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Good morning.
This is a complaint about a complaint.
I recently contacted your Kwinana store manager, after leaving your store- minus 2 bags of shopping. The New bag holders that have been installed are great if you only have a small amount of shopping. My weekly order was large so it went unnoticed that the two bags were still hanging, out of my sight.
The manager TOLD me to come back to store
(I live 10kms away) and when I did, the bags had gone missing from the service desk.
So I was told sorry, we can't help you. I had produced my receipt and roughly highlighted the last 15 items, that I didn't take home with me.
So after all that trouble, i was still without my 2 bags.
I would like to Bring this to your attention for the 3rd time now as a loyal shopper.
One wood think that with Coles soon to open and ALdi jus around the corner, Kwinana store will be doing whatever it takes to keep there customers.
I look forward to hearing from you soon


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      Oct 20, 2017

    I'm sorry to hear that you forgot your bags, but it really is your responsibility to make sure you leave with the entirety of your purchase. Legally they are not obligated to keep or replace your items. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for others to lie and say that they forgot items in order to get free products. Fifteen items is a lot of merchandise to replace.

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