Woolworths Australiawoolworths truck driving from mount barker to / through strathalbyn

B Aug 16, 2018

6.40 pm was when a Woolworths truck number 204 reached strathalbyn Thursday night 16/8/18 the truck left from mount Barker I caught up to it just near the mount Barker hospital and it did not pull over to let 13 odd cars past at all knowing that just past wistow to Strath is a main freeway type road and very hard to overtake as its peak hour traffic!! There are a couple places the truck could have pulled over or slowed right down on the right turn to Strath from wistow and nothing... This has happened twice in one week also happening on Monday night same time the 13th august. Very disappointed that these truck drivers are not respectful and mindful of this. So a frequent change between 80km to 100km all the way to strathalbyn.

Also the break light were not working properly either

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