnance department. They accused me for possesion of drugs with out testing me, and theres alot of emplyees in maintnance department consuming...

Worldmark / harassment

Apr 25, 2013

We have been members of WorldMark for many, many years and, for the most part, have enjoyed the resorts themselves; however, ver since Wyndham bought them out, we have found there are more and more regulations and restrictions, far higher maintenance dues and fees, and incredibly...

Worldmark / worthless re-sale value

Jun 01, 2011

The truth about Worldmark the Club is that they do use high presure sales techniques. Their time share properties are always booked months out sometimes over a year is the more popular resorts. If you cross over to use the RCI resorts the points exchange rate is horrible. Currently they...

Worldmark By Wyndham / liars, scammers, theives!

Apr 03, 2011

This company is right up there will all the other scam artists out there. We went to one of their so called seminars because we were told if we went that we would win a free vacation plus a $10 gas card. So for kicks we went, with no intention to purchase anything. After hearing all their...

Worldmark By Wyndham / misled into buying something based on false information by a sales rep

Mar 21, 2011

While being on vacation recently, I was lured into a sales presentation with the promise of a price. I was told by the sales rep. that the vacation credits that would take care of air, hotel, activities, cruises, etc. for us. I decided to call one of their departments recently and found...

Worldmark By Windham / let's take group action


World Mark’s pushy sales person fooled us by misleading us on timeshare pricing. They do not tell you about their ridicules financing rates. In 2008 we got fooled and signed the contract, they did not show us the financing page and they did not get us to initial or sign that page...