Woolworthsdebt collections agency

W Nov 23, 2017

I have been made aware of a debt that my father had with Woolworths from almost a decade ago.

In late 2008 or early 2009 my mom was forced to retire and my dad was made redundant. I also know he had taken redundancy cover on the loan which they did not honour due to it being within a said timescale. What I am irritated about is that even though they never missed a payment they were handed over almost immediately to debt company. And this is where the issue starts.

Woolworths handed them over to a company called Munnik Basson Dagama or otherwise known as MBD Credit Solutions.

This company proceeded harass my parents for almost a decade. My parents were paying as much as they could afford (an amount agreed with MBD). Yet MBD constantly rung my parents (sometimes 3 or 4 times a day They harassed them and even threatened them with physical violence.

My mother passed away on the 8th November 2017 of heart failure which has been greatly attributed to the stress and fear she was under from this company. This aggressive behaviour of this company is both unacceptable and immoral.

MBD failed to send any statements or correspondence showing what the remaining balance was. I tried phoning them last week when I was with my dad and they made some lame excuse and hung up on us. I have since emailed them and as yet they have still not replied.

Now Woolworths have always been known a reputable company within South Africa and you would think they would be concerned with their public image, corporate social responsibility and ethical responsibilities. However this company acting on their behalf has gone against these practises and principles.

If they are aware that the companies they work with are resorting to these tactics and are actually threatening pensioners with physical violence and lying to them about being blacklisted etc then they should be ashamed of this and held accountable. These large companies are expected to have transparency within their supply chain and as such you would assume that they are already aware of the way MBD go about their business.

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